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   Posted 11/16/2017 11:30 AM (GMT -6)   
Hey all,

Been a few months since all these things have started happening. I just wanted to slide this in here to see if I could possibly have fibro before I go to the doctor and ask about it.

All my life I have had trouble with aliments. Never really been super intense, but, I often had issues with my bowels. Utis. Colds. You name it. My chronic issues (besides IBS and UTIs) did not start until the beginning of 2016. It began with a random bout of costochondritis. It wasn't that bad and eventually settled after a few months. Then I developed pleurisy and then, as it turned out, I was asthmatic. Never had any major issues with allergies, though, but that was what was causing it. After I began singular it went away and I only had a few issues here and there. Then began my headaches. They lasted for several months before dissipating. That was the end of 2016. I was actually fine as rain for 6 months and suddenly I got my headaches again.

This was in June this year. They pushed me in for a MRI and this caused my anxiety to skyrocket. I had a panic attack, went to the ER twice, and was told I had pleurisy AGAIN and was having some slight asthmatic issues. That was the end of July. From August up until now has been a terrible health battle.

I lost 25+ pounds quickly. My muscles would hurt (ache, felt tight and stung like a burning) in my legs, the skin over my hips burned, my back was tight and feeling numb/burning, shoulders, neck pain, throat often would get tight like im about to cry and feel like a huge lump was there for hours on end before slowly dissipating. In my mind, I was going nuts. I felt a weird burn all over my body. I felt like I was just disconnected and my memory was shorting out. I could NOT get any amount of sleep.

Finally, around the beginning of October I was sorta feeling fine. My pains has lifted and I felt "right" in my head. Unfortunately, that was short lived. My asthma set off BAD with the crazy weather changes and it caused me to get slight bronchitis. That's cleared but now I think I have new costo spots and pleurisy bad in my lower rib cage. My whole body is tight again, my throat too. My skin feels literally on fire and itches. I am just, miserable. I am literally unsure of what to do.

As it turns out my Gma has fibro and said my symptoms sound like hers. They have run blood tests on my many times and nothing has shown up, including inflammatory marker stuff. I have had two MRIs, one of my head and one of my neck. My blood pressure tends to go up when I am in this pain. My heart rate too.

My pain is usually pretty manageable. Just sometimes I will get these burning feelings all over my body and I just cry. Last night it was really bad and I just cried while my bf tried to console me.

I am on prednisone right now, my inhaler, benedryl, singular, and so on right now. Does this sound like a fibro thing? I cannot figure out what else it could be. I have to fight going to the ER every evening just bc I know they will just say it is nothing but I am just in so much PAIN I don't know what to do.

Thank you for reading

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   Posted 11/16/2017 5:28 PM (GMT -6)   
Hi, Tune, and welcome! The criteria for a fibro diagnosis is pain in all four quadrants of the body that lasts I think four months or more. We also have cognitive memory problems. Some have the burning sensation but I've not heard of it over the entire body. We get weird things. I sometimes get the sensation that water is running down my leg or that a bug is crawling on me but of course there s nothing. Also, quite a few of fibro patients, including me, have bouts of costochondritis.

With the lung involvement you are having, you probably are coughing and this can cause muscle pain and tightness too. So do try to relax and let the doctor earn his money. 😁

You want the make sure your doctor rules out other illnesses that have many of the same symptoms as fibro...things like lupus, Lyme disease, and MS. We have members with fibro and one of these other illnesses too.

Some symptoms can be caused by anxiety...especially the throat tightening and the feeling like there is a lump in your throat. I used to have anxiety quite badly and it's amazing what it can do to your body. One time I thought I had a pill stuck in my throat...for three days! I could eat just fine but it was always there. That was anxiety doing that to me but, when it was happening, I was freaking out which gave me more symptoms! You do need to get anxiety under control because it makes any illness worse. With fibro, it made my muscle pain worse because I was s tense. A muscle relaxer really helped me with the muscular pain.

We can't tell if you have fibro or not. We are not doctors but it is important to get checked out and rule out the other things. Usually, if all is ruled out, you will be diagnosed with fibro.

Be sure to read Fibro 101...the first thread on the forum. There are links to good info about fibro and you will learn a lot.

I'm looking forward to getting to know you better. Don't hesitate to ask questions because we are here to help help you. Do let us know what your doctor has to say because we do care about you. Hope to hear more from you soon.


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   Posted 11/16/2017 7:50 PM (GMT -6)   
A lot of people with fibro can also be sensitive, to things in our enviroment, indoors or out..

So you can have more than just one issue..did you read the symptoms in fibro 101.

Thankfully each of us do not often have every symptom..but they are all common with fibromyalgia..

A lot of our treatment is trial and error, what helps one , might not help the next

Most of us, need to also find self help methods, like stretching, heat, topical pain relievers..

This time of year with the weather changing often ,

makes our symptoms worse also.

I was worse when i was younger than i am its good to you get some help, you will are not just stuck where you are.

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