Posted 6/2/2009 7:39 AM (GMT -7)
Hey guys
I have a IBS too. I think it is since i started smoking. First time i didnt pay attention, but now ( 12 years of smoking) i am really sure about it. Every time i taking a cigarette , even i was defecating 5 minutes ago, i feel a need again.
Also when i worry ( even "good" worry) making me need to defecate.

about pain in Genitals ( testicle,perineum etc..) - as you sure know IBS may be cause of anal fissure , that in its turn may cause prostatitis/chronic prostatitis ,that in its turn responsible for
"pain in genitals".
How it cause prostatitis ? - very simply - excrement bacterias infiltrate throughout fissure to healhy sterile tissue and "finds" you prostate.
Patients experiences , prostatitis treatment and diagnosis forum.

Posted 6/7/2009 9:05 AM (GMT -7)
I'm not sure, but it could be referred pain from having inflammation in your intestines? I hope you feel better soon.
Posted 6/24/2009 2:21 PM (GMT -7)
Hi everyone
So glad to find this discussion.
When I presented to my doc with a dull ache in my left (and sometimes right) testicle, stomach and anal discomfort and anxiety, he went straight to IBS and treated it with antibiotics, spasmeds etc. Worked well - for a while (like travis111). But here's the kicker - I developed this IB (I leave out the "syndrome" as I understand proper IBS is a condition that requires a longer presence to be clinically diagnosed) within 2 weeks of a particularly extreme and ongoing stressful situation, the details of which are not relevant. The point is that even short term anxiety induced IB and/or other gastrointestinal problems can, and apparently regularly does, cause testicular discomfort exactly as you experience, and apparently also referred penile pain of which I also have a light bout of. I can also identify with spasman's "trapped gas" explanation in some instances.
Pain caused by IB often leads to more anxiety, which causes more IB and pain which... and so on. Imagine someone who's anxiety is std related, albeit unfounded, and who then experiences testicular pain for the first time because they stressed themselves into IBS! It even happens that IB driven anxiety and/or primary anxiety causes some people to release small amounts of urine which, if it stays around the penis/scrotum long enough may cause further burning symptoms. Man, that is the mother of all negative feedback loops! (This probably explains to a lot of the extreme std-fear-related posts on the web where people just keep getting symptoms, despite testing fine.)
Now - I understand that 95% + of serotonin produced in the body is metabolized/produced(?) in the gastrointestinal tract. The Dr. who previously treated me for reflux is studying this link in more detail. (This is apparently also why many people on antidepressants are somewhat prone to diarrhoea as the regular intestinal function is stimulated by serotonin). It is not difficult to see how this all fits together for my type of problem.
My conscious mind knows (strongly suspects) what is going on, but my subconscious is not buying in. So I have to cheat my body into believing it's fine (which is actually is) so that it can believe it too.
No more antibiotics and antispasmodics for me.  In short, I'm now treating my IB, reflux AND TESTICLE PAIN with an antidepressant (which is of the type that is also indicated for anxiety and general body pain or "Fibromyalgia") - I bet it is going to work like a charm.
Your cause and solution may be different, but give this some thought.
Cheers and good luck to all
Posted 6/26/2009 10:23 AM (GMT -7)

Pain in the genitals can also be linked to pelvic floor dysfunction. Many of the nerves of the pelvic muscles are connected. For instance, pain in my abdomen would cause sharp pains in my vagina. Totally weird.

It is my assumption that I developed PFD after years of suffering from IBS pain and diarrhea. I was always subconsciously tensing up my pelvic floor muscles. Imagine you flex your bicep all day at work. Then you go home and try to pick up a ten pound weight. Your muscle is weak and it will spasm. It will not know what to do and won't be able to do what you need it to do. That is what PFD is in a way. You tense your pelvic floor muscles to point where you restrict blood flow to the muscles and wear them out so they are unable to react to your "commands" (e.g. release for a BM or tighten up to hold one in.)

I'm not saying that this is what is ailing you. But, through the course of my physical therapy, I learned that many men suffer from PFD as well, usually due to digestive ailments. I did about 5 months of physical therapy and my pain is almost non-existent.

If I were you and it is as bad as you say, I'd start by getting a referral to a urologist first and foremost to rule out anything seriously wrong with your testicles and other male bits. If all is well there, then you can move on and see what else it could be.

Sorry you're in such terrible pain. I sympathize and understand all too well how debilitating and depressing it can be.

27 year old female
Meds: 20 mg Celexa, .5- 1mg Klonopin

Posted 7/21/2009 2:23 AM (GMT -7)
Hi belablue
Spot on. My stress and later digestive issues also caused PFD which agrivated the testicular pain and also caused perineum pain, lower back pain and even prostate inflamatory issues. As I thought, the anxiety/depression meds and some counselling (in my case) helped to get me out of the negative thought pattern and I am well on my way to recovery.
Thanks for your insights.

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