pressure on lower spine

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   Posted 11/30/2016 5:56 PM (GMT -7)   
This year I started having a new problem.
pressure starts to build up in my lower spine.
Feels like a very bad case of constipation. At first that is what I thought it had to be.
But it can happen at any time and it can go away when pain lessens without anything to do with going to bathroom.

I finally realized that at least one main trigger was the new neighbors in my apartment playing their radio with heavy Bass.
When he stopped so did the pressure reduce and stop.

It can also be triggered by cold hitting that area.
Especially cold mornings. And vibrations like from garbage truck or trucks starting up in morning (my apartment is next to parking area)

I've had the problem since spring. I've had it start and stop enough to know the vibrations just have to stop for it to settle down.
Constipation does worsen it so I only eat once a day to reduce any pressure in that area.

It seems to be something with that spot which is then flared up by pressure either from within
Or vibration that it takes as pressure.
Or cold.
Vibration that is strong does make my whole spine unhappy but this isn't just unpleasant achy or throbbing
it's a strong pressure that makes me feel nauseous when it won't let up. It can last for hrs. And the pressure can build in my spine and travel up the longer it lasts. Until I feel the pressure will blow through my skull.
But have the pressure stop at the lower back and the pressure cooker is turned off.

I've been dealing with things for 16 yrs but this is new this yr.

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   Posted 12/1/2016 6:13 AM (GMT -7)   
Hi scaredalone: I wonder if it's the stress from the loud music that could be contributing to your issues? I find I have to avoid stress as much as possible, and I would guess most others on this forum would say the same. We already have a lot to deal with, having fibro!

I try to find relaxing things to do on my 'down time.' Reading, relaxing music, funny shows, playing with pets, praying, spiritual reading, and working on crafts have all helped me.

Yes, cold can be really irritating to our fibro bodies! I honestly dread every winter (I live in Minnesota), and would love to find a warmer climate, but that's easier said than done. Dressing in layers helps a lot. Bundling up to go outside is really important, as is a warm, fur-lined pair of boots, warm hat, mittens, etc. I often wear a pair on thin socks inside my regular socks, even indoors.

I don't have issues with constipation, but do eat many cooked vegetables every day. In fact, I've increased my veggies recently and found it improved things in general.

Being it seems to affect your spine, maybe it would be helpful to see a neurologist?

I hope you get some answers soon. It's annoying to have a new symptom, but it sure feels good to find the cause. I'm going back to the neurologist when the weather warms to get a recheck. It's just good to know what exactly is going on, and that relieves stress, too.

Wish you the best! Keep us posted.
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   Posted 12/1/2016 6:26 AM (GMT -7)   
I'm not a doctor but this sure sounds like stress to me...especially when it happens with certain situations. Your muscles could be tightening because of the stress. As Luvs mentioned, you need to learn to relax. Also perhaps you could ask your neighbor to keep the volume down some on their music because you can hear it loud and clear in your apartment. Maybe take some bakery over when you approach this topic. smilewinkgrin


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   Posted 12/1/2016 10:00 AM (GMT -7)   
I hope you have success in asking the neighbors to turn it down.


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   Posted 12/1/2016 3:48 PM (GMT -7)   
Hi everyone thanks for the responses.

The neighbors have improved most of the time. Holiday was more then usual which made things harder.

It's not stress because I can play my music loud and no problem as long as No Bass. It's the thump thump.
Not of course that I play my music loud now that I live in an apartment.
Used to live in a house before this move.

I believe it's the cold mainly that sets it off.
Last night was warmer and I wasn't set off by the cars starting up this morning.

I would love to move somewhere that didn't get below 40 ever.
Prefer 70-90 but would gladly take no lower than 40.
Tonight we have a freeze warning.
Not looking forward.

The one area of daily stress is sadly what gives me the most joy also - my birds.
House can wait when in a lot of pain but birds still need care and Cleaning.
Even eating can wait when can barely think or move but birds still need me.

I used to manage with lots of layers but 3-4 yrs ago nothing stopped the cold from getting through.
Layers do help inside, thank you for the reminder.
Started having bad numbness in arms and right leg that now also effects left.
Falls got scary (and painful of course). Balance and dizziness got much worse esp with last 2 severe falls.
Getting in and out of shower difficult.
Tub became too hazardous.

Stress does make everything worse and just overwhelming.
I used to have groceries delivered by store where I used to live.
Here no stores deliver.
Amazon and Walmart had problems with items stale and sour even in winter and about to expire.
Plus I can't have packages placed on the ground. But not all delivery people willing to follow sign in Red asking to place on stand.
My protein drinks and things like juice r very difficult for me to manage on my own. It's a struggle to lift them. Numbness causes weakness. The more I use arms or legs the weaker they get. Some days i Can lift a bottle of juice some days I can't.
Stress is a part of basic daily activity.

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   Posted 12/17/2016 10:40 AM (GMT -7)   
Hello. I'm new to the forum, I signed up when I saw this post. I have had a similar issue, but the pressure is often accompanied by significant pain. I had this issue intermittently but now it's almost daily.
I became very frustrated and assumed that I may be experiencing back spasms, because stretching would help but only temporarily. I called in a request for my primary call in a script for fexeril and picked up some biofreeze as well. I also consulted my rheumatologist to be safe.
End result is that I have muscle spasms r/t fibro and the only recommendation was to continue with the current therapy.
It's worst for me when I'm at work and the days following- so mostly it's brought on by activity.
I hope you find the answers to help you feel your best 🤗

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   Posted 12/18/2016 6:39 PM (GMT -7)   
I also have low back pain that feels like pressure ..

I use a topical pain reliever during the day..

But stretching is extremely important for my back, if i miss stretching my back muscles a few days, i really pay for the lapse.

Some nights before sleep, i put a small soft ball under painful areas that kinda releases the trigger points..others use a tennis ball..but thats too hard for me..the softer ones do the job without hurting.

With trial and error , you can learn to help your low back pain..

There are patches you can wear to provide warmth to that area, in the evening i often use a heating pad on my low back.

As i always ask..have they checked your vitamin d levels?
When mine is pain gets out of whack
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