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   Posted 1/9/2007 5:23 PM (GMT -7)   
Hey Sarita thanks for replying
Well let me just say that Flagly is not fun taking compared to the other medications i was taking. And yes Sarita
I am not having any Diarrea at all. Since this happened which was May 1, 2006 i have not had any diarrea at all except
one time when i had to give in a stool test and they gave me a little paper saying to follow a diet and it said
lots of prunes so i drank a whole bottle and more of prune juice and had massive diarrea.
Wow massive D 5 to 15 times a day for more than a year is extreme. You are a survivor i dont know what i wouldve done
if that happened to me in my case.
And yes ill keep that in mind that i have to give Flagly some time it just that i keep on loosing weight and im a
23 year old male 5ft5 and im 100 pounds right now. Just in a nut shell this all started on a saturday about march
last year it was a saturday. Im never forgetting this day. I woke up with a funny feeling in my stomach, then i
was constipated pushed really hard and saw red like stuff in the stool just a small thing. I wiped and nothing on
the toilette paper. Then a few hours later i went again and it was just white stuff in the bowl but i was still
constipated. Then a few hours later it was just gas and i was at work and got up every hour to "pee" but it was
really to pass massive gas which has no odor and if i kept it in i felt it all building in and it came out by
itself. Then i had a bowl movement actuall poo coming out i was relieved. Then after work i had massive gas again
even while walking to i had a really long walk came home and had a bowl movement.
After the months went on i felt bloated but gas had stopped. In the morning i was getting huge stools long stool
followed by skinny stools and a lil smell but one that i didnt smell before. And i felt something on the left side
of my abdomen but always in the same spot. But it didnt affect me eating or anything like that it was a morning
thing. Then on May 1st i woke up and threw up 8 countless times. I went to the ER and they gave me fleet to drink
so i did and i threw up 5 more times. And after the throwing up incident that is when everything went downhill.
I was still eating my mcdonalds...having my ice cream but it just didnt feel like it was going to the right places.
And i felt like having a bowl movement after everything i ate. Then i went to a local clinic and this doc put his
hands deep into my left side of my stomach and i felt the most pain and from that day on i feel the pain at the same
spot. Now i even feel it on the right hand side of my abdomen as well but near my hips. I was also having bubbles
forming near my rectum area and that would result in gas and at times i would wet my underwear. Also when i wiped
on the toilette paper its all wet.

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   Posted 1/9/2007 6:50 PM (GMT -7)   


Have you ever had a colonoscopy?  Diverticulitis is a common and fairly benign cause of lower left-sided pain.  One thing you should look at very critically is your diet (which can be one of the causes of diverticulitis as well as other intestinal complaints).  Drinking tons of prune juice will give anyone diarrhea!  But you really need to start a food diary.  If you're eating things like McDonald's and ice cream frequently, that could be the culprit! 

If I were you, I would start eating a bowl of shredded wheat every morning; yogurt; lots of veggies; fruits (but not an exorbitant amount; there's a lot of sugar in fruit); whole grains; etc.  I think a lot of digestive problems can often be attributed to diets that do not provide enough fiber and are too high in saturated fat or sugar. 

Fiber supplements are okay but not as good as getting regular fiber in your diet; supplements can, in and of themselves, cause increased gas in people if they're not well-tolerated.  I'd go the natural route and try a slow change in your dietary habits.  You might find that your digestive problems will heal up on their own that way!

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   Posted 1/10/2007 11:46 AM (GMT -7)   
Hey Sarita
Well Sarita i have never had a colonoscopy. I am schduled for one in march the end of it. This is thanks due to this site because i was seeing another GI specialist awhile back and he was heading towards me having ibs and he refused to do an endoscopy, colonoscopy he said it was a waste of time so i got a new Gi specialist because that was what people recommended on this site and he seems to be taking care of me.
So far ive had a stool test which didnt show any blood or parasites. Ive had an endoscopy which was good and blood tests which came out good as well. Ive had a CT scan which came out good as well. I have a barium swallow coming up in feb. The Gi specialist was hinting that the pain on the left side was probably due to me thinking too much about it....but this pain only started when this doctor at a clinic put both his hands deep into my stomach and i felt the pain there and he did this 4 times to make sure i wasnt joking wut an ass.
So what does that pain on the left side of my stomach mean...doesn anyone know? Because i feel that everything is always trapped there. Oh and as for my diet it was fairly mixed except i always had a junk meal once a day due to school or work and lack of time to prepare a lunch. And as for the bowl movements i couldnt easily exceeded 6 bowl movements a day but no diarrea so that is why i think something is wrong and after anything i eat i would get gas. Even drinking water i felt the bubbles around my anus area which wasnt very pleasant and then the gas would come out and make a psssstt noise.
Fiber supplements i dont like i was taking metamucil and after drinking it i thought i was going to have diarrea and i had a bowl movement and im not joking it was after 20 min of drinking it. And sometimes my bowl movements are well formed or sometimes they are a million of tiny pieces but a lot of them and when you flush it they turn into dust.
As for the Flagly i think im seeing improvements a bit. Before Flagly i had an urge to pee often even after 2 sips of water. Then when i did go to the bathroom it would take time to come out and just a little bit would come out. And this was getting very annoying especially at work. And i was always thirsty and my lips were always dry as well as my mouth.
Im gonna take your advice and load up on activa yogurt, fruits like apples, veggies like carrots and brown bread etc etc.
Thanks for the advice Sarita and let me know how your doing and updates.
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