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   Posted 11/14/2016 7:09 AM (GMT -7)   
does anyone get by with any alternative treatments? I am currently on Lexapro and Elavil and omeprazole. I don't feel like I'm getting much help from the Lexapro and the Elavil was started for migraine preventative ( not helping really) My weight does nothing but rise and I'm feeling pretty bad about that and my lack of control with my eating . Im stuck in a bad place and I'm trying to break out of it.

suggestions ?


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   Posted 11/14/2016 6:20 PM (GMT -7)   
Hi Steph: Welcome, if I missed your previous posts. This is a great, helpful forum.

If you scroll down the list of threads on this forum, the sixth last one (as of now) by AubreyB called "Natural Alternatives" might be helpful.

I would say I can often get by with alternative treatments; however, winter is coming fast and though it isn't that cold yet (still nice here in the upper U.S. Midwest, actually), I'm already seeing some not so pleasant changes. Today I had slight nerve pain in my head all day. Nothing major; just a reminder that I have fibro! I've also noticed my feet are a little more touchy.

Back to your question: Heat is quite helpful, too, and in the cool months, I never am far from a heating pad or microwavable 'bed buddy.' A nice blanket to cuddle up in when evening arrives feels good, as does a warm foot bath. A cup of chamomile tea is relaxing to the muscles, too (try the various Celestial Seasonings flavors---very good!).

Okay--the above suggestions are fine if you have time in the evening for some down time, but during the day, I try hard to alternate sitting with standing. I change positions often. That definitely helps my stiffness. I'm even stiff as I type this, so will have to move along soon!

I was on Elavil for years, due to chronic diarrhea, many years ago. Yes---I gained weight! It made me incredible sleepy! I would take a 50mg tablet before bedtime and be very sleepy all the next day. It did help my condition, but wow, I was so, so tired back then.

I don't know much about what to do about weight gain and meds, unless your doctor will let you take less, if you're able.
For example, my doctor used to give me 300mg of Neurontin (gabapentin) but now prescribes the 100mg capsules. I like that--much less 'fog' and sleepiness, and I can work well through them.

My diet has improved---more vegetables and fruits, more water, and very, very little as far as cookies, chips, etc. Just a taste, if anything.

Hobbies have helped me, too, as does prayer time and spiritual reading. They put me in a better frame of mind and are so inspiring to me.

I don't know if this helps, and hopefully others here will post with ideas, too. Take care, and I hope things go better for you soon! Keep us posted.
"Someone who goes through life with an open heart always finds something to be thankful for."

---Father Kentenich

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   Posted 11/14/2016 6:22 PM (GMT -7)   
I go at least once a month for deep tissue medical massage, and use a acupressure mat on my back, shoulders and upper arms every night.
But I also use Tramadol for pain almost every night and also a muscle relaxer almost every night.
I think it is all hands on deck for treatment, using as little medication as needed to live an almost normal life full of compromises.

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   Posted 11/15/2016 5:05 AM (GMT -7)   
Thank you for the responses, Last night i was supposed to go to my support group ( I have a mentally ill child) but I had to cancel last minute as I was having wayyy too much pain to sit in a hard chair ( or a soft chair for that matter) so I laid myself on the couch with heat and fell asleep at 430pm !!!

Napped for three hours then ate some dinner, took my meds and went to bed was out by 9pm !

These are the kind of nights that feel like such a waste! The pain is too much to even hang with the family.

Tylenol PM is my last resort at tight to take off the edge, when i cant deal with the pain but I dont want to have to take that every night.

I took 800 mg ibuprofen for about 10 years in the am only (usually) and now I cant take nSAIDS anymore
due to esophagitis I developed the beginning this year. Took that before I got diagnosis of fibro about two years ago.

meds im on are not working anymore so im hoping to augment them , thanks for the info

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   Posted 11/15/2016 9:46 AM (GMT -7)   
I only use alternative treatments. I have been seeing a Functional Medicine MD, and now a naturopathic doctor. Both have prescribed diet changes as well as herbs and supplements that have helped me! I highly recommend seeing an alternative practitioner. They have helped me stay off of meds and continue to lead the life I want to.

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   Posted 11/15/2016 3:14 PM (GMT -7)   

I am sorry you missed your support group meeting. I know how frustrating that must of been for you.

Good sleep hygiene is helpful too. Eating right before bed isn't good because it interrupts the different stages of sleep.

I agree with the bed buddy whole heartedly. I found it really helps to have the moist heat on your shoulders. I have most of my pain and tension there so I use the bed buddy quite often. If you don't have one, I would get one. They are fairly cheap at Walmart's as I remember.

I hope that you find what works for you. Relieving stress helps a lot. Relaxation. I would try meditation to learn to relax the muscles. It helps me and it helps me go to sleep.

Best wishes for you to feel well.

Welcome to the forum.

Hugs, Karen...

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   Posted 11/24/2016 7:29 AM (GMT -7)   
Hello Everyone,
I am new to this site but am so happy to see all of the support and great sharing on here so far!
I also live with fibromyalgia and I haven't had a pain free day since 1997!! I have tried all kinds of medications and nothing ever worked for me...I am exhausted hurting and get "fibro fog" all the time...which I am sure some of you can relate to...after seeing many specialists/doctors etc there really isn't anything anyone can do for me....they recommend 30 min of walking/exercise per day (which is hard most days) and now that winter is here I am in a huge flare up....
Any tips for me?

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   Posted 11/24/2016 7:32 AM (GMT -7)   
I am thinking of maybe trying this product....has anyone hear of these before?
If so your feedback would be greatly appreciated.

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   Posted 11/26/2016 11:39 AM (GMT -7)   
Hi Kim, Welcome to the fibromyalgia forum. I agree with the walking, it always helps me when I can walk. It is winter here too and we get snow, so sometimes in the winter it is hard, but walking in place helps and turning up the music and doing some dancing helps too. Any thing to keep moving.

I haven't checked out your link yet, but I will. But so far I haven't found anything that helps a lot other than a bed buddy. A bed buddy is a fabric tube filled with grain. You heat it in the microwave and put it around your neck. It has moist heat that relaxes the neck and shoulders. I have heard good things about "biofreeze" too. It is a cream.

I hope you are feeling well today. Again, welcome to the forum. If you wish, you could start a thread to introduce yourself.

Hugs, Karen...

fibromyalgia, Chronic fatigue, depression, allergies

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   Posted 11/26/2016 7:07 PM (GMT -7)   

Definitely heat and stretching the muscles😊

Topical pain relievers help me a good bit , because i can only take low doses of meds..

I also love acupressure.. I have a mat .i lay on..but you can also google self acupressure and find many ways to relieve pain levels.

Recently i changed brands of the supplement turmeric ..and found that a brand called curamed..made a real difference in pain levels.

Each of us responds differently and its trial and error , but you can find lots of self help


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   Posted 11/27/2016 9:37 PM (GMT -7)   
LJ....have you had heartburn problems from the turmeric?
Grammy G
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