Gas Related Heart Palpitations!??

Gas Related Heart Palpitations?
Heart Palpitations - 25.0%
IBS symptoms with Heart palpitations - 25.0%
Gas and heart palpitations - 50.0%

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   Posted Today 5:04 PM (GMT -7)   
I've been searching through the posts, and can not find anything similar to what I am experiencing.

So here is my dilemma, this may be a bit lengthy, so I apologize in advance:

I am a 25 year old female, I eat very healthy, I follow an acidic-alkaline PH balanced diet, and drink tons of water. I try to stay away from a lot of dairy and a lot of gluten. I do not drink alcohol except for a very occasional glass of red wine with dinner, I do not take illegal drugs, I do not take any medication including antibiotics or even aspirin. I do not drink caffeine or take other stimulants.

I've always had a light feeling or sensation of "heart flutter" or heart palpitation. I can remember the first one arriving when I was about 16 during a very stressful situation at school. It didn't scare me then, and never has scared me all the times it's happened since then, maybe once every one to two years. I do have acute anxiety that I do not take any medications for, that I have dealt with since I was maybe 10-11 years old, and have always had good control over it.

about 5-6 months ago, I was sitting down eating dinner, noticed that I had a somewhat upset stomach - gas, bloating and gurgling. I had a very LARGE thump of a palpitation during the middle of a bite of food. It stopped me completely, really scared me and I rushed to the bathroom to splash water on my face and my heart began to race. It continued to race for a good three hours until I was so exhausted from the adrenaline pumping through me that I fell asleep. I starting having these palpitations more frequently after that night, maybe three of four a day. each equally as scary and I started becoming nervous of night fall because that's when it would happen. I wouldn't be doing anything in particular, just sitting watching a movie, or eating dinner, but they usually came late at night after about 8pm.

I went to the doctor many times, I've had everything checked from overgrowth of bacteria, to candida, I've had blood drawn for thyroid tests, I've had ekg's and heart monitors that never seem to pick anything up, but my doctor heard one through her stethoscope and said my heart is beating strong and healthy, it doesn't sound as if it's skipping a beat or if it's irregular, rather that it's pausing, she explained that the palpitation is occurring because something about my blood pumping too fast, so my heart is pushing it backwards to catch up so thats the sensation I'm feeling, but that it was benign and wouldn't hurt me. She said that I am perfectly healthy in all areas and that I have the basic symptoms of IBS, and there isn't much I can do for it, except maybe peppermint oils, teas, and relaxing, as it was stress related. BUT I never started feeling stressed out or anxious until I started having the palpitations, and I got the palpitations because I was stressed out about them...vicious circle.

So as advised I changed my diet I began taking magnesium, and other vitamins and minerals, I drink chamomile tea, ginger tea, take peppermint oils, and other holistic ways to eliminate my IBS symptoms. These have helped. I try to take them as regularly and often as directed.

I feel as though when I start to get a lot of gas build up, or a lot of gurgling and bubbling, my heart palpitations begin to flare up. Not necessarily coming from what or when I eat, but just when my IBS symptoms begin to flare up. Which is about every 4-5 days for about 2 days at a time. Then everything will cool down and I wont have symptoms of gas, or heart palpitations. Then about 4 days go by and they all begin again.

I'm wondering if there has been any study or anyone is having similar reactions to IBS, relating to heart flutters or anything?

I've also noticed that sometimes I'll get the palpitations from moving quickly, or bending over, also just thinking about it too much triggers them.

So I would like to know if anyone has any advice, or known remedies. Also if anyone has any known ideas on how to reduce them, or exercises you can do to prevent the recurrence?

THANK you so much for taking the time to read this lengthy post! I appreciate any response, even if just to relate...

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   Posted Today 8:52 PM (GMT -7)   
I can't advise you on your heart palpatations other than to see a cardiologist. I will say that taking too much madnesium can cause intestinal troubles, particularly bloating and diarrhea.
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   Posted 11/24/2010 2:02 PM (GMT -7)   
Hi Jaki.
Just a quick reply... Firstly i am not a doctor and you need to take advice regarding your issues.
However, i have experienced very similar sensations. My GP has explained to me that they are completely normal and many, many people have these episodes. Some people are a little more in touch with what their body is doing and recognise the sensation as abnormal.
Google ' Ectopic heartbeat ' and you'll probably relate to a lot of what is written
By the way, i have IBS and Dyspepsia and consequently suffer quite badly with wind (Gas across the pond!). It can sometimes be confusing to know weather or not they are linked or one necessary aggravates the other.
Hope this helps.

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   Posted 11/24/2010 2:53 PM (GMT -7)   
Definitely see a doctor. I was wondering if you have something called a hiatal hernia? I have one and I get the feeling of pain/gas. It is when the stomach slides through the opening in the diaphragm into the chest cavity. It's mostly a sliding affect. It doesn't usually stay up there for long. It can cause chest pain and palps. But that is just my experience with it. Again, I do think you should mention this to your doctor. I started having heart palpitations when I was pregnant with my son 7 years ago and they never went away. I have had many tests for it and all came back clear. I also have an odd awareness of my heartbeat that drives me crazy...anyway, Im rambling. Good luck in finding an answer!
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   Posted 1/10/2011 9:50 PM (GMT -7)   


I could practically cut and paste your situation and it would apply to me. 

I am 29, active and healthy.  My anxiety started a year ago last week and after trying a couple meds and having worse anxiety because of them I decided to go the natural way.  Lavender, Magnesium, chamomile and sleepytime teas, etc. 

Well, of course, with the anxiety came the digestive problems and gas and more recently the pounding heartbeat and mild chest pains.  The strong heartbeat is off and on practically every day but the pains almost always occur in the evenings or less frequently after lunch.  What is it about the night time that aggravates this? 

I am waiting for the results of the blood tests, ekg, etc that I had done but the doctor seemed to think that it was all anxiety related and prescribed xanax  (which I haven't taken yet because I am trying to avoid medications if possible) but I am more inclined to agree with others that it is a combination of stress and digestion rather than only stress/anxiety related.  I do believe that the two feed off of each other but it is so hard to control one when the other is acting up, it's like the chicken and the egg!  

At any rate, I feel your pain (or palpitations!)

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   Posted 1/31/2011 10:11 AM (GMT -7)   
Palpitations will come from anxiety. If you have been checked out by a doctor and they find nothing wrong that is probably what it is you're experiencing. I have had them for years, had all the tests and that's what mine comes down to. The palpitations cause more anxiety, maybe with the IBS included it's the body's way of saying calm down. I get all of this too, and I know it's easier said than done. Anixety board has a lot about palpitations. Take care and hope you feel better soon.

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   Posted 2/1/2011 9:16 AM (GMT -7)   
First, I'm no doctor, so take my advice with a grain of salt.

The big thump-type palpitations aren't particularly worrisome to me, I think it's just the occasional PVC most of us have. But the racing heart (tachycardia) is a problem I have had to deal with - since I learned what was causing mine, after it triggered a heart attack.

My problem always came after eating, particularly after breakfast, but usually within 2 hours of a meal. Back then I was eating a lot of commercially prepared foods. I went to an allergist who had me keep a log book of everything I ate and my symptoms after an hour and two hours. With the list of foods that I produced I did "challenge testing" and came up with a list of "trigger foods" which would produce gastric reflux and often tachycardia.

Then I searched the internet and found all my trigger foods contain sulfite. As long as I avoid any quantity of sulfite-containing foods I don't have a problem.

I have since read research articles on what the connection is between the stomach, esophagus and the heart. I knew there was a connection via the vagus nerve, but I found the name is "cardio-esophageal reflex" or "linked angina."

This may not have anything to do with your problem, but a food journal is a really cheap way to eliminate food intolerances as a couse.

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   Posted 9/23/2012 8:42 PM (GMT -7)   
I'm a senior citizen. I have had irritable bowel syndrome  for about 20 years and developed acid reflux/GERD about six years ago.  The only prescription med I could take for reflux was Nexium (nasty side effects from the others). Two years ago, I developed a heart arrhythmia that was really uncomfortable. After wearing a heart monitor for two days, my doctor told me I had rather suddenly developed about 8500 irregular heartbeats each da, which is a lot. They just seemed to come out of nowhere. At about that time, I found that Nexium was starting to bother my ibs more, so I began to taper off, using generic Maalox tablets on the off days that can be bought at most pharmacies.  After awhile, I was using Nexium only every four or five days, and my doctor noticed that my heart arrhythmia was almost gone. He encouraged me to eat more carefully (to avoid heartburn triggers) and see whether I could get off Nexium completely (and just use the generic Maalox tablets in small amounts each day).
about a month after stopping the Nexium, my irregular heartbeat stopped completely.  I still have a pounding heart much of the time each day, but the pulse is very regular and strong.  I don't have as much heartburn, because I tend to eat smaller meals and am more careful about what I eat. But because of the irritable bowel thing, I still have a lot of gas each day.  I think that's what causes the heart  pounding episodes to get worse at times, but I am not sure.  My heart tends to pound harder when I first wake up in the morning or after a nap, and also about half an hour after meals (also when I'm more active physically). I'm wondering whether any of you can relate to this.
  I recently had a treadmill stress test, and it was fine, other than having a slight mitral valve problem which isn't all that uncommon for a senior like me. The doctors can't detect the pounding, but I can always feel it to some degree. I can usually take my pulse by just looking at a clock, since I can always feel and hear my heartbeat somewhat.  Very strange.  Never had that until a  year ago. Doctors say I'm fine.  I hope that's true. It's a lot better than all those irregular beats I  used to have.  My cardiologist says that Nexium (and actually most prescription heartburn meds) can cause heart arrhythmias because our bodies don't produce as much magnesium. Magnesium is needed for a strong heart.  In my case, getting off the Nexium made a big difference.  Just thought I'd mention it.
As for the gas and bloated stomach thing (and the more pronounced heart pounding I feel),  maybe it is the reason for the heart pounding. I simply don't know. I avoid caffeine so it's not that.
I should add that if you have heartburn issues, taking peppermint oil for ibs or drinking mint tea can make it worse.  Mint is a well-known heartburn trigger. I tried licorice tablets for heartburn too.  It worked for the heartburn but my ibs got worse. ( Licorice can cause diarrhea and gas.)   I'll bet there are others out there who have these issues too. (Heart palps or pounding, heartburn, and irritable bowel syndrome with gas and bloating. ) If you happen to have those three issues, I'd like to know what your thoughts are on this.

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   Posted 10/2/2012 6:14 AM (GMT -7)   
Hi, i'm sorry this isn't going to be the most useful reply but it has helped me as I have occasionally had strange heart palpitations but i noticed them after being diagnosed with IBS a few months ago.
They seem to come at random times when i'm just sat down not doing anything particularly strenuous, I did mention them to my gp but as i have a diagnosis of IBS he said they were nothing and didn't even check my heart.
I have noticed feeling stressed and anxious aggravates my IBS symptoms so I guess the palpitations are anxiety related too but like you say its all a vicious cycle for me it seems to be suffering from my IBS symptoms then worrying about them and how long I'm going to feel bad and whether I can do things I want to or not :(
basically IBS sucks and makes life as a student a lot less fun :(
Anyway sorry it's not useful but I'm glad other people feel the same.

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   Posted 10/2/2012 8:30 AM (GMT -7)   
I had this palp feeling  high up in my stomach day 24/7 fo 6 weeks, not pain just very annoying. I thought it was palps and finally checked my pulse with the feelings they were not the same, they were not in sync with each other. I did mention this to my dr. my next visit and she said  trapped gas can push on the stomach nerve, I think it is called the Vega it can produce this feeling but also it can cause palps. Get this sometimes now but not 24/7. It was like my stomach was quivering.

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   Posted 10/11/2012 3:41 PM (GMT -7)   
Thanks, everyone, for your input here. I've seen a cardiologist, who had me do a treadmill stress test. She said I had no irregular beats since going off Nexium (which had caused them after five years of use for heartburn).  She also said my blood pressure stayed nice and steady during the stress test, so that's not the issue. Maybe anxiety is playing a role, or maybe trapped gas as some of you mentioned.  I'm trying not to worry about it too much.  It helps to hear your comments!

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   Posted 5/11/2014 10:40 PM (GMT -7)   
i know this is an old thread but this thread shows up on the top pages of search engines so many people might still be visiting this thread

id like to try and help people who also share the same symptoms discussed here.

ive had a similar story to what the OP described, feeling a big thump after eating at one time and getting spontaneous heart flutters (arrythmias), and i greatly reduced the frequency of these arrhythmias by basically reducing my daily sodium intake to maybe less than 500mg. the less sodium i ate, the less arrythmias i got until they almost went away completely

heres my brief history:

- after eating kfc (fried chicken) one day, i felt a big thump in my heart, then got shortness of breath, went to emergency room and tests showed all was ok. this was the first time ive ever experienced something like this

- started eating miso soup because i read its "healthy" (high sodium) for about 2 weeks then suddenly had a series of ectopic heart beats (skipped or double heart beats) with shortness of breath, went to emergency room and test showed everything was fine. after this miso soup incident, for the first time ever i was getting daily ectopic heart beats.

- after months of having these daily arrhythmias and more ER visits, doctors told me the cause might be anxiety

- completely changed diet to only vegatables, fruits and water, daily arrhythmias reduced to maybe 10 per week

- started to add sea salt to my food for while because i read about the health benefits it has (essential minerals), apparently i was adding too much and the arrhythmias returned just like before

- stopped adding sea salt and over consuming sodium and the arrhythmias are now almost completely gone

even though i still get them occasionally (5 per month?) its a lot better than the misery of getting them daily.

I think it's some kind of sodium intolerance. ive tried consuming more sodium than my normal daily intake just to see if the arrhythmias come back and they do. luckily for me they go away after a while if i dont intake too much sodium. if i go beyond i think 500mg-1000mg i get arrhythmias. i dont know exactly how much sodium i need to avoid, all i know is the more sodium i intake, the more frequent and intense these arrhythmias get.

my diet now is mainly steamed vegetables, fruits, 1lb of fish per week and water. this seems to be working great

hope my experience helps

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   Posted 5/20/2014 4:43 PM (GMT -7)   
I have another suggestion you might want to consider, especially given your age. I know of someone who had similar issues with palpitations. A young woman in her early 20s, high stress, prone to anxiety, didn't always eat the best diet but was in very good health according to her physicians. She tended to have periods of palpitations when standing for any length of time, or when awakened from a deep sleep suddenly. All of her heart tests (EKG, Stress test, etc.) came out fine. Long story short, after going through an invasive test at one of the best heart hospitals around to see if she had Super Ventricular Tachycardia, it was determined that what she actually was suffering from is something called POTS. Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia. Not sure of all the nuances, but her doctors basically said she needed to eat a high salt diet, and drink LOTS of water - it seemed to be triggered by a combination of not enough salt, dehydration, and stress. Even if the original poster doesn't see this, perhaps the info will help someone else.

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   Posted 3/4/2015 11:44 AM (GMT -7)   
i was very interested to read the other forum members talking about a possible link between heart arrythmia and IBS and their experiences.

I am 70, and have been on atenolol and diovan for over 40 years. My blood pressure is normal because of the medication. However, last year I experienced quite a bad episode of irregular heart beat after a particularly scary flight to australia. I wore a Holter monitor for 24 hours and only two misbeats, one doublet and one triplet were recorded.

Last year my husband became ill and died of cancer and alzheimers. I am content in my widowhood, but have been suffering from ibs for two years. I was given an ECG and treadmill test last November and was pronounced ok, but am still having episodes of palpitations which don't last long, and normally happen when i am lying or sitting down, but are pretty scary. Coughing and standing up seem to stop them, but nearly always I am called to go to the loo. After a successful session the palpitations cease. Like others on the forum, as I am living alone I lie awake wondering if I dare go to sleep.

Today I have been working hard physically, but without strain. No chest pains or other worrying symptoms, etc, but as soon as I sat down, thumpy bumpy bump, and speeded up heart rate which took quite a few minutes to calm down. Some yoga breathing - in for 5 hold for seven out for eight helped, and a trip to the loo with phone in hand just in case. Now I don't want to eat in case it starts again. I also have a nasty cough today. Will go to the doctors again, but thankful and somewhat comforted to note the experiences of others match mine so closely.

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   Posted 5/16/2015 6:22 PM (GMT -7)   
I have the same exact issue avrilf

Francine Taylor
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   Posted 7/24/2015 5:26 PM (GMT -7)   
I have had something very similar for many years. First time it happened I went to the hospital, got my heart checked out, everything normal. It's just this weird, uncomfortable thing that happens every so often. The next time it happens, check your pulse really quickly. If it's the same thing that I have, it doesn't have anything to do with your heartbeat. I actually think the location of it may be the muscle between esophagus and stomach. But it is frightening, so your pulse leaps when it happens so it's easy to confuse the two. Still, I have noticed that although my pulse speeds up when it happens, the rhythm of flutter and pulse are not the same.

One side note, although I used to have them pretty regularly (several times a year) I haven't had one since I started treating my IBS with kefir. That might indicate a link between the "flutter" and digestion.

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   Posted 11/5/2016 9:50 AM (GMT -7)   
I know this is an old forum, but all the same i have to reply. My first ever Palps came after i took an antimalaria drug which skyrocket my heart beating fast and skipping. I went to the hospital and did test only to find out i had PUD i.e Peptic Ulcer Disease and the test showed i have excessive gas in my bowel caused by who knows what?

I was put on drugs called HeliKit a triple therapy of antibiotics, Pump-Ihibitor etc to treat the ulcer. Yet whenever i eat certain fruits like apples or oranges i have severe palps and i don't know whats with palps and night, like a wink and a smile. Believe me it was quite frightening until i said "Enough is Enough".

I decided instead of listening to my heartbeats with palps, i prefer to go into prayers. I pray and pray until i fell asleep. Every night i pray then lie down and sing in my heart until i fall asleep. And miraculously it works.

There is nothing like a prayer! Talk to God, there is nothing that is difficult for Jesus to do. I know most of you will call it a bluff, but what do you have to lose, i mean you have tried everything else and yet you are still suffering with palps.

Try praying, tell God about your palps, and i promise you, God will heal you like he healed me.

If you need guidance on what to pray and how to pray. Email me or call ±2348034220144

Pray right now, "God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, i humbly come to you to seek your face. I know i am a sinner and not worthy to come to your presence, but your word said that if i confess my sins, you will forgive me and cleanse me from all unrighteousness. Oh Lord, have mercy on me and forgive me of all my sins. I repent of my wicked ways and now i tap on the mercy of the blood of Jesus my Lord and Saviour, and i ask you heal me from all afflictions. Lord, you are my creator, and i am wonderfully and fearfully made by you. Create in me a new person, old things have passed away and new things have come. Oh Lord, right now i take authority in the NAME OF JESUS, and i command every disease, afflictions in my body to be washed away right now and never to return in Jesus name because the weapon of my warfare is not carnal but mighty through God to the pulling down of strongholds. Purge me oh Lord and make me whole again in Jesus name. Amen"

Wow, how does that feel? Don't you feel good? I know you do because you have just prayed a powerful prayer and God heard you. But you must continue praying. The bible says, "Pray without ceasing", and also remember you must turn away from sin and surrender your life to Jesus Christ.

God bless you. I love you all but God loves you more.

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   Posted 9/1/2017 4:37 AM (GMT -7)   
Hello fellowpalpis, I could not keep quiet after reading the messages. I had been suffering from this for many years. May be I should say, seen 'all doctors available'. They organize tests and say, 'you're ok'. I am on Noten and I am on stopwatch! I think anxiety and stomach gas can bring about the issue. In my case, my coffee, tea habit could be a contributing factor. Let us not leave it alone. let the doctors do their part. We on our side, less coffee, less tea, more meditation, breathing exercise, prayers be on our armor. I agree with you all, this is a nerve wrecking issue. Like they say, this life needs to be enjoyed. so deviating our thoughts from palp. may help. turn

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