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   Posted 6/29/2010 3:20 PM (GMT -7)   
I guess I spoke too soon about my new rheumy. I went for my second visit today and everything was great until we got to my prescriptions. When I saw her in March I asked if she could take over my care from the pain clinic because I have to pay out of pocket there and I only take about 5-10 hydrocodone a month - if that. She said she was comfortable with it.
I didn't need a refill at my first visit, but today I did. She said she doesn't like to use narcotics for fibro, only ultracet. I explained that the ultracet works fine most days, but somedays I need something stronger! She said something about when I get back to excercising that I would feel better. I have only been down for three weeks with my foot and I still needed the hydro when I exercised.
I am so tired of switching doctors! I still don't understand why doctors don't like to use narcotics for fibro - my husband has a back problem and they practically throw heavy duty narcotics at him. Is my pain that much less? Or is it because I can't prove my pain with an MRI!
Thanks for listening. :-)
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   Posted 6/29/2010 3:31 PM (GMT -7)   
You never heard this from me... But I'm partial to proving the Doctor's wrong since I work in the health field. I will do ok that is fine. I will then take what they give me, do as bid. And on the bad days, just walk right in unanounced no appointment and refuse to leave til I'm seen by my doctor. Last time I did that, I had a really bad migraine and I wasn't eating (bad when your diabetic). Anyhow, I told the nurse when I got put back that I was going to take a nap and to check my bloodsugar. I got yelled at and told not to fall asleep. I was 33. If I had fallen asleep, I would of went into a coma. I amazed my doctor that I was still awake. I recognized the nurses fear in her voice and bolted up. I listend for anything I could hear. I heard the nurse go "doctor she's 33!" I hear my very recognizable doctor's voice "Are you serious?" I heard the nurse say "yes and I brought the machine with me so you believe me. See" Next I knew I had 2 doctors and 3 nurses in my room. Then it hit....I'm the one with 33. I told my doctor I wanted a nap and right then. He convinced me that I didn't want a nap. And saved my life instead.
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   Posted 6/29/2010 5:08 PM (GMT -7)   
Hi Upbeat. I'm sorry that you are having trouble getting the pain meds you want. I don't think your pain is less than your husband's. Your pain though is different than his and that could be part of the issue. A lot of doctors don't believe narcotics are appropriate for fibro because many think it is closer in origin to nerve pain than mechanical type pain which I'm guessing your husband has. Narcotics don't work well for nerve pain from my understanding but do for other types of pain. I had one doctor tell me that if narcotics help a fibro patient it is because it is helping an underlying problem such as arthritis, etc and not the fibro directly. Helping the other problem helps the fibro by default. I can't take narcotics myself because they make me so terribly sick. I hope that you can find a way to handle the pain. Lisa
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   Posted 6/29/2010 5:09 PM (GMT -7)   
Upbeat, I know my doctor doesn't like to give narcotics for fibro.  I talked about this with him and he said that if you take narcotics long enough you will need more to get the same relief and that can lead to more problems down the road.  I think because fibro is chronic, the doctors are pretty cautious with narcotics.  Back pain can be bad but many times it's not chronic.  Also, there are doctors that give out narcotics like candy. 
I think you do have a good rheumy.  You probably will have less pain as you exercise more.  I know that has worked for me.  I even fell a couple of days ago while walking my dog.  I have two badly skinned knees and my back was spasming, too, but I continued to walk and walked a lot of the pain off before I even got home.  I didn't even go in a flare, either.  Gentle exercise really does work and I think your doctor wants to see how that works for you.
Smurfy, for being diabetic and being in the medical field, you sure took a risk.  I'm diabetic and not in the medical field but I know not to let my blood sugar go low like that.  You could have lost your life!  I carry a piece of candy and some sour dough pretzel nuggets in my purse.  If I feel my blood sugar is too low, I have some and go get something to eat.  I'd do that even if I had a migraine because life is precious to me. 
I'm surprised, too, that you can do that with your doctor. Doctors are overloaded with patients these days.  If I'm really sick, I can call my doctor's nurse and she will squeeze me in...especially since they know I don't go in unless I'm REALLY sick.  But walking in without an appointment or without calling ahead first and refusing to leave is, in my opinion, like cutting ahead in line.  You might check with your doctor and see what the best approach would be to see them if you are really sick and in pain.  I know my doctor keeps a couple of appointments open every day for such emergencies.

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   Posted 6/29/2010 7:21 PM (GMT -7)
The above noted link is to a well written article in the FM Network News, a journal that has been in publication for over 20 years. The article discusses the use of opioids/narcotics in patients with non-cancer pain. You might want to print it and take it to your doctor. I hope this helps you.

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   Posted 6/29/2010 7:27 PM (GMT -7)   
I have a slightly different take because narcotics do help me.  I take Darvocet when my fibro pain gets bad, and it doesn't take it away, but it "softens the edges."  Nothing else has worked consistently in my case.  A hospital nurse told me they're phasing Darvocet out, which I'm not happy about.  The purported reason is that there's so much tylenol in it.  Well, why can't they give out Darvon, without tylenol??  Guess that's not in the works.
Anyway, you are in a conundrum.  I feel for you. 
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   Posted 6/29/2010 7:43 PM (GMT -7)   
Yikes.....I take hydrocodone, as it's the only thing that takes the edge off of my pain. Nothing takes it away completely, but the hydrocodone certainly helps me. I'm really surprised at a doctor that cares so little for her patient's pain. I don't take the hydrocodone every day. I never have in the 3 yrs I've had fibro. It still helps me after 3yrs, as I am so careful about the amount I take. I feel so bad for you. It's not fair that you can't get the meds that help you. I hope your doctor wakes up and sees fibro for what it is.
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   Posted 6/30/2010 9:35 AM (GMT -7)   
Thank you all - it is so nice to be able to vent to people who understand! I am just mad because she had told me she was comfortable prescribing my medication in March and I left the pain clinic - and now she won't prescribe it.
I think I use it sometimes as a security blanket of sorts. I don't take it very often, but it gives me confidence to go and do things and know that if I flare because of it I can get some relief.
I am looking forward to getting back to my water exercise class next week, 4 weeks from surgery, and I also get to start walking again. My dog will be so happy!
Sherrine - glad you weren't hurt more seriously! My dog has actually pulled me down once - the squirrel was just too much to resist! - and I was lucky I didn't get hurt. She wears a gentle leader now so she can't get that much momentum!
myjoy - I am the same way with the hydro - I think if you are not taking it regularly that you don't build the tolerance.
mt lady - thank you for the link - I like that they talk about quality of life issues and if they outweigh the risks of treatment. For my level of pain I don't need an opiod around the clock - my quality of life is good enough without it, but for others their pain levels may require the narcotics to maintain some quality of life. I don't think doctors should just make a blanket statement that they don't treat fibro with narcotics. We are all different.
Thank you everyone!
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   Posted 7/1/2010 12:04 AM (GMT -7)   

Upbeat, I'm sorry to hear that you are having problems with your doctor.  Fibromyalgia patients can suffer from many different types of pain, and what helps some of us does not always help others.  It is a shame that many members of the medical community still do not have a good understanding of this.   I cannot take the narcotic pain relievers myself, as I have gotten ill each time that I have tried to take them.  However, there have been many times with this illness that I have wished that I could.  I hope that your doctor has a change of heart, and that you are able to manage your pain until your next visit.

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   Posted 7/1/2010 2:45 PM (GMT -7)   
Thank you steppingstone! Sorry you have trouble with pain meds - can you use lidoderm patches?
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