First year palmar erythema anniversary, and going strong!

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   Posted 4/10/2017 9:26 AM (GMT -6)   
It is just about a year now, that I've managed to stay mostly sober! I'm 38 now. It's been quite a ride... Was first diagnosed with fatty liver about 2 years ago (ALT & AST just over 100 each). Was drinking daily (about a bottle wine) for a good 10 years or so. After fatty liver diagnosis I cut back significantly but (as we all know) stopping isn't all that easy. I first only cut back to the weekends (no drinking during week days) but finally decided it's time to let the alcohol go about Dec 2015. The PE only started in March 2016 so I thought the worst (as we always do), so I did the Fibroscan.

If you have one close-by and can afford it, DO THE Fibroscan! I was sure I already had full-blown cirrhosis, but the test showed a stiffness of 5.3 kPa which, I understand, is still within the normal range. But my CAP score is 299, which tells me I've got a very fatty liver. Luckily by then my ALT had gone down to ~60 and AST ~30. I've not had jaundice or darkish urine, mostly just the PE and RUQ pains. I'm also slightly distended on the lower right-hand side; the GP called it tympanites. Since I've had allergy issues for ages I have been on antihistamines for a long time now. If I have pruritis, I don't know about it.

Since Dec 2015 I've mostly been off the booze. But I have had slips. It's already been a year, but I find that these days, even a small slip can cause quite severe (okay, severe to me, probably not really THAT severe) symptoms. I'm curious if any of you also experienced some kind of hypersensitivity to alcohol now that you finally decided to stop drinking, but have a slip?

My last slip was 2 weeks ago. I had 2 G&T after someone made me very cross. Can you believe that anger can do this? Anyways...

There were no immediate symptoms. What I mean by that is, next day, no symptoms. It sort of develops over a week. By symptoms I mean RUQ pain and a blossoming of palmar erythema. Even my feet are hot! I suspect I also had my first little spider angioma. But it went away within a week? Could that be? Can they really appear and disappear so quickly? I think things are already slowly starting to get better, now that we're in the 2nd week. The pain is mostly gone but I had a day or two of pale stools. My guess is that will also improve during the next week or so. The PE is still quite pronounced; and the anxiety that it causes doesn't help much. darn; one year recovery already and I still slip up because of a silly act that made me cross: just listen to this nonsense. I was out with friends and they ALL KNOW I don't drink. So, as an act of 'kindness' they decide to bring me a 'shooter' of just orange juice. How nice! Only, they secretly put in lemon juice and salt. I drink this stuff and it tastes terrible and, instead of excusing myself right there and then, I, the total fool that I am, get so angry I decide F'EM ALL and go get myself a G&T. I had another one later. And there was me drinking this, knowing EXACTLY how cross I'd be with myself the next day and how much anxiety all this will generate.

And now it is two weeks later and guess what? I'm sitting here anxious as hell that my little slip sent me to hell in gone. Yeah; this constant anxiety is truly a *****. Aside from the pain I have these pulsating sensations every now and then. I might feel it in my gut, or even in a thigh or an elbow. A momentary pulsation, maybe a hot flash... and then normal again. Those were really intense the first week. Definitely better this week, although I can still feel 'em.

I'm going to make the assumption that I'm not the only person here who is in the recovery process and make mistakes; so I'm asking for those of you willing to admit you also had these: how long does it typically take for you to feel a bit better? Have any of you also noticed that, even though you've been mostly clean for at least a year, a small slip can now have quite a more noticeable cascade of symptoms that can last for up to two to three weeks even?

The fact that even a year later my reaction to even a little booze is quite a bit more hectic than it was a year ago when I was still actively drinking seems (to me) to be a contradiction. Can the liver get MORE sensitive to booze during recovery? And how should I think about myself: is a year-long mostly-sober recovery an example of 'early' recovery? People talk on the web of fatty livers healing within six months, so I thought at first that a year later and still RUQ pain must be very very bad. But then again I read on other pages that recovery could be slow and last years. That would imply I'm still in early recovery? If these things I experience are part of the package then I can at least console myself that I'm still fighting the good fight even when I do stumble.

I'm anyways trying my best to keep my mistakes to no more than one night of stupidity. So far it's worked. I've had a very good friend of mine die because of a week-long bender that ended up in alcoholic hepatitis from which he finally never recovered. And he was only 34! (That, in part was part of my slip two weeks ago, it was his birthday and I was already sad... no, this is not an attempt to get sympathy, I'm just saying...)

1 year in.
4 slips in total, honestly, never longer than a day and definitely less than a bottle wine in any of these.
A pronounced PE and a hypersensitive liver and general constitution.

Now I must just find a little more hope that things will be okay eventually, because these nagging anxious moments have had me get these stupid suicidal thoughts. You want to believe you're getting better but then you have a slip and things only get worse. This sequence of events stir up emotions of hopelessness because for the moment they just seem to confirm the worst. I am just going to say I'm proud of myself that I have not gone forth and drink more after a slip-up. It would be so easy to do that, hey? But I want to get better!

Chat soon & wishing you all the best.

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   Posted 4/10/2017 5:24 PM (GMT -6)   

Welcome to the Hepatitis Forum on Healing Well. If you have read our posts you know we are both patients and loved ones/caregivers working through the many types and issues of liver diseases. I am the latter, a loved one.

My partner almost died in 2010 of what I call the hat trick of liver disease: Hep C, Alcholic Chirosis, and Liver Cancer---Heptocellular Carcinoma. He was a drinking man, LOTS of G&Ts and LOTS of wine, all the time...oh and beer. It was a huge problem. And he got really really sick.

When he finally realized he was DONE, he got a referral to a Liver Transplant Center at Jackson Memorial in Miami FL and visited a hepatologist. Dr. Martin put his hand on Mike's knee and told him 3 months...tops...put his affairs in order. GASP. BUT...there was a back door. If if if, he could quit the booze, take some meds, go to AA (or a therapy program or rehab for 6 months), he could qualify for a transplant, though the chances of making it 6 months was iffy. Well, when they put it like that and you feel like shi*, you think about it. A lot.

So he did all that, quit, went to AA, took the meds, spent a lot of time in the hospital really sick and in May of 2011 got his nice new liver.

Now it is 2017...he is sober since September 2010...and has not looked back. Living is really important.

He has had some issues for sure, but the best thing he every did was to quit drinking.

We have a few members who have stories like fellow's wife pops in to share there story...he has had some lips and her perspective might be good. And a long time member pops in from time to time and here is a link to one of his posts: Or go to the search button on the blue bar above and type in his handle: A. Ziffle and read lots of his posts...he knows how it is to be down down down...and to pull himself up.

Good luck to you. A slip or two has not sent you back to square one, it has hit you in the head and reminded you is better to live on the dry side of the tracks.


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   Posted 4/10/2017 6:43 PM (GMT -6)   
welcome forcefire,
since you have quit drinking, aside from your few slips, your liver has improved. your alt is high normal, and could be the result of your few slips..your cap score shows some fatty liver, with a normal stiffness score. this can also cause an alt of 60. 60 is a normal value at my clinic(Kaiser).

I would continue to abstain fron the booze, and start a diet that is high protein and low carbs. I would ask my doc to check my A1C and lipid panel also..your URQ could be caused by your tympanites.. belly distension from gas and air. I don't know what PE is. could you mean HE. I don't know the severity of your fatty liver 2 years ago. but your liver enzymes were mild to moderate..

I had hep c, since 1968, and drank heavily till 1992. I have been 25 years sober now. I went from cirrhosis to a 4.5 kpa. normal. I was very lucky.

read the links that mamalama gave you. its a great story and perspective from a member that struggled with alcohol.

let us know how your doing
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