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Kidz Mom
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   Posted 10/27/2011 11:12 AM (GMT -7)   
My feet hurt, they seem to hurt all the time.  Does anyone else have trouble with their feet?  They hurt when I'm resting kind of an achy feeling but when I go to stand up and walk it is like I'm walking on needles for the first few steps.  After I get going it backs off.  It seems to be mostly in my heels and ankles.  I have gotten the inserts for my shoes and it doesn't help.  If I'm standing for a long period of time they will start hurting me like I'm a dog with an injured paw.  I keep going from one foot to another to get some relief until I can set down and put my feet up.  confused
Does anyone have any ideas that can help, besides expensive orthopedic shoes? nono

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   Posted 10/27/2011 11:55 AM (GMT -7)   
You may have plantar fascitis. It is extremely painful when you first stand or stay standing right? I thought it was heel spur, and somebody gave me a "heel cup" and it was a miracle. I think you can get them in foot section. If not, may have to go to medical equipment place. It is worth it.

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Kidz Mom
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   Posted 10/27/2011 4:19 PM (GMT -7)   
Wow, thank you, I will give it a try!  tongue

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   Posted 10/27/2011 7:02 PM (GMT -7)   
My first three toes on the right foot spasm with pins and needles and feel like they are turning to stone. Been this way three years. So far no dr has been able to help. I have those expensive orthotics. Insurance paid for them. Being diagnosed with mortons foot, plantar fascitis, tarsel tunnel and then was told my back (spinal stenosis is causing it). Go figure. Nothing helps.

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   Posted 10/27/2011 7:54 PM (GMT -7)   
Also try taping your feet. This is what my doctor had me do for my feet when I had plantar faciitis. This helped a LOT. Eventually it went away.

That youtube video shows you how to tape your feet.
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ak angel
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   Posted 10/27/2011 8:59 PM (GMT -7)   
I use to have severe pain in my feet. It felt like the bones were broken I don't have medical coverage right now so I experimented myself. I started to take calcium with vitamin D. After about a month it's almost gone. I believed I was lacking calcium. I am at that right age for osteoporosis. Hope I spelled that right. Lol. I never had heel pain or ankle pain. If you have medical insurance, it would be good to go to the foot Dr.

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   Posted 10/28/2011 4:36 AM (GMT -7)   
I wear Birkenstocks and that helped but I still have the achy pain in my feet and ankles.  My ankles will sometimes feel like I've sprained them and, if I've been on my feet for a long time, my feet and ankles throb once I sit down.
I've seen advertized something that you stand on and it shows where the pressure is and you buy the proper insert.  Is that what you did?  I think they have this in some of the drug stores.
I hope you find something to help you.  Achy feet are no fun.
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   Posted 10/30/2011 6:56 PM (GMT -7)   
I have problems mainly where the ankles meet the leg, and it surrounds the whole area. I have problems walking, and if I stand for a while, my "ankle/lower legs" will throb as well. My knees most recently began hurting, and I have arthritis in my right hip, and now my left hip hurts because I have to shift weight off of the hurting one. This is why walking/exercising for me is VERY hard to do. Most of the time, my meds help, but there are days where there's not a chance of anything helping...aka a flare.

I may be asking my rheumy for a cortico shot directly into both legs/knees. All I can say is I hate the fall/winter for just this reason:(
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almost medfree
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   Posted 10/31/2011 8:29 AM (GMT -7)   
I have left foot pain and what helps me with my foot pain and with my back issues is wearing good support shoes and no sandals. My chiropractor told me I need to wear very good shoes with ties. There are some comfortable ones out there that are fairly nice looking.
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   Posted 11/2/2011 1:57 AM (GMT -7)   
sawa i have tarsel tunnel,misaligned back so my feet hurt,my neck ,and back as well i am taking lyrica,and ride my bike to help my feet i have some good orthodontics made by a podiatrist.

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   Posted 11/2/2011 11:40 AM (GMT -7)   
I was born with bilateral club foot and have always had problems with my feet hurting if I stand on them for long periods of time. Too long standing and the bottoms go numb. If I walk too much, my feet wind up hurting for hours. I, too, sometimes have issues when standing and it's usually from the tendons getting stretched again after sitting too long. For a while I found the tops of my hiking boots were putting pressure on the tendons on the sides of my ankles and were causing them to get inflamed. It was so bad sometimes I had to crawl around the house on my hands and knees because I couldn't stand on my feet. I used a pair of Futuro night splints for plantar fasciitis for several months while watching TV and while sleeping to keep my feet straight and extended while the tendons healed and I haven't had the problem since. I also don't wear the hiking boots daily anymore.

I've found some relief getting the right type of shoe to ease the pain. I love Easy Spirit's anti-gravity collection because they have a lot of cushioning in the sole. For me, I always chalked the pain up to the club foot and my flipper-like flat feet, but I suppose I'm not the only one having these problems.
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   Posted 11/2/2011 5:49 PM (GMT -7)   
My podiatrist correctly diagnosed my heel and bottom of foot pain, after 2 orthopods missed it, as coming from my back. My pain doc did an MRI, gave me a depo shot in the lowest part of lumbar spine and the pain disappeared. I have a bit of arthritis in my spine pinching nerves.

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   Posted 7/5/2012 6:53 AM (GMT -7)   
new here :)
I'm also having a lot of pain in my feet. not so much the heel and ankle but the whole foot.
I'm 36 have Fibro and ibs, and my doctor says I have low vitamin d
Now I am slightly overweight in the 160-170 range and have been going to the gym twice a week for cardio and abs. Low impact cardio. Even after sleeping at night my feet hurt so bad when I wake up. :( i'm thinking it may also have something to do with wearing a steel toe shoe everyday, but I have noticed even in a regular shoe its always the same, it hurts to walk

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   Posted 7/5/2012 8:30 AM (GMT -7)   
I have very flat feet with little or no arch. They not only cause pain in my feet, but in my back and neck, also. I have had plantar fasciatis in the past, and the doctor advised me to never go barefoot. I have not followed this, as I cannot stand to have anything on my feet when in the house. I compromise if I am standing for an extended period of time and slip on some shoes. I have the Dr. Scholls inserts tha Sherrine mentioned, the kind where you stand on a computerized machine, and it recommends the right insert for your feet. I got mine at Wal Mart. I wear them when I am going to be standing or walking for long periods, and they do help some. The one thing to remember with these type of inserts is that they are very thick, so it means purchasing a shoe that is about a half size larger than what you normally wear. I have found that I can only wear sneakers. Anything with even a hint of a heel means instant back pain. I have to wear the more expensive brands with more support, not the cheaper ones from discount stores. Sandals or house slippers do not provide enough support.

I have a friend who attends water exercise class with me who also has Fibro. Her main pain seems to be in her feet. During her physical therapy, her therapist recommended using a special type of water weight that stretretches the achilles tendon. It is very light weight, attatches around the ankle, and pulls the whole leg upward in the water. I have tried this, and the stretch feels great. My friend has said that this has really helped with her pain. One can also use these to stretch the leg to the side for an inner thigh stretch.

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   Posted 7/5/2012 10:31 AM (GMT -7)   
I have pain in my feet, ankles, pinkie toes, knees, hips, wrists, pinky & ring fingers, thumbs & sometimes my elbows...movement helps the most in the long term but it's a vicous cycle because movement can make it worse in the short term.

I have had plantar fasciitis in both feet before and it is not fun! PT usually is needed and lots of stretching...use to have to crawl to the bathroom in the mornings 'cause I couldn't walk. I still do those stretches in the shower.

I like my Keen sandles and tennis shoes...never wear flip flops unless I'm just stepping outside my house or getting a pedicure

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   Posted 11/4/2012 8:08 AM (GMT -7)   
Hi! I don't know if you have what I have, but...

Standing is my ultimate nightmare. The longer I stand, the quicker the bottom of my feet begin to ache, starting me wiggling from foot to foot. I've tried everything: expensive orthotics, lyrica, etc., etc., and am at the point where I wonder if it's psychiatric. If I'm not nuts already, this is going to get me there. :)

It's not PF. A neurologist guessed early neuropathy, but I don't know. He's not confident. Basically, I just can't get enough cushion. If I can feel a hard stop point in even the most cushioned shoes, I'm miserable. I actually do better walking than standing and am always looking to sit down.

Does this sound anything like your symptoms or anyone else's?

Thanks!! :)

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   Posted 11/4/2012 8:42 AM (GMT -7)   
My feet hurt and I dont know why. I did have PF a fe wyears ago, and even $500 orthotics did nothing. A long time off my feet, maybe a year or more, and the PF pain has subsided a great deal, only bothers me now if i stand for too long. The foot pain that really bothers me is not my heel or arch. It seems to rest between all the bones in my feet, deep inside my foot. when i am off my feet they usually feel ok, but when i stand up and the feet flex, it hurts so bad. Takes several steps to walk it off. Also, if i sit with my feet up on anything they hurt. Like a foot stool, tucked under me, anything. They cant have any pressure on them at all or they hurt badly. So to relax at night i am forever changing position to keep the pressur on my feet changing. SIgh.

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   Posted 11/4/2012 1:02 PM (GMT -7)   
I had terrible PF and had physical therapy for it. They did ultrasonic Therapy on the bottom of my feet for three weeks three times a week. At the end of the three weeks the pain was gone.
They said the ultrasonic waves were breaking up the scar tissue in my feet.
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   Posted 11/4/2012 6:45 PM (GMT -7)   
YOTESHOWL~Sounds just like me. My docs just say it is fibro (they say everything is fibro) rolleyes
                     It can be very miserable (especially when I am having to ask my grandma to slow down eyes )
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   Posted 11/5/2012 7:42 PM (GMT -7)   
I often have foot pain. I have very high arches and a few years ago, I wore orthotics that were specially made. However, now my feet are more sensitive and I have switched to a very soft type of orthotic I found in Wal-Mart's foot care section (kind of lavender colored--sorry, I don't remember what they're called).
I can't stand long in one place, and have to switch feet. I thought it was more a part of my neuro condition, rather than the fibro, but with all the posts here, maybe it is the fibro. No matter what, it's not fun. I also use the OTC muscle creams on my feet after I bathe them. A gentle massage can help some, too.
Editing to add that sometimes I will use a few different prodicts in my shoes at the same time, sort of like 'layering.'  For example, I'll use the soft orthotics I mentioned above, along with a Dr. Scholl's liner, for a little added cushioning.  I sometimes will use soft, gel-like pads that are meant for the ball of the foot, and layer those in my shoes, too. 
 There are so many OTC products such as these that you can come up with your own combinations.  It helps, too, to have a deep toe 'box,' in your shoes, meaning you have enough room for all your cushioning.

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