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   Posted 8/8/2010 8:53 PM (GMT -7)   
hi everyone, i wanted to say im happy to have found this group. i was diagnosed with fibro and arthritis last year. i had been suffering for about 7 years with fibro befor i was eventually sent to see a rhuamtologist, my gp told me for all those years i had a bad flu or a virus all the usual excuses. i couldnt take the pain and the all the symptoms any longer and had to demand the dr to help me. the rhummy was not very helpful either she told me i had fibro gave me a booklet and told me id find all i needed to know on the internet. i was very dissapointed. i couldnt find much info on fibro and being a new internet user i wasnt sure what to do.anyway im now attending a pain clinic and they have so far helped me a lot and i find i get listened to when i go there.
iv reasently been through a very bad flare and im starting to feel a little better. i have read some of your posts and i feel like iv written them myself so i no iv found the right place for info and i hope i can find support,i hope i will be able to offer you some advice too. i wish so much i had found this site sooner but now i have ill be here for good haha.your stuck with me.i try and be possitive as possible but have my bad/down days too like we all do.

one thing id like to ask is - has anyone tried butrans pach. iv reasently started it and im now on a dose of 20mg per pain levels have gone down but im struggling still.i dont sleep for more than 2-3 hrs per night and night time seems to be the worst time for me.i also take gabapentin 2,400 mg per day and co-drydamol/paracetamol. i have found the patch doesnt last the 7 days but only 5half to 6 days.can anyone give me advice on this please.
after reading some of your posts i feel this is a very comforting group of people so thanks for being here. i wish you all the best days / nights as possible s

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   Posted 8/8/2010 9:09 PM (GMT -7)   
Welcome Shanadine.

I don't take the same meds as you but I just wanted to say hello and that you have come to a wonderful place for info and support. I was dx'd last year but probably have had this fun condition forever. For me exercise and lots of stretching are a big help. I try to do something everyday, even if it is just a walk. My meds are generic elavil, to help with my sleep, and voltaren, to help with my arthritis and fibro. For me the malic/magnesium caplets have been wonderful. I learned about this supplement from this forum and my doctor said it was o.k. for me to take.

Glad you have joined us.
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   Posted 8/9/2010 7:00 AM (GMT -7)   
Hi Shanadine, welcome to our fibro family, sorry you have to be here with us but Im glad you found us. We do have a great group here.
I have never tried the butrans patch but I am using the fentanyl patches and they are changed every 3 days. I make them last much longer due to cost efficiency lol. I take 5 mg. of valium at night to help me get to sleep and like puppylover I use magnesium and vitamin D.
Like I said we have wonderful people here so dont be afraid to ask questions or add suggestions when you can.
Gentle Hugs
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   Posted 8/9/2010 7:22 AM (GMT -7)   
Hi Shanadine,
Welcome to the fibromyalgia forum.  First of all I would like to mention the thread called fibro101.  It is full of information.  Our lovely Sherrine put it together, it is the first thread on the forum.  I think you would benefit from reading it. 
I am sorry for all your pain and fatigue.  It is hard.  We all struggle with that daily.  But you get use to it and eventually the pain goes into the background and you are able to make it through.
Know that this forum has wonderful kind and compassionate members, because we do understand.  I think you will enjoy it here.  We often use humor to get us through.
Take care hon.
Have a great day.
Hugs, Karen
PS, as was posted above, keep moving.  Ther more you move around the better that you will feel.  Start with short walks and build yourself up.
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   Posted 8/9/2010 7:42 AM (GMT -7)   
Hi, Shanadine, and welcome!  I'm so glad you DID find us!  We have wonderful members that love to help one another and, as a bonus, we really do care about each other, too!
I'm glad you are getting some help with your pain but sleep is very important for people with fibromyalgia.  You stated that you can't sleep because of these pain patches.  Is your pain doctor familiar with fibro?  Just wondering. 
You unfortunately got a bad rheumy.  You might want to check for a board certified rheumatologist and, if you decide to call for an appointment, make sure they treat fibromyalgia patients.  There are still doctors out there that don't think this is a real illness, believe it or not!
You do need to keep moving with fibro.  If you sit or lay too much, you will be stiff as a board and in more pain.  I know our wonderful mod, Karen, directed you to Fibro 101.  In there you will find some good stretching exercises that really do help.  You should find a gentle exercise that you will do daily, too.  I walk and swim for my exercises.  When I started walking, I sure couldn't go far but I slowly worked into going further and further and now I walk the first thing every morning...before breakfast. 
I'm happy you found us and you will get great support from our members.  Don't hesitate to ask questions because we are here to help you.  Hope to hear more from you soon.

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   Posted 8/9/2010 8:03 AM (GMT -7)   
Welcome to the family, Shanadine! We understand the pain and frustration of fibro,
that is why this forum is great. We are here to support one another and it helps!

I've never tried the patch you mentioned. I'm on Savella 50 mgs, 2x daily and use a
muscle relaxel, Flexeril (cyclobenzaprine) for flares. Heat helps me, so I take long hot
showers or soak in the tub. I have a few bedbuddies (rice filled, microwave heating pads)

Exercise is very important to me, I walk daily and do gentle stretching. I also do deep
breathing and meditation as relaxation therapy.

Glad you joined us! Keep posting...We care!

Hugs, Robin
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   Posted 8/9/2010 10:10 AM (GMT -7)   
Hi Shanadine, Welcome to the family. Trust me, no matter how crazy some of us seem, everyone still supports them (after all they put up with me every day LOL). Some of us take medications, some do therapy. Some do both. I'm so far not at medication stages. I go and do pool therapy every week though. Welcome to the group, by theway! Just keep on a movin' like there's no tomarrow, but pace yourself so you don't get in a flare up. Like walking Walmart will flare me up, so I skooter it with the skooters. Fill free to stay in touch with us :)
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   Posted 8/11/2010 9:05 PM (GMT -7)   
hi everyone , i cant tell you all just how moved i feel by the wonderful welcomes iv really is very kind of you all to take the time to read my post and reply. i will def read over all the info on the fibro 101, i have read a little but ill be sure to read it all soon as i gt a chance. i do try to streach as i find that if im not moving for 1 hour i really stiffen up and then im sorer.i cant exercise much or go out but i do keep moving around the house.
sherrine its not due to the patches that i cant sleep,iv just not had more than 3 hrs sleep now for a couple of dr gave me sleeping tabs and i found that instead of getting to sleep i lay there awake but very spaced out -i didnt like feeling that way.i now take a tiny piece of the tablet and then i gt the 3 hrs.i just cant get comfy enough to sleep/or pain wakes me up befor the 3 hrs.
the worry i have with the butrans patch is just due to it not lasting the 7 days so i suffer a lot more pain for 2 days a week.
i do no that ill have to learn to live in a certain amount of pain,im just still trying to understand fibro and what causes me to flair.
i use a heated blanked thats very soft and find some comfort in it ,every little helps ! i also use heat and cold packs. its good that there s humor here as it really helps to laugh and it help us to stop thinking of pain or other probs that we go through with this illness, even if its just for a min.
i hope to get to no you all better and give back something worth while.
thanks so much once again to you all for the lovely welcome and its great to find people with the same illness. although im sorry for all you each have to go through. hope to speak again soon shanadine

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   Posted 8/11/2010 10:16 PM (GMT -7)   
Hi and I'd also like to welcome you to the family!

I agree that a 7 day med would be wonderful but I sure would have to learn a lot before trying it. If it is not lasting a full week for you it's certainly not your fault, it's just how your body reacts to the medication. Please tell your pain doc about it and they should either prescribe it more often or give you other pain meds to add to it for 'break through' pain. There is no reason for you to be fairly comfortable for 5-6 days and miserable the rest of the time.

I decided to look up this medication since I take narcotic pain meds. Anything 'new and improved' bears looking at. What I found is this medications is a patch form of Buprenorphine aka Suboxone. Many folks know of Suboxone since it can be used for pain relief and also as a drug for people who are going through withdrawal. Still it might be worth investigating for those who think it would work for them. I sure would like to only have to put one patch on each week and maybe add a pill now and then. I'm not fond of what I have to take currently. At least I have a wonderful doc.

Here are links to Purdue Pharmas' info on this medication. Due remember that this company has paid out hundreds of millions of dollars in law suits for dishonest and unethical behavior in the past 10 years. On the other hand they make medications that help keep me and millions of others living with a good quality of life. Hope some of this helps!


Perdue Pharma info




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   Posted 8/12/2010 6:17 AM (GMT -7)   
Hi Shanadine and welcome!! I do not type, or should I say that I find it hard to type what I am thinking so my messages are usually pretty short.

I don't know anything about a lot of the pain meds but you got some very good info from Chutz. Again ....welcome
Denise from Pittsburgh, Pa
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 ***other supps: calcium, vit D 2,000-4,000 per, milk thistle, vit C &E, acidopholos (sp?),  
CO-Q 10,  flax or fish oil, ginsing, magnesium, B complex,

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   Posted 8/13/2010 10:35 PM (GMT -7)   
hi chutz many thanks for the info links and your very warm welcome.
i will read the links soon as poss and hopefully get some more info on the butrans patch,is very kind of you to have looked them out for me - and im sure they will be helpful to others too. i dont blame anyone for not wanting to take meds like the ones i take but i go along with what im offered at the pain clinic esp since my gp was no good at helping me to manage my pain.its refreshing to hear you have a wonderful dr,were i live everyone moans a lot about dr s.but there s only so much a gp can do.

thanks also to gsdgirl for your lovely welcome here,i feel very touched by everyones kindness.

i hope you are both doing ok just now sending {{{{hugs}}}} to you all.


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   Posted 3/10/2011 4:48 PM (GMT -7)   
just started the Butrans patch 5mcp but have had to still take my tramodol. I went from 350ml to 100ml of the Tramodol and really feel like the patch is working. I may need a higher dose. I find if I keep my patch on the full 7 days, I go ahead and put my new one on a day early before I take the old one off. So there is not another 48 for another patch to get in my system. I really do not believe they last an exact 7 days so I go 6 and put the new patch on with the old one still on, then remove it on the 7th far so good better than a bunch of pills.
Peace cool
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