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   Posted 1/20/2008 5:28 AM (GMT -7)   
Background: I was born with no medical conditions what so ever. No family member of mine has an intolerance to food neither allergy besides hay fever in my mother.

Early May 2007 [where it all started].
I was not so much eating "healthy foods" occasionally eating takeaway maybe 3 times a week; I was a very energetic person who played soccer 3 times a week, ran their own business, managed another & lived a happy life.

A bug was going around that week "Gastro" they call it, anyway I like to stay up at night and do some work. Late night came where I went out with my mate around 02:00 AM bought a kebab came home and ate it. I can honestly say I have never felt anything like this in my life the feeling of abdominal cramping, nausea, fever (from cold to hot constantly for a 1 hour period), heart beating as though it was about to burst out of my body & diarrhea. I instantly went to the toilet and tried vomiting it out, I became almost crazy my mind changed from one state of mind to another within seconds – getting to a point of putting my hands in my throat to vomit (nothing was coming out) I don’t regularly vomit (probably 6 times in my whole life). I decided to let it go as something being non-serious; I went on a rehydration drink for 2 weeks and felt a little better. I then decided to try it out and eat another kebab, it was fine that night, and I ended up eating the entire kebab and was very glad that I was back to normal, but nope, I ended up feeling the symptoms again.

I then decided to go visit the doctor again and explain to them my situation, I was having problems digesting anything, everything that went into my stomach made me feel the following.
- Bloated
- Gassy
- Diarrhea
- Massive head spins/Headache
- Fever (stayed for 1 month) – This was the worst, I would fluctuate from cold to hot and just keep going on like that for an hour.
- Heartburn
- Constant bowel movements (stomach was gurgling like crazy)

I thought to myself that I was going to die, I didn't bother waking up my parents (they would have thought I was on drugs or been drinking)

Without doing an endoscopy on me or anything, he prescribed me with Nexium tablets (thinking what I had was an ulcer). This is the first set of Antibiotics I have taken in 20 years of my life. I stayed on these tablets for 2 weeks & also took Gaviscon 2 times a week (heavy liquid for the stomach lining).

After those 2 weeks & seeing no results I went back to my doctor and told him that I am still having the same problems, I then requested and endoscopy be done & he for filled the request. Endoscopy came back with my H.pylori meaning that there is no Ulcer in my stomach.

All this was after a bout of Gastro, plenty of my friends have had gastro before and it hasn’t affected them the same it did to me.

November 2007 Hydrogen Breathe Tests [HBT] / Blood Tests igG & more / Ultrasound
My doctor has now sent me to do Breathe Tests & Blood tests.
Blood tests signified that there was nothing wrong at all.
Ultrasound done & nothing present.
Sugar 0 15 30 45 60 75 90 105 120 135 150 165 180 time (minutes)
Lactulose 1 0 0 0 1 1 3 56 6 5 5 22 22 (ppm)
Fructose 1 6 5 1 1 0 20 24 24 (ppm)
Lactose 0 4 0 0 0 40 78 86 41 (ppm)

I was diagnosed as being “lactose and fructose” intolerant, as I walked out of the HBT test rooms I was disappointed, but more concerned. I went back to my doctor as he provided me with all the results, he told me that I will not have this forever as it’s just a temporary thing at the moment, I questioned this as I have done some extensive research on both the intolerances, but the facts are right here:

- I GAINED 2 INTOLERANCES AFTER GASTRO how is this possible?

I asked my Doctor... will this be a life thing or just temporary states that this "will go away" and is just a short term thing, he made it very satisfying to me comforting me twice about this not only once. - My doctor persisted I eat my normal foods as he believes I have been misdiagnosed.

January 2008 THE BIG GI MAN!
I was then referred to a GI, explained to him my story – I was then appointed to do an endoscopy (biopsy of the small tissue aswell) in January 2008 (I was very glad about this). Heres what he found..
- “Inflammation of the bowel”
- “infectious enteritis”
- “Swollen Esophagus”
He turned around to me at our next meeting and goes “it’s exactly as I expected, there’s a bacterial infections present in the stomach”… Now I am thinking that this is SIBO or some other type of bacteria (Candida).

I was placed on these antibiotics which are HUGE! For 2 weeks called “Amoxycillin” – I had trouble swallowing them so I crunched them up and put them in my food and ate it (it tasted like ######). Anyway this did absolutely nothing.

I then turned around to him and asked him the same question I asked my doctor is this something for life or will be return back to my normal self again. He turns to me and goes “no my son, you will return to the way you were before this infection took over”…. Boy I was glad to hear these words.

This is where I am upto now, January the 20th 2008 sitting in front of my computer, how do I feel now? I am so glad you asked… In terms of bowel movement (a lot better) the fever has gone THANK GOD!

Here’s how I feel & what has happened to this date.
- I am bloated after everything & anything I eat.
- Headache constantly (all day)
- Sleep and wake up really unrefreshed
- Brain fogged up.
- Brain freeze and I forget what I was doing.
- No energy at all
- Feel fragile & week
- Vision blurry
- Mood swings (anger)
- Trouble swallowing & eating
- Always tired
- memory loss
- Depressed
- Bleeding Ear
- Loss of weight (15 kilos)
- Depression
- Anxiety

NOTE: The smell of Marijuana a joint makes me feel very sick & smells tick me off really badly. I have had itchy balls & a lot of my pubes falling out (laugh if you want, I even found it funny).

 I love life & love everything about it, but with this on my shoulder it’s ruined EVERY aspect of my life. For those people who say “live with it, you can beat it – no one wants to live a life like this, if you do your just causing pain & misery to yourself, I plan to have a family when I am older and do a lot more then what I have accomplished already, and this may be a stepping stone or a wall, yet to see.

The reason why I posted here is to see if anyone could provide me with their experience (or if anyone has gone through the same thing) – I am desperate to become the person I once was.

Kind Regards,
Deadman Walking

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I edited your post. If you are feeling the urge to harm yourself, please call:

National Suicide Hotline
1-800-SUICIDE (1-800-784-2433)
This is a combined network of the Amerian Association of Suicidology, the National Hopeline Network, CONTACT USA, and many other organizations. Call are automatically routed to the nearest crisis center to the phone from which the call for help is placed.

Helpful Web Sites:
Suicide Hotlines (listed by state) (includes Suicide Crisis Center and Depression and Suicide)

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I would guess that many of your symptoms are the result of feeling so miserable for so long, like the depression. fatigue, even headaches. When you look at your symptoms I think you will see that most can be attributed to emotional health which is probably from concern that this is a forever condition. Have you talked to the Dr. about these feelings? Perhaps a light anxiety med will help with some so you can concentrate on the physical part of your problem. Things can get really confused when so many things are involved. I jsut went thru this with a friend of mine. Almost the exact same thing as hers came out of the blue also but the antibiotics messed her up further and then the emotional part took over and it went downhill from there. Finally after about 2 months she is back on track as the intestinal problems started to subside. You mentioned Nexium and then antibiotics. Nexium is not an antibiotic so you have really only been on one. Amoxicillan which frankly is not really that strong. It is basically penicillan. Apparantly you had a severe reaction to some spice or something in the kabobs and that screwed up your stomach and it may take a long time to recover but your Doctor thinks it will. Since this came on so fast it had to be from the kabobs and probably from some spice or maybe even something they are using to clean with. Have you by any chance talked to the owner of the Kabob place and asked what spices they use. It sounds to me like something was just plain poison to your system and maybe you can narrow it down. In the meantime try to keep the gas under control with Mylanta or other gas meds as that will help the inflammation. Good luck and let us know. This to shall pass.

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I had similar symptoms to start back in October and it's been a few mo's for me of ups and downs (mostly ups though) with no H.Pylori or ulcers or other official cause found.

I've read that Nexium and other antacids / PPI's can cause some of the dizziness/brainfog/etc conditions. I definitely had bad side effects like yours and had to stop taking Protonix and it took 2days before my brain felt 'normal' again, but I still needed something for the stomach issues, so see if you can try something milder OR a natural alternative.   Don't just stop the med's without talking to your doctor though, you need to give the stomach inflamation a chance to recover so you should be taking something.  [I had good luck with Pepcid AC, but it may not be right for you].
Some other things that I found can be helpful are DGL Licorice chewable capsules (taste awful but coat the stomach and intestines and studies have shown as effective as antacids); Mastic gum (promotes stomach lining mucosa, but very little research); Ginger capsules (can help with nausea) and a few others that I have not tried. Generally they are safe to take with meds, but, check with Doc if you aren't sure.  The following website gives a good scientific explanation of the various natural/herbal items, might help you avoid some of the more controversial / untested options:

Compounding problems, while on antacids (nexium) and/or your stomach is sick you could be having trouble with nutrients absorbtion making side effects and other problems worse, maybe ask doc about vitamin suppliments or anything else you can do to help out.  In general, if you want to help yourself get well faster please cut out all bad foods (processed/fast, fatty, anything with 'sugar added'. etc). You don't need any of those things and while they may not be a problem, cutting them out can help your body get back to health faster. 
I had good luck after eating whole-grain brown Rice & Broccoli (actually made me feel better, not just something to eat) and other bland foods. I bought some sliced apples that I'd eat along with lots of fruits and vege's. I normally didn't eat those things but I had to make some changes. You may find certain foods trigger symptoms, so you have to start eliminating most things and introducing foods back slowly.  If you aren't sure where to start, look up Gallbladder diet (which even if it isn't your problem, the diet is good for liver function which may help your body get rid of the bad stuff quicker) and/or research gluten-free diets (which are just healthy in general).  Drink proper amounts of water (no other beverages needed, etc). 
You said said...
- I GAINED 2 INTOLERANCES AFTER GASTRO how is this possible?
After a bad virus / gastro problem, it is known that the healthy bacteria that live in your stomach / intestines can be drastically reduced.  These bacteria were helpful in aiding digestion, and one possible side effect of them being gone is intolerance to lactose (not sure if the same applies to fructose).  Over time many people will find they can resume eating those foods but it can be a while.  You can help build back up your system by cutting out those trigger foods and slowly (when you feel a bit better) introduce probiotics / good bacteria to restore your system.  One thing I have been forcing myself to eat is non-fat plain yogurt (I get the organic variety).  Yogurt helps restore digestion by replenishing those 'good' bacteria in your digestive tract.  Not sure about other foods/pills.  As for yogurt, the plain stuff tastes just awful, but, I didn't want the 'suger added' variety because the sugar might cancel out the positive effects.   Dairy has another issue with stomach acid in that it reduces the acid at first but then later your stomach creates more acid to compensate, so, you might feel better shortly and then feel a lot worse later. 
Just remember that the doctors say you'll feel better so I'm sure you'll notice an improvement soon, just try and take things day by day and pay close attention to what you are eating.  Best wishes!
TIP:  For the rice / broccoli meals I did the following:  Buy the brown rice bags that come in a box (4 bags usually), you just boil some water, drop it in, and 10minutes later it's done.  I also picked up prewashed broccoli from the store ready to cook in a bag.  I don't eat the whole bag of broccoli, so I cooked just a portion of the bag (in the microwave for about 2mins w/ a little water added for steam).  When it was done, I'd combine the rice and broccoli and add a little Olive Oil and salt (no butter/dairy fats).  Note that if you save the rice (put a ziplock back around the bag it cooked in ) in the fridge, you can reheat it again in a bowl with more broccoli the next time,just add a little water and cook for 2minutes again, they heat together the second time so it's quick and cost effective.
Some days later, when my stomach felt a bit better, I'd also add some pre-cooked chicken to the meal for protein (perdue and tyson sell strips in the meat or deli section).   Still not a great tasting dish but did wonders for my stomach.  YMMV. 
Disclaimer:  I'm not a doctor NOR am I a health food expert, so do your own research and talk to your doctor(s) before doing anything new. 

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I just posted an article on a new study that is looking to connect the dots between people who have had food poisioning in the past and who have odd, seemingly unrelated problems afterwards.

Have you ever considered that the kebab you ate might have been contaminated and that it wasn't a stomach bug you picked up, but food poisioning?

IF you did indeed have a bacteria problem in your colon (the fever would seem to indicate some sort of infection), then those are VERY hard to get rid of. Amoxicillin is a relative of penicillin and, therefore, I don't think it's too strong. Most people who are diagnosed with a bacterial overgrowth/infection are put on VERY strong antibiotics. Like I said, it's hard to get rid of that stuff, and more than one round of antibiotics is not uncommon.

You can also try probitotics. In any case, the antibiotics have killed off a lot of your good bacteria, and a lack of good bacteria looks a lot like an over abundance of bad bacteria. Try some probiotics and get back in to see the GI. Besides bacteria, an auto-immune disorder can cause fevers and inflammation of the colon and they need to make sure you don't have that problem. I think it's pretty rare when you don't have a family history of bowel problems of any kind, HOWEVER, a family history of any type of auto-immune disorder, like Grave's disease, Lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia, etc. increases your risk of developing an auto-immune disorder of the bowels.

Have you actually tried going off sugars? There is evidence that bad bacteria thrive on sugar, and so going off of it may help kill them off. If you get better for a while, then try them again and get bad again, then you may suspect that your test for intolerance to sugar was accurate. No one knows what triggers allergies, but they can pop up out of the blue.
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