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   Posted 9/29/2017 9:08 AM (GMT -6)   
After a long time of suffering and only taking OCD about a year ago I caved and started taking time released tramadol. The doctor originally prescribed me 300 a day, but I was a zombie and could barely function, so he lowered it to 200. I tried to give it some time, and it may help a little, but I don't find much pain difference from 100 to 200, so only take 100 most of the time. Of course, now I am physically dependent on it and can't tell if its withdrawal when I try to stop or if it was just helping and I forgot how bad the pain really was without it. Anyways, I will deal with that in due time, but this is my real issue:

I am so exhausted all the time my quality of life feels pretty poor. I work as often as I can, but once I get home I can't be productive and pass out. My poor child has gotten used to being cared for by the Xbox after school. I know I don't sleep well, but could sleep all day (and have!) when given the chance. I walk around in a fog most of the time and have to do things like talk to myself out loud when driving to make sure I know what is going on around me ("the light is green" or "the light is red - brake", things like that.

I have discussed this with my doctor many times, but he says that it's just par and parcel for fibro, and offered me more drugs. I declined up until about 2 months ago, and agreed to try Cymbalta. I did notice a real decline in pain (like when the cat jumped on my lap, I didn't scream) but it knocked me out cold. I was on the lowest dose (can't recall what it was) but it took me from pure exhaustion to practically comatose. I gave it a month to see if my body would adapt, but it didn't, so the doctor told me to stop it and try Lyrica. The first few days on Lyrica I felt a noticeable increase in energy and even thought the pain was getting worse again, I was happy to rejoin the land of the living. But the energy side effect was short lived and in less than 2 weeks I was back to where I started, both in exhaustion and pain. It has been 3 weeks now and I am still giving the Lyrica a shot, but am not too optimistic.

So, after all that, my question is has anyone taken anything like Cymbalta that does not make you tired? Or anything that else for energy?? My doctor will not prescribe any kind of "speed" like Nuvigil (sp?) and said energy drinks and caffeine are they way to go, and I drink both everyday, but they barely help.

I'm not asking for medical advise, just curious if anyone has any experience to share as maybe there is something that could help that my doctor has not thought of yet. I will be going back in the next few weeks to see him, and would prefer to go somewhat prepared.

Thanks so much!

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   Posted 9/29/2017 10:26 AM (GMT -6)   
Hi welcome to the forum,

Sorry you are having trouble getting to a more stable spot

First for energy..d ribose m , a powder form that you mix in juice or what help my energy the can research it online under corvalen m , but i buy the better health brand, as its the same but costs less.

I also take some tramadol, but yes had side effects..i found that if i cut it in 4 ths and take those small doses more frequently..i get less side effects, but of course thats an individualized med thing..that i pretty much had to figure out myself. The smaller dose helps with pain some but less of that spacey feeling.

We do have to do a fair amount of trial and error, as we each are different as to what helps us.

Some supplements help, and i am not a huge coffee drinker , but i take a caffiene pill with my morning coffee that helps.

The d ribose acts like an energy drink at the cellular really kept me going for years..i actually had to jump up and get busy after i drank it for a long time.. now it still helps but never quite as well after my vit d had dropped badly one winter..i still have to really work to keep that where it should be..

There s a lot that you can do to help yourself, its just good to know that, when we are in a bad spot.


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   Posted 10/3/2017 7:47 AM (GMT -6)   
Thanks. I will give the d ribose a try. I stopped taking the Lyrica on my own. Doesn't help, so I don't want to worry about possible withdrawal. I'll see my doctor again in a few weeks and see what he says.

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   Posted 10/3/2017 1:11 PM (GMT -6)   
Hi, Canadian, and welcome! Well, all the caffeine your doctor tells you to take is most likely interfering with your sleep. I drink tea in the morning but no caffeine after around 3PM. If I do have caffeine (and that includes chocolate 😡) I have trouble sleeping. I merely doze...if lucky. So I would suggest you rethink the caffeine and caffeine-laden energy drinks. Many have gotten really sick on the energy drinks.

Sleep is very important with fibro patients. I am on a sleep schedule. I go to bed about the same time every night and I get up the same time every morning. My body has become accustomed to this and I fall asleep rapidly. I also avoid the caffeine too.

I use ibuprofen with food, Tylenol, magnesium malate, vitamin D3, and a muscle relaxer called Robaxin which has made a significant difference in my pain. Many people...even people without fibro...are deficient in magnesium and vitamin D. You get most of your D from the sun. I live in sunny Florida but yet was very deficient in D because I use sunscreen and that blocks the vitamin D from being absorbed! There are links in Fibro 101...the first thread on the forum...about magnesium malate and vitaminD and how these work in the body.

The Robaxin medication has been around for decades. My prescription calls for two tablets four times a day. I'm sensitive to medication so I started out with one tablet every six hours and it really helped! I now only need to take one tablet every 12 hours. The beauty of this medication. Is that the tablets are scored so I could cut them a half and take one half tablet if I wanted to. So maybe your doctor would let you try this. They really relaxed my muscles but I have no side effects from them...can drive, etc. and they don't make me sleepy in the dose I take. As has been said before, everyone is different though. It's a trial and error type thing.

Another thing that helps me with pain and energy is walking. I walk daily as a gentle form of exercise. Yoga and swimming are good too. I hate exercise but once I get walking, it takes my mind off of how I feel and I look at the beauty all around me. And, by the time I get home I have more energy and less pain. Being in Canada, walking might be difficult in the winter months. I used to live up north and I used a walking in place video by Leslie Sansone and that kept me moving when it was snowy and bitter outside. Yoga would be good too.

I also do Trigger Point Therapy on myself to help with muscle pain. I bought The Trigger Point Therapy Workbook on Amazon and it has really helped me. I fixed my frozen shoulder that way. This Workbook shows where to look for the Trigger points causing you pain in specific parts of your body by showing diagrams of the body. It's really good.

I hope some of this helps you. Im sure other members will come on with suggestions too.

I'm looking forward to getting to know you better. Don't hesitate to ask questions because we are here to help you. Hope to hear more from you soon.


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