Motions hotter than a curry help!

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   Posted 5/5/2006 6:38 AM (GMT -7)   

I went to the doctor and she gave me some tablets to calm my stomach from having spasms all the time.

The tablets are working a treat, but she couldn’t tell me why my motions burn like I’ve had the hottest dam curry in the world?

Every time I go to the toilet its burns it burns, I know how that character from lord of the rings feels when he says, “It burns it burns” I think he was talking about IBS?

Also when I go it feels like I’m being poked with a stick on the inside, doctor says I haven’t got piles,  but she doesn’t know why I’m trying to give birth to a twig?

It’s always hot when it’s coming down and its burns the outside as well, it also stinks to high hell as well, most of the time it’s yellow.

I’m used to IBS and going to the toilet and the volcano eruptions that pebble dash the toilet in a colour the wife hates.

Once she said,”can you do any pastels colours because I’m sick of the brown?

And it’s so last year she said!

Very funny when it’s somebody else I thought, but joking aside this can be very painful and you hate going to the toilet and you stop eating as much.

Sometimes it’s that painful I feel like screaming, the German torpedo always gets a direct hit and my bum settles down for a while.

I also have a bladder infection that I call the IRS infection, always come to see you but won’t go away!

I love curries and make them myself, but even my curries aren’t as hot as my motions!

Hope you are all feeling well and have a nice weekend guys and girls



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   Posted 5/5/2006 7:31 AM (GMT -7)   
Hi Darren,
Given the fact that they burn and they are yellow Iwould suspect that you are having a bile problem. Have you had your gallbladder checked? There are a few on here that can probably give you more info on that as I have not had a gallbladder problem but your symptoms sound suspicious. Hopefully someone will come on soon and give you some info on that.
Take Care
Hugs, Des
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   Posted 5/5/2006 9:22 AM (GMT -7)   
I hear your pain, my brother! Lol.

I had gall bladder attacks for five years (misdiagnosed as IBS on several occasions--imagine that!). Lovely symptoms like waking up at 3am doubled over in pain. Having pain for 30-45 minutes until I got explosive diarrhea that was the color of daffodils and burned like a hot poker. And my poor bumhole burned and burned and burned for hours afterwards (depending on how much diarrhea I had) and no amount of wiping with a cold, wet washcloth would help it. Then I also got to enjoy things like sudden, nauseating fullness after eating only a few bites of a meal. Pain that radiated up into my right shoulder and elbow and ached like the worst muscle cramps. But my most intense pain stayed located pretty much all along my diaphram. And when I got sick, boy I could not lay down; I developed a most useful habit of sleeping sitting up.

You can only discover a bad gall bladder with a hidascan. And I got to have three before they found mine (my symptoms never changed; why didn't they find it the first two times???). Actually, you can sometimes find it with an ultrasound--but that won't show anything but stones and sometimes sludge, but even small stones and some sludge may be missed with it. The hidascan tests your functionality, so if it's not funcitoning just because it doesn't want to, it will (should) show up.

Some people with IBS do tend to have excess bile in their stools, but I don't know of anyone who has complained of them as badly as you. You may can try and treat it with a low-fat diet. Fat makes you produce bile so if you lower the fat, you should have less bile in the old gut system. I've done it for a while and it worked (of course it also made me constipated past endurance, but sucj is life without a glall bladder to balance out your function). If you truly have a bad gall bladder, though, diet will only help so much. I managed to get bile diarrhea and pain attacks even when I wasn't eating anything at all.

The other thing I found I had to avoid was caffeine. That was my trigger food and would give me diarrhea quicker than anything. Even now, after my gall bladder has been out 3 years, I still have to avoid caffeine. My mother said pizza was her big trigger. For many others it's fried food. Basically, fatty and/or greasy foods. Plus the caffeine. These things can also bother people with IBS, so if you're not avoiding already, you might want to. And, I hate to say it, but spicy foods are hard on the guts when they are messed up; you might need to go light on the curry. :-(

You can also ask your doctor about Welchol. It's usually prescribed to people without a gall bladder to absorb their excess bile, but I don't know why you couldn't take it even if you still have yours. It does a wonderous job soaking up the excess bile and giving you normal, non-burning poops. I swear by it. My mother-in-law is on it and she swears by it. There are others on here who really love it too. You can also try the Caltrate 600 w/ vitamin D supplements. Inape says that's all she needs to control her bile, but I find I have to take one in conjunction with my Welchol. It's all a matter of how much bile you have. There are a couple of ladies on here who take 6 Welchols a day to stop their bile (I only take one, plus one calcium pill, so they must really be gushing the old bile!).

I hope you can stop decorating your toilet so 1970's!

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   Posted 5/5/2006 10:37 AM (GMT -7)   
Darren, thanks for the chuckle today. :-)
It's terrible you are going through what you are, BUT it's great how you put a humorus spin to your woes. I think humor and positive attitudes help us all cope.
Like the other 2 ladies said.. It sounds like you have a gallbladder issue. I hope you can get it looked at soon.
Take care.

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   Posted 5/5/2006 12:01 PM (GMT -7)   
Thanks for the replies as I do really appreciate them
I also want to say thanks to Microsoft office because without them I wouldn’t be able spell half the stuff I cannot pronounce.
Well I do have pains across my ribs and I’ve been having this bloated feeling a lot, I think you guys are right about the Gaul bladder problem.
I do have a lot of ghost buster slime and I’m really happy he doesn’t follow it!
I will see my doctor again and ask her about the Gaul bladder problem as she might send me for some tests.
The pain is really bad and I’m speaking some foreign language and then its stops for a while, I stand up and just stand there for about ten minutes speaking in tongues.
When it’s really bad I squeeze a towel or a toilet roll because it hurts so dam much, I would rather take on mike Tyson than feel that pain every bloody day.
I have a laugh and a joke because this thing isn’t going to get me down, and hopefully it will get sorted really soon.
Thanks a lot you guys and you know the pain brothers and sisters I have to suffer every day.
Anyways, you all look after yourselves and have a lovely pain free weekend

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   Posted 5/5/2006 2:40 PM (GMT -7)   
You can try putting some lotion on the tissue before and after the fire storm this may help. Also if you do have a GB problem and it seems to me to be the case with the yellow burning. This is the bile ACID making is way out and it does burn. Calcium carbonate can help to soak some of this up and relieve the problem. But if it is the gall bladder you most likely will have to get it removed and the burning problem will continue.


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