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   Posted 7/9/2017 3:15 PM (GMT -6)   
A little about myself. My name is Misty. I'm 41, married for 22 years, 4 children (23,20,15 and 11). I work full time and travel 4 hours (2 each way) a day for work. I was diagnosed with FM last year. I also have hypothyroid, IBS and diverticulitis.

My issues started about 5 years ago. I started having this feeling in my chest (bottom right) that felt like someone was blowing up a balloon under my ribs. It now is in both sides and comes and goes. It was very uncomfortable! I went to the Dr who did blood work and everything came back normal except unexplained inflammation. They said this could be caused by lots of things and it was nothing to be concerned about. The Dr said I was just having anxiety and thought I should be on Anxiety medication. Although I was anxious, the medication only made me feel worse! I was losing weight and couldn't get out of bed didn't want to eat, because it made the discomfort worse.

My husband decided to take me to a different hospital. They admitted me and ran every test you can imagine. They finally said they thought it was my gall bladder and I should have it removed. I did. I don't think I should have, but at that point I think I would have agreed to anything if it made me feel better! Needless to say this didn't help and the pressure/pain was still there.

I continued to go to my Dr and the gastro Dr for the next 4 or so years lots of tests and no answers. There were many times I felt like I was losing my mind! Every time some new symptom would pop up I would head back. Chest pain, tingling and numbness in my hands and feet, a feeling of warm water running down my legs, the all over pain and stiffness, my toe feeling like a string was tied around it too tight, insomnia...just to name a few. My Dr. finally referred me to a rheumatoid Dr. I walked in he pressed on my shoulder (so hard I almost fell to the floor!) and said you have Fibromyalgia!

I have not taken anything aside from advil for the pain. I may take it twice a month at most. I am pretty sensitive to medication and did not what to take any of the FM medications because I felt like the side effects would be more than I wanted to deal with. I feel like I have been having a pretty bad flare up that has lasted for a little over a month and its starting to get to me pretty bad. I have an appointment with my family Dr on Tuesday. My questions are...

I have to have blood work for my thyroid, is there anything else I should ask him to check?

Is there any medication that has worked for anyone that uses it only on occasion and not everyday?

Thanks for reading my book! Hope y'all have a great daysmile

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   Posted 7/9/2017 4:06 PM (GMT -6)   
Hi, Misty, and welcome! Did the rheumy run any tests at all? I'm surprised they pressed only on your shoulder and gave you a diagnosis. Actually, the doctors are getting away from the tender point test because some doctors press harder than others so it really isn't t a great way to be diagnosed...according to the American College of Rheumatology. The criteria for diagnosis is having pain in all four quadrants of the body and most have cognitive memory problems.

The criteria for diagnosis above is usually given after several other illnesses are ruled out first. Illnesses like lupus and Lyme disease have many of the same symptoms as fibro and there are good tests to rule these out. There isn't t a good test for fibro so that's why it's so important to have those ruled out. You may have already since you had a lot of tests but I sure would ask. It's easy to be misdiagnosed with fibro. Do ask for copies of your tests so you know what is being done.

Many of the symptoms you mentioned are symptoms we have with fibro. I have pain in all four quadrants, I have fibro fog (cognitive memory problems), plus some of the weirder things like numbness, tingling, feeling like water is running down my leg, etc. so you definitely are not alone.

I didn't want to take the usual fibro medications either so I tried over the counter things and they help me a lot. I take ibuprofen with food, Tylenol, magnesium malate, vitamin D3, and a prescription muscle relaxer called Robaxin that has made a significant difference in my pain. I also walk daily and pace myself when doing things. All of the above help me be in control of the pain. I have had fibro for decades and have had a full and enjoyable life in spite of this illness.

Be sure to read Fibro 101...the first thread on the forum. There are links to good info about fibro and you will learn a lot there. Be sure to read the link called What Else Could It Be. Another good link is called A Thorough Explanation of Fibromyalgia. You just might see yourself there. There are links about the magnesium malate and vitamin D3 and how they work in the body also. All the f Fibro 101 is good so do read it.

I'm looking forward to getting yo know you better. Don't hesitate to ask questions because we are here to help you. Hope to hear more from you soon.


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   Posted 7/9/2017 5:31 PM (GMT -6)   
Hi welcome,

Do you still only have pain in the rib area..? That would seem unusual with fibro..oh, you did mention chest pain..

My first symtom that got me to a dr.. was chest pain..but i told my dr , it was not my heart..of course he had to check that anyway..

I have what is considered a genetic form as my mom and sister also have fibromyalgia..

I was afraid of many of the fibro drugs also.but i do take low dose tramadol for pain and an anti inflammatory..i also use several supplements that help..

Fish oil ( high quality) helps with inflammation , as does turmeric..

Magnesium malate helps with muscle spasms

I also really like a topical pain reliever..helps when i cannot take strong enough pain meds..i am also very med sensitive..

Stretching our muscles is a must for us.. when we get too tight the pain is worse...

Ask any questions, nice group here


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   Posted 7/9/2017 6:33 PM (GMT -6)   
I did see where you added later that pains were all over

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   Posted 7/10/2017 8:52 AM (GMT -6)   

Thanks for the information. I am working on reading thru the Fibro 101! There is a ton of great info in theresmile I am going to make sure my Dr has already tested me for Lupus and Lyme disease Just to be sure.


I also think is genetic with me. My mom also has fibro. Thank you for the supplement information. I will look into this!
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