severe rectal pain!!!!

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   Posted 11/15/2008 9:01 PM (GMT -7)   
I am new to this forum and was just searching the web for advice on SEVERE rectal pain and saw a post that was similar to what I was looking for, so I figured I would send a new post and hope someone has advice for me...I am 31 yrs old and have 3 kids (twin girls and a boy) so I know all about hemorrhoids (especially after having the girls!) but 2 years ago, the hemorrhoids got so bad that I needed to have a colonoscopy done. Well, the doc opted for surgery, but I was told horror stories about it and never ended up getting it done. I am now typing this message while sitting on a pillow with a bag of ice on it (if you all know what I mean!!) I find it to be such an embarrassing topic. I am completely mortified to even think of going to the doctor again! The worst part is, I work all day everyday and by the time I get out of work, the doctors office is closed. So my only other option is the ER. I don't want to take the kids with me (my God... it's embarrassing enough without the kids asking questions!) but my husband is deployed and I have no other choice! Please someone give me advice! It hurts so bad it brings tears to my eyes, and every few minutes it actually send a sharp shooting pain that makes me jump!

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   Posted Yesterday 12:46 AM (GMT -7)   
Why not go for the surgery then? It may help put you out of your point in suffering if you don't have to...have you tried RX anal meds for your hemmies?

My bum is broken....there's a big crack down the middle of it! LOL :)

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   Posted Yesterday 5:14 AM (GMT -7)   
First of all I want to say I am so sorry you are in so much pain. I too have had bad hemmi's from crohns disease now dx with vasculitis. When at my worst ( going 40 x's a day w/ D) I have had your kind of pain lifting my bum off the potty from the burning so bad. I have had tears pouring down my face while I shake uncontrollably. I couldn't imagine that on a daily or weekly basis. My step dad and my kids' God Mother both had hemi surgery. It's not fun, but sweetie, you need it. They induced her 2 wks early cuz her hemi's were bursting and bleeding and hanging out so bad. There is no need for you so suffer any longer. I take it your hubby is in the military? I am always the one to watch my friends kids. Can you go to a fellow wife of a deployed young man and ask for help. Maybe two can split the kids? You need this surgery. You will feel so much better in the long run. Also, your boss should understand and let you off for a surgical consult early while the kids are still in daycare? Since it was already decided, maybe you can just have a quick consult and then your surgery? I'm sure the surgery couldn't be much worse than what you are going through right now? They will give you pain meds. You will be ok. Soooo much better. :) I wish you well, you will be in my prayers. Keep me updated ok. Tammi
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   Posted Yesterday 6:55 PM (GMT -7)   
Please, Melanie, stop thinking about being embarrassed. It is best to take care of this when you can make plans rather than going to ER and ending up in the hospital with no plans. You really have no choice as you are putting yourself and your children at risk should something worse happen when you are alone with them at home. There are clinics in most places that have later hours. Call the hospital and ask if there is a place that you can go after hours for an exam. After having 3 kids I don't know why you find this embarrassing. Your parts have already been seen and they are like everyone else's, even the doctor. Afraid you are going to have to suck it up and get it done for your family's sake if not your own. You can get a half day off. If necessary call in sick. you will be a better employee when this is taken care of.

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   Posted Today 2:54 AM (GMT -7)   
i am sure that hemmies are from hell!!!!! i too have twins. 4 kids so far, all boys and the hemmies with the twins were soooooo bad. My hemmies have got worse since total colectomy, i had to go to the er, they were so big and so sore. i cried even before the doc checked them. but you can get analgesic cream or ointment, not the same as suppositories etc.... these can help numb the pain, the cream or ointment can go just inside as well as out. The shooting pain i still get even without the hemmies. i am now pregnant again and terrified of those things. i have had hemmies since a small child and no one actually tells how bad and debilitating they are. i was once offered the hemmie op and said straight away no thanks, but my friend had it done she is doing well, the op wasnt as bad as it used to be. they can do the op lots of ways now, and i think maybe you should relent and agree. i have permanent hemmies and have done so since small, but i have had enough ops for a lifetime, but when they get itchy i also use petroleum jelly, everything else now burns me and find that PJ is soothing and helps lubricate the area. hope it all goes well for you xxx

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more tests, diagnosed severe slow transit, marker tests took 3-4 weeks to come away
large colon removed in 2007, aged 27( surgeon said removed 10ft) no colostomy
still in severe pain, awaiting dietician appt, now lots of food intoleraces
 so much better. now concentraing of food intolerances, odd bad day
meds- ibuprofen, fluoxetine, amitriptyline,and omeprazole 
now med free!!!
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   Posted Today 6:49 AM (GMT -7)   
The following is a response I sent to another post, for someone suffering severe hemohoidal pain from diarhea. Som of the suggestions my help.

Your hemorhoids sound miserable. I can relate, but probably not as regularly as yours sound. The flair ups I experience come in two forms; after being irritated by a BM, or just prior to a BM (they seem tied to the nerves that trigger elimination, just a defective version of the function). Based on that, your diahrea would increase the number of flair-ups, and with little opportunity for healing your pain is constant.

Because of my constipation I gain the benefit of having a few days for healing should I need it (good for the hemorhoids, bad for my colon), when I do have a BM I alway lubricate to minimize irritation. For flair-up from straining or a slow coming BM I use a series of home remedies.

If you can catch a break from the diarhea (without creating constipation) that could buy you some healing time. Using a salve prior to a BM could help protect the surface from the acid burn of the diarhea. I would suggest a salve over a cream for better potection.

Hemorhoids are an inflammation, that, in part, equals heat and of course swelling, so anything that cools and minimized the swelling can provide relief.

Like an inflammation from an injury, when possible, I raise it (I am not shy about slumping over a bed or couch with my butt in the air, at the very least lie on your stomach rather than sit, and no seat-donuts they can actually increase the swelling). If I have to work I stand at my desk rather than sit (tell people your back is bothering you). I will apply a salve (hydrocortisone is an obvious choice, I also use some other cooling type salves). For fast acting relief I will apply an ice pack (easiest if applied with your butt up, but I have a few I use for when the flair up happens at bed time. Or step in the shower and run as cold water as you can bear at the target; it cleans and cools.

Cool air is very helpful, so loose clothes (or no clothes, if an option, especially warm summer nights). I sleep with a small pillow between my knees to minimize the heat from my thighs adding to the problem). Sit on chairs that breath (mesh seating is way better than the cushiony leather or vinyl seats).

This all sounds intense, but really you find a few thing that work for you or you rotate the remedies as the need presents itself. I am an experimentor by nature so I'll try anything once, and I now have a grab bag of options. Now I am getting serious about getting rid of them altogether.

I really think one of the first areas you should focus on is diminishing your diarhea. Again with caution toward avoiding constipation, try food that would decrease the acid by limiting acidic food, eat cooling food such as raw vegies, cool drinks, dairy products would probably be helpful, you can probably do well with beans (odd as it may seem). All of these of just ideas, don't take them verbatum. Check out the cookbook I suggested for some direction, and seek professional assistance if possible.

My wife is acidic, I am alkaline. She is working to cut down her acid, I take hydrochloric acid pills. She can eat almost anything and it moves pretty easily through her (sometimes like you, too easily) I have difficulty digesting a variety of things so things get stuck. So keep looking to find out where you fit.

Good luck! I'll be watching for updates.

An additional note I would add for those holding off on any type of surgery would be; resolving the cause of your hemorhoids first (if an option) will minimize problems after the surgery. I began to seriously consider surgery about two years ago (after having hemerhoids for almost 3 decades). I chose to focus first on my constipation which is the primary cause of my (too much straining). I would be fearfull of ruining the benefits of surgery by straining from continued constipation.

I have learned so much in two years, I think I'll start my life over now (oh if that were only an option). I have decreased the occurance and severity of my hemorhoids (although my rectal prolapse is another issue) and I have improved my overall digestive process, slowly diminishing my constipation. With guidance from my natural care doctor I have increased the amount of oils I eat (mostly sesame seed oil, also flax, cod liver D, and olive oil) to 6-10 tablespoons per day (in meals). After several months I have only felt improvement, and my stools, even when firm, pass with much more ease (this is not necessarily recommended for anyone with diarhea issues). Fiber, as we know, is important, but for certain body types like mine, it can be hell. After healing my IBS I have been able to reintroduce some fibers with little to no gas and cramping (ground flax, apple pectin, some psylium - but cautiously). A oils/fiber/water combination is key componants to a naturally healthy stool (dry fiberous stools are like sand paper on the intestinal walls). It is a key part but not a cure in and of itself, but I can't write a book here (if you've caught any of my other posts, you might contest that...yeah, I get a little wordy).

Hope this helps someone out there. I see three other similar posts today, so I think I'll copy it there as well. So, sorry for being repetitive.

Good health to all!

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   Posted 4/6/2009 11:46 AM (GMT -7)   
I will just share how I've dealt with IBS rectal pain (almost throughout the day), I hope it helps you. For the intestinal spasms, I take Peppermint Oil capsules 1-2/day. To repair my gut and to control all the gurgling, I take acidophilus in the form of Enzymatic Therapy Pearls anywhere from 1-3 per day depending if I splurged on sweets (a no no for this condition). A homeopathic remedy called Iris Versicolor also helps to rebuild the intestinal walls (4-6 pellets/4-6 hours). When menstruating, the pain gets worse, unless that delicate balance is reached.

I avoid foods that cause inflammation (look up on the web), otherwise I'm in trouble. Look up soluble fiber foods and read Peter D'Adamo's book on Blood Type Diets, he'll tell you what foods are most healing for your particular blood type. I'd still minimize animal protein until the worst has past. So only eat soluble fiber foods that Peter D'Adamo recommends for your blood type, this takes some time to put together.

Now for the nitty gritty.. Take a Sitz bath with Epsom salt (1/4 cup for 1/3 filled tub) or Sitz Bath herbs from a Midwife supply website. Just as Mom's who deliver vaginally need soothing, so do IBS patients with ripping feelings in their rectums. The screaming pain was relieved for me doing the following as well. I have a Perineal Irrigation Bottle (about $2) that I spray towards my rectum after painful diarrhea. I mix Povidone/Iodine (anitbacterial solution), can be purchased at WalMart, the Equate brand, 2oz. of Povidone/Iodine and fill the bottle the rest of the way up to 8oz with filtered water or tap water. Then I have a small plastic container with a lid that I have mixed Petroleum Jelly and Povidone/Iodine solution and with a rubber glove, I insert some of this mixture into my rectum with my pinky. The burning goes away. The feelings that if I bend over or walk that my rectum will crack and bleed goes away and I no longer feel as though I'm fretful to have a bowel movement or that I must cry or scream in agony to have the smallest amount of anything come out. Chamomile Tea is also soothing during these times. This last part I came up with from my vaginal birthing experience and it has helped my rectum as well.

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   Posted 9/8/2013 8:28 PM (GMT -7)   
What worked for me, so passing it on. I just got over a very painful thrombosed hemorrhoid or (Perianal hematoma) - and it took about 5ish weeks to heal. I've had hemorrhoids before, several years ago after childbirth. Those had lasted way too long (with bleeding, itching, some pain)-took about a year or more I think. So this time around I knew it could take awhile and I was much more determined to take extreme actions to get rid of it - quicker.

It began sometime in July, ended late August. It swelled up pretty much overnight, about 10 days before a trip(s) I was taking. The first 7-10 days it was only mildly painful & uncomfortable. I did not do too much to treat it those first days... Then suddenly just before I was about to leave it grew & became super painful. All I could think of is "I am not living with this for another year or more like I did back then!" Right away I started eating smoothies only, barely ate (it was hard to eat in pain, anyway). I was on the road next day--reduced coffee over 3-5 days until I stopped drinking it. I cut out all sweets. Then the next few days (on my trip), I added new healing steps.

I've been under financial stress, and planning two trips back-to-back (adding to the stress). When it appeared and even when it got worse - I forced myself to travel with it. By the end of that first trip I canceled the second trip, due to the pain, and went home to heal. I recommend not forcing yourself to do things that are making heal-time longer or worse.

It was what appeared to be a thrombosed hemorrhoid. It would swell & come out of the anal opening, and I would push it back in. It hurt - constantly: it hurt as it would slowly fall out of the opening; it hurt, again, when pushing it in again, and hurt just as bad as I clenched to *hold* it inside... And I could only clench for a short time before eventually I had to let go & it would slide back out-starting the whole process over...hurting...always, always hurting.

While traveling on that trip I hurt so much I just stayed in bed to get some relief. There was one day I needed to be mobile and I found if I just let it hang out it didn't hurt much at all. I thought maybe I'd found a cure -all I had to do was leave it alone & let it hang. But at the end of that day it had swelled *even more*! Sitting was now impossible. Back in my hotel room, it was so swollen it was much harder to press it back into the anal opening - even when I laid down.

Here's what that experience taught me... I think when it hangs out it cuts off circulation causing more swelling. And I think when I press it in & keep it in, it allows circulation to be more natural and allows it to heal. However, in order to keep the swollen lump inside the anal opening, and not "slide out", I had to clench - which was also cutting off circulation, not to mention adding to the pain. All that pain & clenching & tension was disturbing the muscles all over my pelvic and torso area (and whole body). This affected the digestive track, my urinary tract (felt a uti coming), and elsewhere! Generally there was just way too much tension for the area and my body. I was experiencing possible UTi, and had multiple other body issues occurring that showed my immune system was failing. I knew I needed to keep tension (& pain) away...

It became clear the best thing for me to do was lay horizontally with it pressed in, and relax. Laying horizontally - legs strait - took away that gravitational pull for the most part, keeping the lump inside and allowing me to really relax well. Less clenching meant much less pain. And also allowed my body to function without that tension & helped circulation in that area. Sometimes I'd turn on my stomach for a short time, also goes with gravity. Laying down (and baths!) was one of the best pain reliefs I had during the worst of the pain.

The worst of the swelling from that day of walking went down fast enough - by the next morning it was more almond sized or less, and I could more easily keep it tucked in to the anal opening as long as I was laying flat (and following my other healing routines, which I will get to in a bit). I knew from here on out that one of the main things I would need to do was AVOID walking, AVOID standing - and most of all - AVOID SITTING, and to continue to lay down as much as I could.

Other things I did: On that trip- drank lots of water for the uti. two mornings in a row I had a large cup of hot lemon juice, drank fast-to help that uti. Starting during that trip, I took a cranberry supplement, a 1,000 mg C supplement, and an acidolphilis supplement - all three to help with the uti, immune system & digestive system. I stopped taking these supplements about 2 1/2 -3 weeks later.

Overall, I stopped eating much, from the moment of intense pain a day or two before the trip and the next 7-10 days --and tried to eat only fruits and veggies - greens. My goal was to focus on foods that fight inflammation and stay away from foods known to cause inflammation - (NO sugars except fruits, no coffee or super small amounts of these). I used my vitamix to make green smoothies- (with fruit, veg, a bit of steel oatmeal/psyllium husk & almonds). I even took it to my hotel & made them there. I also ate solid food sometimes, in small amounts per day, but otherwise just had smoothies. I did this ritually for about 7-10 days, but as the days wore on I started eating more solids and less smoothies... Eating less and the food choices I made reduced the amount of bowel movements & allowed more time between them for the lump to heal. My choices also 'kept my stool soft- also less painful to eliminate.

I used a toilet sprayer to clean myself (took a sport water bottle for the trip) after every movement - I still do this, and really, I always have (since my birth hemorrhoid experience). After reading up on hemorrhoids, I realized that by cleaning myself so well I think I probably avoided the itching/bleeding, this time around.

Then after every bowel movement & spray cleaning, I took a 10-15 min epson bath (best in the tub vs toilet/pan because I can lay back, push it in & relax). I enjoyed a good book while in the bath.

I found essence oils EXTREMELY helpful-particularly the very nice-smelling geranium oil - 3-4 drops on a cottonball applied directly to the lump hanging out several times a day, (then pressed back in with a bit of vaseline) and always after finishing the bath and/or every bowel movement. Slowly I reducing the amount of applications over the next 2-3 weeks as the swelling slowly declined then disappeared.

On some days, chose to switch out the geranium oil for other oils directly to the lump. I purchased oils listed online to reduce swelling/ inflammation (but making sure to read up on their toxicity): I applied occasional tea tree -least effective; blue chamomile - ok; eucalyptus (be careful with it)- was very painful but I still used it on occasion, sometimes mixed with coconut oil, sometimes strait; Cypress oil and juniper oils. I spent a lot of money on these oils, and if I could only use one it'd be geranium.

I really didn't feel any great effects using any of the other oils (compared to geranium)- but I hoped by switching around the various oils I was providing my immune system some other options, and also kind of recreating that "first time" affect when I went back to the geranium since the first time I used geranium oil it seemed to have the most noticeable reduction in swelling. No matter what, geranium oil always felt soothing on pain. Geranium oil feels warm on the swollen skin and relaxing to the surrounding muscles. The smell is also soothing and relaxing. And wherever I went people commented it smelled like fresh flowers, lol - much nicer than other smelly rubs you might be using.

NOW brand geranium oil was cheapest so I bought 3 bottles which I used the first couple of weeks. I read up on differences & some critics say there is no benefit to brands labeled "therapeutic". I did go to a well-reputed (Arlys) site to buy cypress, juniper, blue chamomile & an extra geranium - and used them for the final 3 weeks... just in case the NOW brand geranium wasn't as good - I was desperate. I have no idea if the brand I used was better or not just went by reputation.

I used both coconut oil and vaseline (mostly vaseline since it was easy to dispense from a tube) regularly to help push it in several times a day. First I would apply the essence oil, directly, and sometimes I'd wait a few minutes, other times I just immediately put a dab of vaseline over essence oil -which was always just before pressing it back inside.

I finally could feel that it was receding in that 3rd-4th week. It was slow, so I wasn't exactly sure if it was going down, but I had an inkling. Then it became more obvious it was shrinking and soon, I was down to such a small size that I was celebrating.... but wondering if it was going to stay there at that small size or go away. I continued all my efforts, very much a routine by now, (though I was eating far more solids and even a tiny bit of sweets/coffee) and by the 5th week I realized it was gone, so I put away most of my treatments (except my sprayer every day, and an occasional epson bath every few days) - as maintenance.

I can't say which of this routine was most important... I think laying down with the lump inside, relaxed, was hugely helpful... as was the geranium oil. But so was the smoothies, particular diet of non-inflammatory foods, greens/veggies, and so was the cleanings and baths. Probably it all worked together.

During those final 3 weeks after the trip, I didn't really stay in bed ALL day - just OFTEN. Before the hemorrhoid I had been walking, daily, but during recovery, I did not walk. And I *did* stay home. I didn't go out for most of the 3 weeks, cancelled everything, stayed off my computer. On a couple of occasions when I did go out -- my essence oil/cotton went with. I also carried a water bottle with a sport cap so I could clean myself; flushable wipes and a green smoothie. So, while recuperating, I cooked & did light cleaning, and cared for my child etc but spent a lot of time in bed, (relaxing, sleeping, reading/watching tv/ occasionally brought computer to bed --laying down --but hard to use that way, so not too much). I rarely sat down anywhere. When I did sit, I used a soft pillow. I know this routine would not be possible for most people due to jobs. But this is what healed me and I need to tell it.

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   Posted 9/9/2013 12:20 PM (GMT -7)   
I strongly recommend two products:

Calmoseptine ointment, this is a behind the counter medication, you don't need a prescription for it. It's amazing, has a cooling effect, after just two doses today, my bottom feels nearly normal - I tend to get into a dumping phase that can leave my bottom just raw. I've felt this way since Friday. Today's the first day I can sit down without wincing.

Renew Life Ultimate Care Probiotics, either the 50 Billion Count or the Vaginal Support (for yeast infections).

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