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   Posted 2/15/2008 5:35 PM (GMT -7)   
I am 20yrs old. my mom has chrons but i had a colonoscopy and the doc said i dont have anything like that..i just had two fissures..he gave me a cream to help them. they didnt work..this all started about 6 months ago. so the beginning of january i got surgery because my fissures got way worse..the nitroglycern didnt help. its over a month later..after using kristolose, colace (5 a day), metamusol and fiber bars daily!!!. its hard to explain. the bleeding used to just pour but now theres either none or just a little bit. its the pain! my stool is soo hard and dry that it gets stuck..i go like 7 days without going..not that i cant go..cuz i can, but between the pain that scares the heck out of me and gives me panic attacks and the stool being so big and hard i cant go. so four days out of the week im not able to stand because the pressure in my rectal area is like giving birth again!! my stomach obviously bloats. i eat soups and fiber filled foods..PLENTY of liquids and water. i will feel like i bruised a rib after i go to the bathroom..ive used enemas for the last 2 weeks now to ive used them about 3 times. they KILL me. this pain has me scared to death to go to the bathroom. i just cry everytime i have to go. i know relaxing is the key. i have muscle relaxers but the side effect is constipation so i stopped taking them. the pain after i go last a few hours. my doc says it might be chronic constipation. i wouldnt dount it. she gave me amitiza..i havent taken it yet...i dont want to take it til i go to the bathroom. i know i need to go to the bathroom....the stool is like RIGHT THERE. but its so big and painful and hard. this is so emabarassing. i need some type of help. ANYONE?!!

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   Posted 2/15/2008 6:12 PM (GMT -7)   
I have little experience with this but my husband has has very painful hemmeroids in the past. His doctor recommends using a sitz bath (along with advice such as you've been given). A sitz bath is a plastic insert for your toilet, you can buy them at your local pharmacy. You fill it with warm to hot water, adding either baking soda or Aveeno (for irritated skin or chicken pox, the box with packets), or nothing. Just plain water would work too. Mine had an attached bag and hose, and you could keep adding more warm water as you sit in it, but it broke. I just fill mine with 4 large plastic cups of water and soak. It feels so good. I use mine once or twice a week since I have the opposite problem - D. Have clean clothes nearby and be prepared to need to use the bathroom after a soak. This may relax you and the water is very soothing. Also sitting in that position seems to open up the rectal area, so the water can get in this area (unlike a regular bath in the bathtub).

Also, you can wash your hands very well and do a digital exam on yourself, I know it sounds extremely gross but I have done this. It's impossible to dislodge the stool but it can inch it along. Sorry for that nasty suggestion but you sound desperate and probably not opposed to this. Careful if you have long fingernails. And then of course wash your hands thoroughly afterwards. You could also put on a pair of plastic disposable gloves.

I hope you find relief ASAP.


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   Posted 2/16/2008 12:43 AM (GMT -7)   
When I had the most severe anal pain (due to my crohns, specifically my perianal crohns skin tags) I used to have to fill the tub with water to poop in it, it's gross I know, but that's what being in desperate pain can lead helped for sure.

I hope you find relief very soon and that you don't end up like your mom with IBD (crohns or UC).

My bum is broken....there's a big crack down the middle of it!  LOL  :)

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   Posted 2/16/2008 1:19 AM (GMT -7)   
I'm sorry you're in so much pain. Can I ask why you haven't started the Amitiza? I've heard some very good things about this medication for use in chronic constipation. If you are in that much agony it sounds like you need more help from your doctor. You shouldn't cry every time you go to the bathroom! The stool softeners haven't helped? It sounds like you've tried a bunch...I don't have any experience with constipation but it sounds miserable. I would definitely listen to some of the sage advice you've been given and try some sitz baths and maybe try a new stool softener, but definitely go see your doc again (it's a GI, right?). Good luck and keep us posted.
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   Posted 2/16/2008 8:37 AM (GMT -7)   
well ive been through two GI was a surgeon. this morning is my first time taking the amitiza. so im waiting for something to happen now. this problem is breaking me down emotionally and physically. ive lost 25lbs since this all started...and im 5'8 and my normal weight is 145lbs. so i have no energy because im too scared to go to the bathroom i dont eat anymore. its making me on edge and irritable. i hope this pill does something for me. id rather die than go through this anymore. im miserable...and the going in the bath tub sounds nice lol thank you guys for replying! =)

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   Posted 2/16/2008 11:55 AM (GMT -7)   
I don't have this problem but do remember a friend of mine was told some years ago that good old fashioned liquorice can work wonders for a constipation problem.

It is entirely natural and can have a soothing effect on the whole digestive tract apparently. If you like the taste (I love it!) you could give it a try.

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   Posted 2/17/2008 7:22 AM (GMT -7)   
the amitiza works GREAT!!! it did cramp my stomach a little but not too much...and it was probably because of the fact i hadnt gone to the bathroom in 7 days. but it worked GREAT! using it everyday im sure will be my lifesaver! yay!!! hopefully it keeps working for me!..i also took a bath before i went to relax me. thank you everyone! :)

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   Posted 2/20/2008 1:55 AM (GMT -7)   
I'm really, really glad you tried the Amitiza and it is working. That is great news. Keep us updated!
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   Posted 2/24/2008 4:33 PM (GMT -7)   
I just want to say how much I felt for a_taurus11...gosh, what an awful time you have had!! Digestive disorders are so awful and only when you've suffered with them for such a long time, can you relate to such stories. It was so great to read that your Amitiza has helped you and I truly hope it continues and you never have to suffer in the same way again.

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   Posted 2/25/2008 7:21 AM (GMT -7)   
hey the amitiza worked a couple im taking it twice a day and im going back to my same problem. i honestly dont think ill ever be fixed. this whole thing really takes a toll on your personal life.

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   Posted 11/15/2008 8:40 PM (GMT -7)   
I am new to this forum, but would like to say that I can relate to a_taurus! I actually was just searching the web for advice on SEVERE rectal pain! I have 3 kids (twin girls and a boy) so I now all about hemorrhoids (especially after having the girls!) But 2 years ago, it got so bad that I needed to get a colonoscopy. I'm now 31yrs old. Well, the doc opted for surgery, but I was told horror stories about it and never ended up getting it done. I am now typing this message while sitting on a pillow with a bag of ice on it (if you all know what I mean!!) I find it to be such an embarrassing topic. I am completely mortified to even think of going to the doctor again! The worst part is, I work all day everyday and by the time I get out of work, the doctors office is closed. So my only other option is the ER. I don't want to take the kids with me (my God... it's embarrassing enough without the kids asking questions!) but my husband is deployed and I have no other choice! Please someone give me advice! It hurts so bad it brings tears to my eyes, and every few minutes it actually send a sharp shooting pain that makes me jump!

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   Posted 11/15/2008 9:38 PM (GMT -7)   
Hello, Thank you for your husband providing servcie to us. If you ahev a job,... you may have health insurance and you can take two to three hours OFF sick go see doctr.. or make up time some other time....your friend, relative or neighbor can keep ypur kids...

As fara s your may not be colon related...may be inflamation of tissues...if you have local
radiao stations..many AM stations have talk show on health...and herbal medicine..

OR you cna go online.. www.dukeand or call them 800 - 429 - 7295

Dr Bob Marshall ..800 - 370 - 3447

Dr Whitaker..... and Cooper wellness center

Check on internet..find phone numbers and talk to all four..

Expalin the problem and listen and tell them that your husband is in servcie ...

They may give discount ......

Good Luck...

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   Posted 11/17/2008 3:01 AM (GMT -7)   
Marsky im with you on the DIY exam. sometimes when things were so bad i would do that, and sometimes thank god, it would be like taking out a little plug and some more would follow withouth help. lol i thought i was the only one who done that ha ha ha

extreme constipation from birth
fainting spells aged 15, then diagnosed I.B.S
anal fissures, haemorrhoids internal and external
mucous and bleeding
sigmoidoscopies, endoscpies, scans, x-rays, bloods
h-pylori aged 24-26
more tests, diagnosed severe slow transit, marker tests took 3-4 weeks to come away
large colon removed in 2007, aged 27( surgeon said removed 10ft) no colostomy
still in severe pain, awaiting dietician appt, now lots of food intoleraces
 so much better. now concentraing of food intolerances, odd bad day
meds- ibuprofen, fluoxetine, amitriptyline,and omeprazole 
now med free!!!
LOCATION- North east of scotland

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   Posted 11/17/2008 6:48 AM (GMT -7)   

The following is a response I sent to another post, for someone suffering severe hemohoidal pain from diarhea. Som of the suggestions my help.


Your hemorhoids sound miserable. I can relate, but probably not as regularly as yours sound. The flair ups I experience come in two forms; after being irritated by a BM, or just prior to a BM (they seem tied to the nerves that trigger elimination, just a defective version of the function). Based on that, your diahrea would increase the number of flair-ups, and with little opportunity for healing your pain is constant.

Because of my constipation I gain the benefit of having a few days for healing should I need it (good for the hemorhoids, bad for my colon), when I do have a BM I alway lubricate to minimize irritation. For flair-up from straining or a slow coming BM I use a series of home remedies.

If you can catch a break from the diarhea (without creating constipation) that could buy you some healing time. Using a salve prior to a BM could help protect the surface from the acid burn of the diarhea. I would suggest a salve over a cream for better potection.

Hemorhoids are an inflammation, that, in part, equals heat and of course swelling, so anything that cools and minimized the swelling can provide relief.

Like an inflammation from an injury, when possible, I raise it (I am not shy about slumping over a bed or couch with my butt in the air, at the very least lie on your stomach rather than sit, and no seat-donuts they can actually increase the swelling). If I have to work I stand at my desk rather than sit (tell people your back is bothering you). I will apply a salve (hydrocortisone is an obvious choice, I also use some other cooling type salves). For fast acting relief I will apply an ice pack (easiest if applied with your butt up, but I have a few I use for when the flair up happens at bed time. Or step in the shower and run as cold water as you can bear at the target; it cleans and cools.

Cool air is very helpful, so loose clothes (or no clothes, if an option, especially warm summer nights). I sleep with a small pillow between my knees to minimize the heat from my thighs adding to the problem). Sit on chairs that breath (mesh seating is way better than the cushiony leather or vinyl seats).

This all sounds intense, but really you find a few thing that work for you or you rotate the remedies as the need presents itself. I am an experimentor by nature so I'll try anything once, and I now have a grab bag of options. Now I am getting serious about getting rid of them altogether.

I really think one of the first areas you should focus on is diminishing your diarhea. Again with caution toward avoiding constipation, try food that would decrease the acid by limiting acidic food, eat cooling food such as raw vegies, cool drinks, dairy products would probably be helpful, you can probably do well with beans (odd as it may seem). All of these of just ideas, don't take them verbatum. Check out the cookbook I suggested for some direction, and seek professional assistance if possible.

My wife is acidic, I am alkaline. She is working to cut down her acid, I take hydrochloric acid pills. She can eat almost anything and it moves pretty easily through her (sometimes like you, too easily) I have difficulty digesting a variety of things so things get stuck. So keep looking to find out where you fit.

Good luck! I'll be watching for updates.

An additional note I would add for those holding off on any type of surgery would be; resolving the cause of your hemorhoids first (if an option) will minimize problems after the surgery. I  began to seriously consider surgery about two years ago (after having hemerhoids for almost 3 decades). I chose to focus first on my constipation which is the primary cause of my (too much straining). I would be fearfull of ruining the benefits of surgery by straining from continued constipation.

I have learned so much in two years, I think I'll start my life over now (oh if that were only an option). I have decreased the occurance and severity of my hemorhoids (although my rectal prolapse is another issue) and I have improved my overall digestive process, slowly diminishing my constipation. With guidance from my natural care doctor I have increased the amount of oils I eat (mostly sesame seed oil, also flax, cod liver D, and olive oil) to 6-10 tablespoons per day (in meals). After several months I have only felt improvement, and my stools, even when firm, pass with much more ease (this is not necessarily recommended for anyone with diarhea issues). Fiber, as we know, is important, but for certain body types like mine, it can be hell. After healing my IBS I have been able to reintroduce some fibers with little to no gas and cramping (ground flax, apple pectin, some psylium - but cautiously). A oils/fiber/water combination is key componants to a naturally healthy stool (dry fiberous stools are like sand paper on the intestinal walls). It is a key part but not a cure in and of itself, but I can't write a book here (if you've caught any of my other posts, you might contest that...yeah, I get a little wordy).

Hope this helps someone out there. I see three other similar posts today, so I think I'll copy it there as well. So, sorry for being repetitive.

Good health to all!

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