Heart problems with FM

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ak angel
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   Posted 6/14/2011 11:44 PM (GMT -7)   
Does anyone know if heart problems are connected with fibromyalgia? I have been having these funny heart beats. I can feel it. It doesn't hurt but it's noticeable.

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   Posted 6/15/2011 2:40 AM (GMT -7)   
Hi Ak Angel
I have also had strange heart flutters only at night when im trying to go to sleep only been happening for about 6 mths they cause me a lot of distress.
Hope you can find out what it is and post back soon.
I have been in pain for 20 years with a curved spine only just been digianised with fms and I dont use any drugs so in a lot of pain all the time cant take any pain killers as im a bus driver.    

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   Posted 6/15/2011 5:17 AM (GMT -7)   
Sometimes my heart starts POUNDING, I can feel it throughout my body and if I am laying down you can see my body moving from it.

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   Posted 6/15/2011 5:23 AM (GMT -7)   
ak angel, odd beats (even if you can feel them) are fairly normal for everyone. I've been told by a cardiologist that almost everyone has a dozen or more a day. Whether to worry about them depends on how often you're having them and what other symptoms you have when they happen. I have SVT (supraventricular tachycardia), a number of other minor structural/function issues and a tendency toward many more PACs and PVCs every day than is healthy. PACs and PVCs are odd beats that arise either from the atria or the ventricles. PVCs are very common and nothing to worry about, PACs far less common and more worrisome, but neither are dangerous in and of themselves. I also get chest pain from costochondritis that feels and acts exactly like heart attack pain or ischemia. I take a beta blocker to control the SVT and odd beats. I've never heard of a link between fibro and heart issues but it'd be great if one was found.

amorvida-It might help to realize that you're probably having the odd beats (which are usually absolutely nothing to worry about) during the day but you're only feeling the beats at night because you're too distracted to feel them during the rest of the day. If they're really bothering you I would consult a doctor. There are good medications that can be used to control them for comfort.
Fibro, SVT, mild structural heart issues. Meds: 50mg tramadol + 1000mg acetaminophen, 100mg metoprolol, 300mg gabapentin 3x/day, 25 mg trazodone at bedtime for sleep issues.

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   Posted 6/15/2011 5:24 AM (GMT -7)   
I have these heart flutters too mine feel like a drum solo
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   Posted 6/15/2011 8:02 AM (GMT -7)   
I have heart palpatations and that is a symptom of fibro.  I was thoroughly checked out and my heart is fine.
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   Posted 6/15/2011 8:21 AM (GMT -7)   
I have mitral valve prolapse, but it has not caused me any problems. I do occasionally get little flutters but I think it is from too much caffeine.
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   Posted 6/15/2011 2:14 PM (GMT -7)   
It certainly wouldn't hurt to have it checked out (if for no other reason than to put your mind at ease), but PVC's are really common. I have SVT and excessive PVC's, and I've been on a beta blocker for years, mostly just for my comfort. I've also been told by my doc that most people have them, and for most, they aren't serious.

I also think that our pain and discomfort cause us to focus more on our bodies, so we tend to notice more when something is a little off. Most people probably have PVC's, but many probably don't notice them. Some things that trigger PVC's are caffeine, stress, alcohol, tobacco, and not getting enough sleep.

Amorvida, I also get them at night. Something about lying on my back seems to trigger them. Weird.

If you are having any other symptoms such as dizziness, feeling lightheaded, shortness of breath, etc., it probably would be a good idea to see your doc.

Hugs - Austen

Nana Monster
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   Posted 6/15/2011 2:34 PM (GMT -7)   
Mine is upside down on one side and when I get stressed out it would squeeze until I swore I
was having a heart attack. Seeing as my Mom died at 52 of a heart attack in her sleep I got
quite worried. I did Toprol 25 to regulate the heartbeats. I didn't like being hooked on it so I
got into Colostrum and Hylaronic Acid, then my cardioligist got me hooked on Co Enzyme Q-10.
I'm now 5 years older and on absolute NO heart meds and the heart is much stronger. If you
use Hawthorn Berry in addition to the Co Q it strengthens the heart muscles.

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   Posted 6/15/2011 2:39 PM (GMT -7)   
I don't know if heart problems come with Fibro, but I do think our hearts can be effected. Our nervous systems are impacted - our bowels are effected so why not our hearts as well? I am only 29 and I have had to go through many EKGs. I've been to 2 cardiologists for things that ended up being benign but both occurred during the worst 2 flares I have had.

This past visit to the cardiologist resulted in me now seeing the cardiologist yearly and getting holters and Echos done every year. I was diagnosed with symptomatic bigeminy and trigeminy. That means that I have PVCs (premature heartbeats) and I feel them - I happen to have 2 or 3 irregular beats in a row. Many people have PVCs but are unaware. For most people they can do things so that they become unnoticeable once they have determined that they are benign. I am not one of the people that can take meds for it. They prescribe beta blockers for people who have bothersome PVCs. I was also diagnosed with bradycardia. I have always had a low heartrate, but mine has dipped even lower and even though they have deemed everything benign the beta blockers slow down a heart and I cannot afford for my heartrate to slow down any.

I agree with Austen that we are more in tune with our bodies so we may feel things and pay more attention to things others may ignore. We are much more sensitive to little changes as well.

I think it's always worthwhile to get things checked out, especially when it comes to the heart. The Drs will probably run tests, but better to know exactly what's going on. Then they will decide a course of action. I don't think if I were a "healthy" 29 year old that I would necessary have to see the cardiologist every year.

Keep us posted with what you decide to do.
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   Posted 6/15/2011 2:47 PM (GMT -7)   
Coenzyme Q-10, usually called CoQ10, is excellent for your heart.  This is found naturally in your body...in nearly all cells...so it isn't a medication.  I take 200 mg a day of this...mainly because I'm on a statin drug...but it is something you could ask your doctor about.  (Statin drugs can deplete your body of CoQ10.)  Here is a link about it.
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   Posted 6/15/2011 6:40 PM (GMT -7)   
I also have pvc's - 15,000 a day. I usually don't feel them much, but you will definitely feel them while you are lying down, especially on your left side. You also notice them when you are at rest because they tend to start up as your heart rate decreases.

I always wondered if they were somehow related to fibro. These started up within a year or two after the fibro started. When I was diagnosed with these my ejection fraction (basically how effectively your heart is working) was also below normal so the dr thought a virus had attacked my heart at some point. It is better now, but makes you wonder about a connection!

It is definitely worth getting checked out. The dr can do an ekg and you can wear a 24hr holter monitor. If you have them frequently they will show up. Everyone is right, they are usually benign - even my 15,000 are benign.

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   Posted 6/15/2011 11:40 PM (GMT -7)   
I've had issues with low blood pressure and heart palpitations but I don't know that I would say they are directly related to fibro.

Last fall I was having a lot of trouble walking uphill on my college campus but I was determined, at my doctor's advice, to work through it even though I felt like I was dying every time. Then one day I got to drive myself to the ER because my heart rate wouldn't go below 140 even after I laid down flat on the floor for twenty minutes.

They ran blood panels and an EKG but sent me home several hours later when my rate finally dropped below 90, telling me to see a cardiologist, which I did over winter break. He ran EKGs and hooked me up to a Holter monitor for a day. As it turned out, there was nothing wrong with my heart. He had me lower my dose of Savella - the problems had started when the dose increased although I hadn't made the connection because I've always had palpitations when my blood pressure drops. Other than that, he told me my heart was "out of shape" and that if I did some light cardio everyday I would get better. I didn't try the exercise because by then it was wintertime and my fibro was draining my energy away but the lowered dose of Savella seemed to fix the problem.

My heart rate is still high most of the time because of low BP but my heart itself is fine. When the weather warmed up I started going down stairs instead of taking the elevator and eventually started going up a flight here and there. The exercise has definitely helped - the first few times my heart would flutter uncomfortably but it stopped happening after a few weeks. After awhile I even started going up the hill again and finally I could do it.

So my advice is to get it checked out - don't mess around when it's your heart. But don't be too worried about it because it could be something simple like meds. I hope you feel better soon!
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Meds: Savella, Vitamin D
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