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Anya V
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   Posted 4/3/2006 4:22 AM (GMT -7)   
Today I was diagnosed with IBS.  I am IBS-C. I did not have the colonoscpy as I have had this since I was about 14 and the symptoms always come and go, but this time I need them to settle fast, or settle enough to take a long flight. I'm up against a deadline, and the more I think of the deadline the worse it gets. I need to take a flight from AU [where I came for a break/holiday] to Italy, and then on to it's a scary thought to have my bowels going off in mid air.  OK, please laugh; my sense of humor is all I have left right now. tongue
The Doc did a complete history and exam, and I did have a full blood work that was excellent; rather like the video's on this site, I was a clear cut case, and both the Doc and I agreed that cancer and other things don't come and go, and deep down I know I live a nervous lifestyle due to work. 
I get breaks from my IBS, but severe stress, and I now suspsect my love of tea, really can set it off badly.  My symptoms are extreme pain, rather like labor pain in that they rise and fall in waves.  This is very debilitating and makes me feel like passing out at times.  It is worse in the morning, and can get a little nasty at night, although sleeping is generally blissful.  No Pain.
My problem is I "think"; apart from pain, is that I am constipated.  I DO go every day, but I am like a sheep. I have poop like a shee; too little. And a fish; I swear there is a fluttering fish in my bowels! A few droppings and I am done. yeah   But I feel like I want to do a stack. It just never happens. No fibre will make it happen. But this has happened before, and eventually it gives in and I do go.  With my deadline looming and the pain and constipation......I feel like I have hit the bottom and despite my sense of humor, I seem to be crying a lot and just feeling unwell in general. The Doc gave me some short term diazepam for my nerves, and they seem to have reduced my cramps/spasms a bit already.  I know that this time it was a massive stress reaction that set this off.
But I now know I need to learn about this disorder.  I am 39 and not getting younger, and feel if I keep ignoring it, it will only get worse. I need to educate myself.  I have read so much here today, and am amazed to read MY story over and over.
I have read about the prune juice.  Can anyone tell me how much I should take? Will it put me back into the agony of the past 48 hours which seem to be subsiding?
I also have gas pain quite bad, most to the lower left quadrant, but it barely ever seems to come out!!!!! redface
I am just so happy to have found this forum, and am looking forward to no longer ignoring this condition that has plagued my life.
Any advice is so appreciated. :-)

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   Posted 4/3/2006 9:10 AM (GMT -7)   
I can't tell you how much prune juice to take, but a lot of old people swear by it. Have an older family member you can ask? Have you looked at the bottle to see if it has any recommendations, or done an internet search? If no information is forthcoming, try one 8oz glass and see what happens. If nothing new by the next day, then try two (space them out--one in the morning and one in the evening--so you don't give yourself gas or shock your system).

You can also try aloe vera pills. My mother was normal and started taking one a day for hair loss and found that they made her "too regualr" so she cut back to one every other day for normal poops and hair regrowth. With you being constipated all the time, try one a day and if after a couple of days nothing new happens, then try two a day (again, spaced out) and so on until you get going. If you get going a little too well, then start cutting back on them until you find your balance.

Caffeine can be a trigger for people with IBS. I find that the caffeine in green tea is not enough to bother me, but you may be more sensitive or may be drinking a lot more tea than me or drinking tea with a lot more caffeine. If you suspect tea, then switch to caffeine free. That should be the only thing in tea that will bother you. Also, some of the ladies here get relief from gas and nausea from mint teas and/or fennel tea. Try some of that without caffeine to see if that helps with your gas cramps.

If you are nervous a lot, you may just need to get on some anti-depressants for your nervousness. Not only can stress aggrevate (but not cause!) IBS, but there are some anti-depressants that help relax the intestinal tract and make it work. It's a pretty new treatment, but some doctors are putting non-depressed, non-anxious IBS patients on anti-depressants to see if that will make their guts work better.

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   Posted 4/3/2006 12:54 PM (GMT -7)   
WEll, if constipation is your problem you probably won't have a problem in flight. I don't know if you have time but I always take a laxative 2 days before I have a long flight and then eat very light from then on. Those bathrooms are not fun to be in. Also, don't eat a Breakfast Crossanwich at the airport like I did last time. Right now your main thing is to get home comfortably so do whatever it takes. It sounds like you need some help for this problem now so I would clean myself out good and then stick with a very light diet for a couple days till home.
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