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needing help
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   Posted 8/8/2010 4:00 PM (GMT -7)   
Hi people, i am new on here and was just looking for some chat rooms to get some kind of support. I started to get sore Feb 2009 and have since been diagnosed with, well treating me for inflamitry arthritis but i have the symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis. Around the beginning of the year i had a flu type illness and then from May i have suffered a lot of new symptoms and on occasions have been really quite ill. The doc thinks it may be fibromyalgia and since reading up on it i am convinced that is what has been wrong since May. I think the flu may have broughtit on, the symptoms described are identical in many ways to what i ave been suffering. I am only 27 and feel so ill at times, my life is so different now. I feel so depressed and alone. I am on so many meds it is unreal. I have no energy and if i do things the next day i am very ill and fatigued and end up in my bed all day to recover. I can not be the mum i want to be to my kids or even the partner i was. Life is so different and i sometimes wonder why, what is the point anymore. I have been suffering from really bad neck pain, like heavy, needs support and also really severe headaches, i suffered from cluster migraines before but nothing like this, these are so severe they scare me, so intense. I also have lower back pain, sometimes i can't lie flat as it is too sore and achy legs, heavy. I am tired, tired of fighting. I feel i have no life, like it's all been and gone already. I am on some really strong meds, like morphine with very little relief if any. I have a caring family but i feel a burden to them. I am supposed to be going out for my sisters bday but i can't drink as i'm on too many meds, i can't dance as i will really bugger myself as the slightest bit of exertion lays me up and i can't eat a big meal as it makes me so tired and weak, as my body is so weak already. So i wonder what is the point. I don't really know what else to say so gonna go, take care x

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   Posted 8/8/2010 4:16 PM (GMT -7)   
Welcome and gentle hugs to you. I am rather new here also, but you will find that everyone here is very supportive. I have often felt like giving up and whats the use cause it is difficut to cope. I have learned that deep breathing , relaxation, and letting stress go seems to help alot. I still have really bad days though, and I understand how it is to get worn out so easily, and the side effects of drugs can be horrendous at best.
Read up on the different topics in this forum, Fibro 101 is a great help, and I am sure some of the great veteren members will be along shortly to give you a welcome.
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needing help
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   Posted 8/8/2010 4:20 PM (GMT -7)   
Thank you, it is nice to chat to someone who knows exactly what i'm talking about, i had a quick look at fibro 101 but will have a better look when i have some more energy, if that day ever comes lol x

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   Posted 8/8/2010 4:48 PM (GMT -7)   
Hello needing help,
Welcome to the forum.  I really feel for you, reading your post.  I was just your age (and a new mom) when my symptoms started becoming hard to ignore.  There's just nothing fair about it!  I can relate to all of your symptoms, right down to the not being able to drink, or dance, or eat a big meal (I went to a wedding last night  shakehead  and felt so apart from everyone else.  Nobody "gets it.")   
I agree with Angela about deep breathing, relaxation, and letting go of stress, to the extent that you can....though I swear sometimes we are stress MAGNETS!!  I'm 55 now, and aging is beginning to cause its own problems, but at least now my kids are grown and I have more leeway to adjust my time and efforts.
So many people have this crazy malady, you would think there'd be more research.  Well, we can keep hoping.  I look forward to talking to you more.
This too shall pass...

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getting by
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   Posted 8/8/2010 5:01 PM (GMT -7)   
Hi there,
Welcome to the fibromyalgia forum.  I am so glad that you have joined us.  Please to try to find the energy to read fibro101.  It is full of so much helpful information. 
You have come to a place of understanding.  I suffered just like you and I think mine started with a flu too.  It was like I never got well from it.  But it is better than it was.  I take adderall for fatigue problems and it helps a lot.  I also take pain medications and anti depressants.  And the usual, blood pressure, cholesterol, sleep.  In total of ten different medications, some numerous times a day.  But I manage.  I am a lot older though and don't have all the demands that you have.  Take life one day at a time.  You will find that helps relieve the stress of worrying about the future and dwelling on the things that you are unable to do anymore.  You learn to start fresh.  With a new outlook.  It can be done, stick with us, we will help you.
Take care my new friend.
Hugs, Karen
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needing help
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   Posted 8/8/2010 5:01 PM (GMT -7)   
Thank you, it is nice to know i am not alone in this although i wish u weren't suffering so much too. I have 2 young children and over the last few months i seem to have gotten more weak and ill. I am only 27 but feel 57, i just want to be well again. I already have moments where i feel scared at being 27, the amount of time thats passed, it's like i always felt 15 and then all of a sudden it hit me, i am 27. Where has all that time gone so now i feel like my life is slipping me by, we only have one life and mines is slipping by and i can't get that time back. I think i need to get put on anti depressants. I look forward to our future chats too. gentle hugs Claire x

needing help
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   Posted 8/8/2010 5:08 PM (GMT -7)   
Thank you forum moderator, I am also glad i came here. I will read the fibro 101. I feel so alone in this as no one in my family relly understands, they couldn't. I want my life back, i want to be a good mum to my kids but some days i don't even have the energy to do some housework. I only have one life, one chance to bring my kids up. I'm soz but i feel to upset and low. Need to go take care and ty everyone for all the support. x

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   Posted 8/8/2010 5:29 PM (GMT -7)   
Hi needing help, welcome to our fibro family. We have a great bunch of people here and we understand how hard it can be to keep going when our bodies arent working the way we want them too. We also know that it is worth the fight to keep trying not only for us but also for our families who love us. I know that sometimes it would be so much easier to just give up but believe me when I say that there are good times out there for you still. They may not be like they used to be but we all adjust. I like the saying we have fibro but fibro doesnt have us. One of the most important things is to keep yourself moving some everyday. Im not talking heavy physical exertion but just some mild exercise like walking or stretching and just do a little at first until you can work yourself up to more. I am sorry you are feeling so rough and I will be praying that you feel better soon.
Gentle Hugs
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needing help
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   Posted 8/8/2010 5:37 PM (GMT -7)   
Thank you, i have been blown away with al the help and support i have been given. You are right i have to keep fighting, at least for my family and i will. I hope you are right and their are more good times to be had. I think i just need more time to adapt to it all. I will try to start some light but regular exercise to see if that helps. Take care x

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   Posted 8/8/2010 6:24 PM (GMT -7)   
Hi Needing Help and welcome to the forums. As you can see, you've encountered an excellent source of knowledge and support here. The members all understand exactly what you're going thru, because we're going thru it too.

I would suggest to you that at your next doctor visit, you ask about taking something to help alleviate the Fibro symptoms. Many of us here take medications such as Cymbalta or Lyrica or Savella with varying results. Also, if you're looking into getting started with an exercise program, AquaSize or something similar in the water is a great starting point. There's no stress on the joints and you can move at your own pace. I think the key with exercise is to make sure you do some stretching and gentle work every will help keep you more flexible overall.

I hope you start finding ways to manage your pain, and I hope your doctors are able to help you. Feel free to check in here as often as you want, to ask questions, or just chat and share with others.

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   Posted 8/9/2010 7:35 AM (GMT -7)   
Hi, Welcome to the fibro family, I'm so sorry you are hurting. It is very frustrating to
hurt and not find any relief, but you will with trial and error...that is common. We all
tolerate meds differantly so it might take time to find a combo that helps.

In the meantime do what you can do to help yourself. Exercise is so very important.
I walk and do gentle stretching. If you don't exercise you will hurt all the more. Find ways
to relax...take long hot baths (heat is a fibromites friend)...listen to music. I set aside
time each day for deep breathing and meditation, it helps with the stress. Stress hurts tightens the muscles and adds to our pain. Hoping you will get some relierf soon!

Keep posting and let us know how you are doing. I'm glad you joined us!

Hugs, Robin
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   Posted 8/9/2010 8:09 AM (GMT -7)   
Hi, NeedingHelp, and welcome!  I'm really sorry that you are having a rough time.  It's especially difficult when you have small children.  My kids were 12, 9, and 8 when I was hit with fibro and were babies when I got Crohn's so I know it's not easy.
As Robin said, it is very important to keep moving with fibro.  I know you sure don't feel like it, but it helps keep the muscles flexible and that will cause less pain.  You could have fibro AND arthritis, too.  I hope you are seeing a good rheumatologist that treats both illnesses.  There are some good stretching exercises in Fibro 101.  These you can even do sitting down.  Then you should find a gentle exercise that you can do daily.  I walk and swim for my exercises.  I walk at least a half an hour every morning.  Most morning I'd much rather vegetate than get moving but I know that, after my walk, I have less pain and also have some energy!  I think it's because I'm getting the blood flowing and the oxygen is getting to my muscles. 
You also need to pace yourself.  I do what I always have done even though I have fibro BUT not in the same time frame.  I will work a little, sit down and rest for a few minutes, and then work a little more.  It will take you longer, but that work will be there when you are ready.  Unfortunately the work doesn't disappear. 
We have found that most of us are Type A personalities...perfectionists.  You will need to try to relax on that, too, if you are a perfectionist.  You will only cause yourself a lot of stress and that leads to more pain.  You can only do what you are physically able to handle and then delegate the rest.
You need to find what works best for your pain.  What works for one with fibro might not work for another so you just keep trying thing until you find what works for you.  I use ibuprofen with food, extra strength Tylenol, malic acid/magnesium supplements and vitamin D3 supplements to help with my pain and fatigue.  I do the exercising and I also get gentle massages that help me.  Yes, I always have pain, but I'm in control of the pain and I'm also used to it, too, since I've had fibro for 23 years.  So, take heart!  You will find what works for you and we are here to help you!
You can have a wonderful life in spite of this illnesses.  I know I have.  I try to keep a positive outlook on things and look at all my blessing and don't look at the negative things in my life.  I can't change my illnesses, I have to live with them, so I use my energy to count my blessings and that really does help me feel better and causes far less stress.  I try to look forward to each new day with anticipation because I could have a good day.  Fibro waxes and wanes so we will have our good periods and our bad periods.  If the day turns out to be not so good, that's alright because I can deal with anything for this day.  I take one day at a time and I never project myself in the future.  None of us knows what the future holds.  They could discover what is causing this illness and have a cure!  We just don't know.  So, try taking only one day at a time.  Life is pretty terrific and your family will give you much joy!
I'm happy you are here and don't hesitate to ask questions.  We are here to help you.  I hope to hear more from you soon.
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   Posted 8/9/2010 10:01 AM (GMT -7)   
Hello hon,

My name is Desiree. I am 29, and also very sickly. I would like to extend you a warm welcome to here. We are more like a family in this group and very loving. The best support is to have people to hold us up, that really understand. Like everyone else said, you got to keep moving. Just don't over do it. Its so easy for us to over do it. I, too, take just as many medications as you. I do physical therapy in a swimming pool to keep me moving. On gym equipment I go into a flare up if I am not careful and I'm still in a flare up. So I use the pool because it is easier to move and your body doesnt weigh as much in water. We got some that take medication to help ease symptoms, others like me who do therapy. Some that do both. How does your migraines scare you? I get migraines as well. I am the mother to a six year old motherless child (victim of abuse) and I know how hard it is to not do things with him. His dad and I used to date, when he got full custody. I stayed apart of their life for the sake of the child after the break up. I will have him for a few weeks every month during summers and weekends in school years. The poor child, has even seen me go through chemotherapy. I tell you this because it never harmed him, I explained to him that I was sick. He became a helper, so wanting to help. As I have some strength now, I let him help me bake and cook and stuff. On my bad days, he and I snuggled up and watched tv. If he wanted a book, he'd get the book and I'd read to him. He is just so happy to get attention, he doesn't seem to care what we do. You sure can tell when he is excited by his voice though lol. We all get down and depressed, but just post to here, and someone will come up with the words we need to hear. You got to keep your chin up. You have good things going for you. A wonderful husband and wonderful kids. Keep on fighting, the days we want to give up fighting, think of those who love us. ANd talk to us all you want, we will listen.
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needing help
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   Posted 8/9/2010 12:13 PM (GMT -7)   
Once again i am stunned at all the lovely messages offering friendship and support. You have all been very helpfull and gave me some usefull advice. Just about all of you have talked about regular but gentle exercise so when my kids start back at school i will start aqua classes. I take vitiman a and d, morphine when the pain is bad, tramadol and paracetamol, sulfasalisine, arthrotec, omeperazole. It is a lot and it worries me that i am becoming dependant on meds so young. I haven't had much pain lately, it is the fatigue and exhaustion that is stopping me going about my usual things and getting me down. I think i do have inflamitry arthritis and fibryalgia. Today started off wierd, i was so exhausted but had to go out so i dragged myself out to do what i had to do but i felt so terribly weak and at one point thought i could actually collapse. Then i suddenly had more energy and managed to get loads done which felt wonderfull. One of yous had mentioned being a perfectionist, which is so true, I am and am finding it so hard to not have my house the way i want it. My family do try to help as much as possible, but they don't do it the way the way i want. One of you also mentioned your step son and i thank you for sharing that with me and yes you are right, children will be happy for just a little attention, i guess i just have to try and find things and ways to do things with them. It just all seems so hard at the moment but i know god would not give me more than i can handle. One of you also mentioned how wonderful life is which is true, i just have to realise this. I mean i do feel rotten at times feeling sorry for myself when there is people out there suffering much worse than me. I just have to accept whats happening to me and adapt to it and then everything will hopefully fall into place. I thank you all once more for all the kind hearted messages, it is nice to be able to vent without the worry of making your family worry about you. Take care and god bless x

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   Posted 8/9/2010 9:14 PM (GMT -7)   
Hi and Welcome to the family!

Not a lot I can add to the great comments above but I just wanted to reassure you that you are not alone! You have a huge family here who cares deeply that you are OK and that you get yourself to a level of health where you can enjoy life again. And you CAN! It will not be the same as before but it can be rich and wonderful. Keep posting, talking and asking questions. Learn all you can and it will make life so much better and more comfortable when you find what helps your pain.

Warm hugs,
If you're going through hell, keep going.

Winston Churchill

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   Posted 8/9/2010 9:30 PM (GMT -7)   
Hi Needing Help,

Please keep hope alive. I was FAR worse before I was diagnosed and at the beginning than I am now years later. At one time, before diagnosis, I did have a horrible viral type illness that wouldn't quit - that gave me such severe joint pain I couldn't pull out my hair dryer plug without wanting to cry. Those days are behind me now. Over the years, I have slowly discovered little helpful things -- and those little things all add up. You will find things too. It just takes time. Please don't give up.

If your doctor hasn't checked your levels for potassium, magnesium and other things - have them do that right away. Many of your symptoms can be caused by, or made worse by deficiencies. I have been in the emergency room twice in two weeks partially caused by a potassium deficiency. Let me tell you, it can mess you UP. Magnesium deficiency also can be terribly painful - and dangerous. So please - have these levels tested - and even if you're not low, ask your doc if it would be safe for you to take some supplements. Sometimes what they say is "normal" is still a bit low.

Sending warm wishes and hugs your way. Keep hope alive.
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needing help
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   Posted 8/16/2010 3:54 PM (GMT -7)   
Once again thank you to you all for all the help and support. I had a great week, the fatigueness went away and i felt me again whooopeeeee lol. I could do more things with the family and get housy things done but once again the fatigueness has creeped back again and i am back feeling lethargic, weak, no energy and to be quite frank, fed up with it all. I keep falling asleep for hours on end. I just don't know what to do anymore. I feel very low and depressed. I am so fed up taking all these meds and i can't help feeling why me and then i think of those worse of than me and then i feel guilty for feeling so low x

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   Posted 8/16/2010 4:46 PM (GMT -7)   
Dear Needing Help,
Just know that u are not alone.  You have a tremendous amount of value.  Unfortunately the answers that we need are just not really known right now.  Rheumatologists can try meds but some of them work, some don't.  I was able to take Lyrica for a little over a year with great results (not everyone can take it due to the side effects tho).  However I built up a tolerance and the pain is back full force but man that was a great year! I had to go on an antidepressant to help with the depression....tried to go off of it but my behavior became very erratic and eventually I ended up in such a DARK place that I NEVER intend to go off of it again.  My heart goes out to you and I hope it helps to just know that u are not alone.
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