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   Posted 4/30/2009 4:14 AM (GMT -7)   
Please help,
I have read the posting made by the member named keriamon, about gall bladder disease, and reading it inspired me to become a member.  I needing help and maybe this is an act of desparation, but I don't know where else to turn and get help.  Here is my situation, for about a year now I had what I believe gall bladder disease.  Before I was symtomatic
I had painfull burning diarrhia, bright yellow color, and I believe I had vomited bile which was also bright yellow, and burned worse normal, and made my teeth feel chalky.  I have all symptoms this person had upper right quadrant pain, for me (from 7-10 daily on pain scale). I describe pain as feeling like Julius Ceaser, like being stabbed in multiple places with knives.  Pain radiates right or both shoulder blades, and is getting more severe.  I am on percocet and it barely works for the pain, and when it's really bad dilaudid is the only medication that will make me feel human again.  I have all the classic symtoms of gall bladder disease except jaundice, yet all tests come back normal.  I have had Ultrasounds, 2CT's, 2 liver MRI's, a HIDA scan (44%), MRCP, Upper endoscopy, and a Colonoscopy.  I have a fatty liver, an adnoma 1.7 cm, A hepatic cyst 1.4 cm, 2 cysts in right kidney, and a polip, which was removed.  But none of these things I am told is directly involved with my issue.  I have been diagnosed with IBS and I had ulcers.  My symptoms of pain anhd nausea are getting worse.  I am nausiated after every meal fatty or not it does not matter.  Movement  hurts a lot, raising my right arm above my chest hurts and sometimes my radiating pain I will feel in my chest, and be so strong as to take my breath away, like getting hit in the solar plexes.  I am on oral Zofran an Phenergan to control nausea, and Phenergan supositories at night.  I itch all over my body, which is a new symptom and dispite my best efforts to reduce the itchiness it will not go away unless my pain does.  My Gi specialist has given me a referal to general surgery for a consultation, but said he does not think the surgeon will remove the gall bladder at this time. he also said it doesn't hurt to ask.  I am running out of options please help me, I feel like narc when I am asking for pain meds, and I feel like I am wasting the time of the ER staff when I go in for just pain control.  This condiotion has dominated every aspect of my life.  It is impossible to be the kind of father I want to be for my kids 4 and 3, or to be the husband my wife deserves.  Please, if anyone has any advice, options, or anything that might be helpful, Please Respond. Thank you. 

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   Posted 5/1/2009 9:31 AM (GMT -7)   
Yeah, you have all the classic signs of a bad gall bladder. So did I, but it took three HIDA scans for it to show up bad. Those tests are not always accurate. And I know that the GB had to be my problem, because I stopped hurting when they took it out.

Personally, I was to the point, I was considering saving up cash to pay someone to take it out, conclusive test or no conclusive test. I figured I couldn't possibly be any worse for taking it out. If it was the problem, I'd be better, if it wasn't, at least we'd eliminate that as a possibility.

Depending on how desparate you are, I'd keep digging, ask for the HIDA scans over again, or get your regular doctor to recommend a removal on his hunch that it's the problem, even if there are no tests. Ask, beg, plead to have it taken out; sign waivers of release if they want you to promise not to blame them if they take it out and it wasn't the problem.

You do have more than one thing wrong with you, which can obscure patterns. Vomiting is a GB symptom, but also an ulcer symptom. You're going to want to work with a doctor to get those ulcers healed up, because even once your GB is gone, you can reflux bile up into your stomach, which will make the ulcers worse. You can also have excess bile in your stools, even when it's gone (I do). I take Welchol to soak up the bile. Even with your gall bladder still in, you can take the Welchol to help with the diarrhea. Ask your doctor for it; if no one will take out your GB, you can at least try and get the D under control so that's something you don't have to worry with. Getting the ulcers fixed may help with the nausea as well. That will just leave the pain to deal with.

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   Posted 5/2/2009 1:17 AM (GMT -7)   
THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR RESPONDING. Just about a year ago I was up late at night with an attack and by chance I happened to find your posting on the gallbladder, and since then it has not left my side. I have found it so useful, I even take it with me to doctor visit just remind myself of things I want say. I am a 38 year-old man and in tears that you responded,and I don't mean to get to personal, but it's like having a friend or ally. I don' know if that makes any sense or not. YOU have beckon of light on many a late night, when I have been suffering. The thing that caught my eye is that your situation seems very similar to mine.

The first E.R. Doc that treated thought that I was having GB attack and ordered a u.s. and of that came back clear he told me that night that does't mean that you don't have something wrong with your GB you could have a malfunctioning GB and at some point you may have what's called a HIDA scan. So with everthing coming back negetive I get saddled with the diagnosis of IBS. So for about a year straight I have felt like that I am in what I like to call Medical Purgatory, and I know, you know, what that feels like.

The thing is, and what really pisses me off, my 1st GI doc said most suffers of IBS cannot tollerate colonoscopies very well, and heard they often need sedation. Well, I had that done, I had no sedation at all, ya, it was not pleasant, but I was not in agony either. I'm Fustrated because I don't know why Doc's can't be more of a detective instead of just labling you and saying sorry IBS can't I can't do anything for you. I know they have guidelines on ethics and treatment, where's the ethics when as a doctor you are watching one of your patients get continually worse and literally suffer. I had one doc say to me why are crying and what are you afraid of it's not like your dying?

I do have one bit of hope that this will be over soon, my first surg. consult didn't go so well. So I am going to get a second opinion I have it on good advice that this doctor is more like a detective and if he's stumped he won't stop until he figures it out. But I wanted you to know how much you really helped me. They really had me doubting myself when I know in heart it my GB, and it needs to be removed. But one question, did
you have this itchiness that I describe? It's awful I have tried everything to relieve it, but like I said it does not subside until the pain is under control. THANK YOU AGAIN, you have helped many people including me.  P.S. I take Cholestyramine powder for the diarrhia what, is Welchol again, I know you probably have answered that a million times, but I don't know what that is.

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   Posted 5/3/2009 9:49 PM (GMT -7)   
There are times when you hurt so bad, dying would be a relief.  Or, as a line from Harry Potter, "There are worse things than death."  Someone who has never been in agonizing pain and gut misery with no hope of relief doesn't understand that that can be a worse fate than death.  Just ask my great-uncle who lived with Crohn's for years.  He was in his early 20's when it first appeared and he lived to be 80 or 81.  He had sections of his colon removed, he had a calcified and non-functioning kidney before he died.  The man hurt most of his life. 
I don't ever recall an itching sensation.  It could be your body's unique reaction to pain (some sort of stress reaction--have you ever noticed hives or similar when under a lot of stress?), could be a reaction to some medicine you are on (including vitamins or supplements, which you might be mildly allergic to), or could be totally unrelated to your gut problem all together.  As I tell people on here all the time, nothing says you can't have more than one thing wrong with you at a time. 
I knew it was my GB too--for nearly 5 years.  Everyone in my family knew it was my GB, because they all had the same symptoms.  But you've got to convince a doctor of that so he can approve your surgery and get your insurance to pay for it.  Otherwise it's about $12,000 out of pocket, if you can even get a surgeon who will do it. 
Now there would be a funny doctor's visit.
You: Doctor, I know my gall bladder is bad.  You tell me why you think it is not bad.
Doctor: Your test didn't show it was bad.
You: Are those tests 100% accurate?  Do they never make mistakes? 
Doctor: Um, well any test can make a mistake.
You: So, you would look at symptoms independently of a test just in case, right?
Doctor: Yes.
You: And do my symptoms not align with a bad gall bladder?
Doctor: Well, some do.
You: Here's a copy of a nursing manual I got at a library.  I've highlighted my symptoms in yellow that are listed in the book.  Pretty much all of them are there, aren't they?
Doctor: Yes, looks that way.
You: So I have all of the symptoms of a bad gall bladder according to medical books.  Yet one test said my gall bladder was fine.  Do you think maybe the test made a mistake?  Do you think we should take it out on a hunch?  I mean, if it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it's probably a duck.  It hurts like a gall bladder and makes me sick like a gall bladder, so why should we not assume it's probably a gall bladder?  Shouldn't we at least get me another test?  At the very least, even if you will not admit that it's my gall bladder, I need to be put on a program to control the pain, diarrhea and nausea.  I'm not leaving here without a game plan and some medicines, because "go home and suffer like a dog that needs to be shot" is not an option.  If you won't test my gall bladder again, lets do a food allergy test and a breathalyzer to look for bad bacteria build up.  Let's do a stool check for anything in there that shouldn't be in there.  Let's control the symptoms and look for the root of the problem until we've exhausted all possibilities twice over, because I'd really rather not live on medicine forever.     
You can either go that way, and berate your doctor into doing something, or you can go the solo route and keep to yourself and foreswear doctors until it gets so bad they can't help but find it.  I did the latter because I was in college and a foreign country when mine was acting up, so I didn't have a regular doctor that I could harass with constant visits and questions until he accomplished something.  I mean, you are paying this man--a lot of money, in fact.  He's a business man, the same as a mechanic.  Now, he knows less about the human body than a mechanic knows about cars, but he could at least appear to earn his pay by testing and re-testing until you're so tired of testing that YOU will give up and just limp along on meds.
Welchol is in the same family as Questran (your powder), so it does the same thing.  The only benefit is that Welchol is a pill, not a powder, so it's easier to use, and MANY people complain that Questran gives them bad gas and/or cramps; Welchol does not seem to have that side effect in anyone I've ever talked to.  I and my mother-in-law both have no side effects at all from it (other than I have to take a multi-vitamin to compensate for the loss of some fat-soluable vitamins, which can't be absorbed when you have bile problems).

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   Posted 5/9/2009 12:08 AM (GMT -7)   
Gday pappardelle i have gall bladder disease and IBS the doctors could not explain to me why i had a high fever and stabbing pain and diahorea they did a ultrasound and heaps of bloods find out. they did not want to take mine out either one reason is i have a bad heart and also have had to many strokes they didnt want to be heros was one surgeons remarks they put me on buscpan for the nausea and IBS they also put me on pethadine for pain but because you can get addicted to that they slowly put me on panadiene forte which they found out i was allergic to now all i take is tramadol for pain and you are going to think im mad but a big quack(doctor) has told me anytime i eat any thing fatty have a glass of red wine or a beer sounds funny but it works also a hot water bottle behind right side works for me also i hold my right arm up in the air it gives me some relief and a hot shower helps as well for me they have told me mine is heridatry as my both parent suffer from these conditons i hope this helps also to know you are not alone out there i have a sick husband with too many conditions to list and a son with a heart condition so my family are very important to me as well so GodBless hope to here from you soon
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   Posted 5/11/2009 7:44 AM (GMT -7)   
Get your liver checked out. Itching can be a sign of liver problems.
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