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   Posted 9/11/2008 5:17 PM (GMT -7)   
Some of you may have noticed a lack of gall bladder discussion the last couple of weeks.  I got laid off from work 8/22 and have been busy trying to establish myself at home.  That, and I've been working on starting a business.  Right now I'm making wedding jewelry and some knitted items, but I hope to add church vestments, religious jewelry and regular jewelry in the future.  My biggest hinderance in making church vestments (and maybe a wedding dress or two) is that I don't have enough room at home to sew on that kind of scale.  I have room in the upstairs of our barn-garage, but it needs to be finished out since it's not sealed and the glass is out of window.  My dad can help us build it out (he is also a licensed electrician now, so he can wire the upstairs too), but I'm going to have to put the money together for supplies first.  Even assuming I can get almost everything I need at the Habitat for Humanity ReStore (check out Habitat's website for locations; it's like a thrift store for building materials), I still figure I might need upwards of $1,000.  That price has to include a space heater and a window A/C unit too. 
Anyways, I'm plugging along with the jewelry on the kitchen table.  I just put 5 things up for sale last night on Etsy and I sold two and have an inquiry about a third!  In one day!  I'm very excited.  I've always loved making things and maybe now is my chance.  I was already planning on going into business for myself because rumor had it at work that our office was going to be moving to a more remote section of town, which would have made my commute too long anyways.  But then I got laid off instead.  So the business thing has started a few months earlier than I was anticipating, but I kind of took it as a sign, you know?  A friend of my parents' had found a piece of land where we were thinking of moving too and we were scheduled to go look at it, although I was having second thoughts about buying land.  I knew if we bought the land, we couldn't live on just my husband's income and if I lost my job, I would have to work at least part-time somewhere to have a guaranteed income.  Well, the day we were going to go look at it was the day I got laid off.  I wanted a sign about whether we should go forward with land or I should go forward with my business and I feel like I got it.  We canceled our trip to go look at it.  I'm hoping that these fast sales is also a sign that I'm going to do good in business!  I'd like to be so successful one day that I can turn my website, photographing and bookkeeping over to my husband and contract out a re-enactor friend to do a lot of the sewing and I can make jewelry to my heart's content.  That's what I would like best of all! 
The benefits of working at home have already paid off.  Apparently Stuart and I got some sort of stomach bug yesterday.  He was complaining of D when he got home, but thought it was from eating too much spicy stuff lately.  But then I got up in the middle of the night with terrible, terrible sharp gas pains.  This was a very different kind of pain than what I had when I had gall bladder attacks, and different from pains I get when my guts are all messed up.  I have newfound sympathy for people who bloat and swell up with gas regularly; I could feel my belly swelling out and getting harder as the pain increased.  What's worse, I couldn't pass gas.  I finally had a bowel movement, then had watery D several times.  I tried laying down on the couch, but the pain started building again and I had to go back and have some more watery D.  After that bout, though, I was finally able to lay down on the couch and stay down.  I was so tired I fell asleep on the couch and didn't get up until Stuart was leaving for work.  I was able to go to bed and get a few more hours of sleep.  My guts were still touchy this morning--I didn't even eat anything until 1pm, but had watery D again before then (I hardly ever have gut problems before I eat)--but because I am working from home now I can work on the computer or make jewelry and get up and go potty for however long I need to without any worries.  If I had still been at the office, I would have had to have taken the day off.  But I got a lot of work done at home despite my gut problems.  So I can actually do more from home! 
Speaking of food, it's suppertime.  I'm hungry from not eating much today and I think I'm more or less straightened out now.  Time to go cook something. 

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   Posted 9/12/2008 10:45 PM (GMT -7)   
Welcome back! I think that is just great you can work at home and have found a clever and excellent way to generate income. I wish I were so talented! I recall when I was ready to return to work, having not been employed outside the home prior to 1987, when the first of my two children were born, I wanted to find legitimate at-home work. Most job ads you see in the newspaper are scams. So began my search anyway....someone suggested medical transcription, which is legit but you have to be trained for this. I would have had to pay $ to be trained, then hope to find that perfect job to do here at home and not in a doctor's office. Same with medical billing. You first have to find that doctor's office job then ask if you work at home. Each case is individual. Lots of travel time too (picking up tapes from different medical offices).....

When it came down to it I just looked for work outside the home. I wanted to be a part time teachers aide but these jobs were always filled. Another friend suggested working in the school cafeterias because of the schedule mainly. And hours - mid-day, how perfect for my situation. So now I work 3.5 hours a day, and the hours truly are perfect. I start at 9 but get up by 6 (to eat and have time in the bathroom). And I work around food (my enemy at times!), of all's not easy work though, it's very fast paced. But it takes my mind off my troubles and somehow, amazingly my gut has cooperated for this job (over 2.5 years now)......

But I still say working at home is the perfect job for people with IBS, Chron's, Colitis, etc. To have the use of your own bathroom, well that just says it all to me.....

Happy you could work all of this out Keriamon! Hoping you are feeling better by the time you read my reply.


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   Posted 9/16/2008 5:40 PM (GMT -7)   
How interesting, Marsky. My grandmother worked in a high school cafeteria after my grandfather died. I don't know if she needed the money or if it was just something to do. After she retired (she also worked as a cashier at a local restaurant for a few years), she and her neighbor across the street got into the fledgling craft show business. So that's how I come by my ability to make stuff; I spent weekends for 10 years with Nanny and Patsy selling stuff, and when we weren't selling stuff, we were making stuff. I could calulcate costs and profit margin by the time I was 12.

We have a little apple tree in our yard that just put out apples for the first time this year and they are quite tasty; I had one this morning. about an hour later I had bile D. :-( Can't even eat my own apples. I suppose I can't eat the pears either; I've had a couple of bites of those checking to see if they're ripe yet; they should be ripe now. I guess the horse will get to eat them both this winter, unless I get motivated to try and make apple or pear sauce out of them.
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