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   Posted 6/16/2010 9:29 AM (GMT -7)   
Because I have a hearing problem, I don't know much about movies and try to watch the ones that are closed captioned if I can. (on television).  After seeing The Hubby's Choices two nights this week...Jean Claude van Damme whacking people up, then some Bruce Lee Kung Foo, Num Chucking, kicking people in the throat nightmare, I decided we would watch Rules of Engagement, thinking it was a chick flick...sounds like it!  Get my heating pad and take three Advil...OMG...It's a movie about the Viet Nam war!  No rules of any engagement I was picturing...no diamond ring and the throwing of it back in his face ten times before deciding she really really loves him...No.  I didn't watch it...fell asleep.  Hubby liked it but claims we had seen it at least three times before.  Hmmmm.  No wonder he didn't object. (Made him watch The Bridges Of Madison County when it first came out and I thought he was gonna have a seizure)
Tonight I am going to watch the School  Lunch Menu Channel.  Can't go wrong there!  What does this have to do with Fibro?  Nuthin'!!
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   Posted 6/16/2010 9:48 AM (GMT -7)   
Oh Donna, Bridges of Madison County is my all time very favorite! I think I've watched it at least four times and cry my eyes out each time!

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   Posted 6/16/2010 11:26 AM (GMT -7)   
If it's not The Duke or Clint Eastwood - my hubby doesn't want to watch it. I could never get him to watch a chick flick. At least we agree on TV most of the time......NCIS, Criminal Minds etc........ He usually falls asleep during whatever is on anyway, so I just sneak the remote and watch what I want. I love the History channel also. I think this has a lot to do with fibro, Donna - we are good at watching TV. At least I am....sometimes too good at it. :)
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   Posted 6/16/2010 11:51 AM (GMT -7)   
I'm not so much of a movie person. I watch the food network and country music on cable. What an exciting life I live.
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   Posted 6/16/2010 12:02 PM (GMT -7)   
Donna, I'm not up on movies either. The last one I saw at the theater was "Lovely Bones"
...went to see it with some friends. The funny thing about it was... I read the book and lent
it to my friends to read. They were excited when the movie came out and I had no memory
of reading the book or even owning the book...but sure enough I did.

Even after watching the movie, there was only something eerily familiar about it. SPACEY!!!

Hugs, Robin
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   Posted 6/16/2010 12:16 PM (GMT -7)   
We haven't been out to see a movie in about 6 yrs. I can't sit in the seats in a theatre. I will watch a movie on TCM but I'm not really big on TV. Very few shows I like. My DH on the other hand had severe withdrawal while in the hospital, as there were no channels on that he liked. We do not agree on most shows, and movies are tough. He loves things that blow up, really gory, and have 'heroic' music (my term for that stuff), and least I forget, any and all submarine movies. I like a ppl movie, characters, plot, A Point!  shocked
While he was in the hospital, they were playing the World Cup Games, and that was all he talked about. Not my cup of tea. I am more concerned w/ the CELTICS/lakers 7th and final game, and my Yankees.
Altho we have different taste in TV/movies and such, we will get the movies that the other person likes for them for B/D, Christmas and just because.
My DH and I have seen a couple of movies that might be considered chick flix in more than 30 yrs. He does fidget a lot. I have seen MANY 'guy' movies w/ him and I check my watch a lot, (I always get the running time for the movie) Oh well, what can you do. 
God bless.  Alice.  

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   Posted 6/16/2010 2:15 PM (GMT -7)   
We both like baseball and a lot of the same kinds of movies. But if I watch one that is really deep, it is hard for me because I lose concentration and then I am lost through the whole movie. Fibrofog big time...

Hugs, Karen
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   Posted 6/16/2010 2:41 PM (GMT -7)   
Lol, my family makes fun of me 'cause I can watch the same movie over and over since I forget it. I usually recognize it toward the end. I can watch City of Angels over and over and I know I have seen it, lol. I would make him watch a good chick flick since he didn't tell you what kind of movie you chose, sound like something my hubby would do. I made him go with the grandbaby and I to see Marmaduke, I think he laughed harder than she did. I can't complain, he lets me watch my lifetime movie channel, he won't admit he likes the movies too.
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   Posted 6/16/2010 5:30 PM (GMT -7)   
Myjoy, The History Channel!!!  How bout those American Pickers and Pawn Stars?  Love'em.   My favs are NCIS Law & Order, Criminal Minds and stuff like that.  Movies....we don't do so much
Denise from Pittsburgh, Pa
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   Posted 6/16/2010 9:06 PM (GMT -7)   
Donna, while we're on the subject of movies - I don't know if you remember, but I also have low-frequency hearing loss like you. I've been using tester hearing aids this week. That is, when I can stand them! People look at me like I'm a freak for saying this (so what else is new) but they HURT! And ITCH!

I've been trying to decide whether they help with speech, and I really don't think so! Last night I put them in, I took them out, and either way, I couldn't understand Jeff Bridges in "Crazy Heart." The woman at Miracle Ear said low frequencies are more background noises, anyway. Well, I don't really care about that. If it doesn't help me hear what people are saying I don't think it's worth the thousands of dollars.  Do you use hearing aids?

I love movies! Dramas, comedies, musicals, documentaries.

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   Posted 6/17/2010 4:54 AM (GMT -7)   

Achey...I was told hearing aids won't help with the hearing loss I have from Meniere's Disease so I never got one.  The little ciliae in the middle ear die off, which transmit sound.  I also have a high pitched hissing in my ears...not too crazy about having that amplified!  I find myself lip reading now...staring at peoples lips instead of looking them in the eye.  Just got a new amplified telephone for the hearing impaired and for the first time I can hear most of what people are saying.  It's funny that I can hear the refrigerator hum but not the door bell or the phone ring. 


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