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   Posted 6/14/2006 5:02 AM (GMT -7)   
Hello. I am glad I founf this board. Alot of great info.
But as much as I have read I have yet to find someone
with my same awful symptoms sad
I also can't eat without having to run to thr bathroom.
I am 5ft tall and down to 88 pounds sad
Right before I have to run to the toilet
I get very cold, so cold I have goosebumps all over me.
This last for a min or two then I get very HOT and I feel like I am
going to pass out. Thats when I have to run to the bathroom.
Is this a normal symptom of IBS? People have asked me whats wrong because
my face turns white as a ghost when this happens. I am falling into depression
from IBS and even working part time is hard. Does anyone feel so run down because of IBS?
I feel I could sleep all the time. And after an episode I really feel tired.
yesterday I took my daughter out for ice cream and had to run to the bathroom twice.
And another thing. Anyone else have CRONIC very very smelly gas??
Are we all bound to stay home the rest of our lives??
Thanks for any advice or support.  Trisa

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   Posted 6/14/2006 6:55 AM (GMT -7)   

Hi Trisa,

You will fing this board is very helpful and supportive.  I found it about a month ago when I tought there was no more hope for me.  It has made me feel a little better, at least!

I know what you are going through. And I TRULY feel for you.  DO you have IBS with diarrhea, IBs with constipation?  Or IBS that alternates between the D & C?  Have you been properly Dx as having IBS by a Dr.? Have you been to a GI specialist and had the colonoscopy, blood tests, stool cultures, etc. to rule out other causes of your symptoms?  If you haven't I would highly recommend doing that first. 

I started to have diarrhea/loose stools this past March.  I have not had one normal bowel movement during this time.  It has led me into depression, stress, and anxiety, which tthe Dr.'s  say aggrivates IBSI have a constant feeling that I'm just "withering away" and life is moving on without me because of this "whatever it is I have".  I don't feel like doing anything like housework, going outside, going out to eat, etc.  I want to sleep, sleep, sleep.  THe GI specialise assures me it's IBS with diarrhea (another name for it is functional diarrhea")  I thought that IBS with diarrhea comes and goes and does not last for 3 straight months and you arn't supposed to lose weight with it.  I am short like you, approx. 5'3" and I have lost about 10 lbs in 3 months.  I weight around 110 no.  I look skinny and in m y eyes, I look bad and that makes you feel even worse.  My hair is shedding like CRAZY too.  I'm guessing because of poor nutrition because I'm so afraid to eat like I used to because I'll have loose stools / diarrhea twice as bad in the mornings.  (By the way, mine is always WORSE right when I wale up.  It's like my bowels start howling and within 5 minutes of waking up, I'm running off to the bathroom.  Are you like this?)

Here's my story: I had a colonoscopy in April (it was normal, just some minor inflammation in 1 of the 3 biposies which the GI Dr. said was due to the prep solution that I had to drink that made me "go" all night long, and boy did it burn...he said that was very normal), a number of stool cultures (shows no bacteria, parasites, etc.) , blood tests (all are perfect), EGD test (where they stick the tube in your throat that lets him look in your stomach (he found minor GERD or acid reflux is another name for it - nothing major), I had a CT scan yesterday af my abdomen, pelvis and fine cut of the pancreas.  I will have the results hopefully by tomorow.  HE keeps saying it's IBS with diarrhea because he can't find a "cause" for these symptoms.  I have NO PAIN with this though and I thought IBS was known for it's pain...which makes me think it's not IBS.  I don't know, I'm not the Dr. so I suppose I should trust what he says.  But this DIARRHEA has to get better of my life is going down the tubes!  I was only married 3 months when this all started and I can tell that I'm getting on my husband's nerves.  I'm worried constantly and crying all of the time.  He is sick of my fretting.  I, like you, are frustrated.  He loves to boat on weekends, I usually do too, but there's no bathroom on the boat and when you're stuck out in the middle of the river with IBS-D, what do you do?  I feel like he is disappointed in me which makes me feel even worse.

My regular Dr. wants me to see a councelor to try to work out my anxiety about all of this.  Have you thought about giving that a try?

Hope you can realize that you're not alone!

Take care.


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   Posted 6/14/2006 10:14 AM (GMT -7)   
I assume that when you run to the bathroom, you are having diarrhea? Is it ever yellow or green in color and/or does it burn? This could be a sign of excess bile in your stools, which can be a sign (although not necessarily) that your gall bladder is bad. I used to get terrible chills when was having a gall bladder attack, along with diarrhea. And I lost weight because evreything I ate made me sick, so I quit eating.

But there are some people on here who have lost weight with just regular IBS-D and we have had a few people mention in the past getting cold sweats/chills, hot flashes, dizziness and even passing out when they need to have a bowel movement, so you are definitely not alone, even if it's not a common complaint. Sometimes these sweats/chills/dizziness can be linked to a panic attack, but it doesn't have to be a panic attack for you to have these things. I seem to recall that someone here on the board theorized or had read a theory that such responses to a bowel movement are caused by the bowels getting hyperactive so quickly that it can change your blood pressure (causing dizziness and blacking out) or suddenly deplete your water and cause you to overheat or chill.

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   Posted 6/14/2006 4:09 PM (GMT -7)   
Thanks for writing! yes Its from the diarrhea.
I went back to the doc today and she wanted more blood work.
She has not said a word about my Gall Bladder.
She did take blood today for some weird intestion
thing That I have no idea what its for and frankly thinks she
crazy for wanting me tested for it. Oh one more thing. My diarrhea is a clay like
color most of the time. Some times its just very thin like a pencil.
How nice to have to type about such things. Ugg

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   Posted 6/15/2006 6:01 AM (GMT -7)   

It's okay to talk about your IBS here and be graphic...we all know what it's like and it's perfectly fine to talk about our "poo problems"...I've found out that this message board is what it's for.  It's a chance to talk about it with others and it helps us feel a little better.  It helps you realize that you're not alone. Because, at times, you feel like you're the only one doomed with this annoyance.

If you think of a question, write it down, and ask it here.  You will get a lot of good advice from a lot of people who care and understand how you feel and know what you're going through. :-)

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   Posted 6/15/2006 7:40 AM (GMT -7)   
Thanks so much Shelly!
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