nothing else they can do for me

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   Posted 3/8/2007 12:41 PM (GMT -7)   
for the last two days i hvae been lyed up in bed wiht the pain in my left side. i went to see my gp for painkillers today as the ones thye gave me wont working. i am now on metfinic acid and co drymol. still in a lot of pain thoguh. gp said there is nothing she or any of the doctors can do for me. i am now back to feeling very fed up. gp said thta my pain could be being made worse by my period pain which seems to be worse i think due to my pcos. the fact thta thye say there is nothing thye can do makes me feel so down and angry. i really need a break from the constant pain, bms and now just want rid of ibs pcos and everything. my emotions are all over the placep[oeple tell me just to grow up and i'll hvae to learn to live it all. but i just dont want to. life is so unfare. aslo my gp didnt listen to a word thta my deition said abuot my weigth not the cause of my health iususses. today i was surpost to start yoga but due to not being able to move out of bed i couldnt do it. the yoga lessons and also less stress lessons have been olganized by the mental health unit in my local area. thye were really nice to me thye no i have health iuses and aslo still geting over two deaths in the family.

i feel like i am in a night mare and will wake up and everything will be ok. but i no i am stuck wiht it. i just dont no why i am finding it so hard to acpet thta i hvae these health prolbmes and why i cant deal wiht them. i hvae so much anger inside which seems to rise up when i am least expecting it to. i tired to exercise again and ended up in pain. my life is spent in my gp surgery or in my house. i wanna hvae a life. i am still only young but i feel like i am not like other poeple my age. my freinds go out and enjoy thme sleves wiht me i just cant do thta. i just did an exam at collage which i failed misabley. i hvae ben trying to pass it for years. why cant nothing go right for me?

i am so sorry for this post. i i do try to be postive and i dont want to be a pain. i no i am a misable cow and never seem to hvae anything poistive to say. i just not really sure how i am feeling any more.

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   Posted 3/8/2007 2:15 PM (GMT -7)   
How hard is it for you to get another GP? Can your dietician recommend a good one? Usually the best way to get a good doctor is to ask around and find out who other people use and who they like.

I think they could treat your PCOS with hormones, if they wanted to, but they've got to send you to a freaking gynocologist. That's what gynocologists went to medical school to learn: how women's bodies work, don't work, and how to make them work. It's not for a GP to be fooling with your hormones or treating (or dismissing) your female problems.

The only other option besides hormones is the removal of your ovaries, which will mean you have to be on supplemental hormones until middle age, but it's like my gall bladder, isn't it? I have to take medicine to make up for the function that I lost when I lost my gall bladder, but what's not there can't cause you pain. If your ovaries are the sole source of your pain, then they can't hurt you if they're not there. Being a person who doesn't want kids, I'd say take them puppies out. But even if you do want kids, the liklihood you can conceive naturally is fairly low anyways, since your ovaries are producing cysts instead of releasing eggs. It can happen, but it's hard. Like I said before, I have a friend who has it pretty bad and she's never been able to have kids. I've also seen her when she's had a cyst rupture and she was so sick-looking and was in terrible pain. Another friend had a cyst rupture while she was out shopping and her mother had to borrow a wheelchair to take her out to the car because she couldn't walk for the pain. They put her on birth control pills and she hasn't had any more problems since. I think, though, she had a second one to rupture before she got the pills.

So know that you are not alone in your pain on this matter, and that it's not in your head and you're not being a hypochondriac. Maybe you need to report your doctor to the medical malpractice board in your country, because her lack of treatment of you seems criminal. When even a dietician says you're getting bad medical advice/care, then you know something's wrong.

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   Posted 3/10/2007 3:36 AM (GMT -7)   
for the past two days i hvae ben in bed in agnoy wiht pain in my side. i could hardly move. i just about managed to get to see gp which is only a short five mintue walk from my house. i am going to get in contact wiht the hopspiatl myself. my deitition cant recomend one. the thing is i like one of my gp's she is really nice it's just thta i feel because i hvae been up the doctors a lot since this started in august last year thye dont seem to take me seroursly.

i do feel thta if this pain goes on thne something like removing my ovarys may be the option but i might want kids i always have wanted them. i think i say to people thta i dont. i am fooling my self in cause i cant. i am scared thta i wont be able to have kids. not thta thta is a prolbem at the monemt. i never seem to be able to meet someone. i feel very selfconcers of the fact thta i am covered in spots wihch have turned out to be bad acne and am very hairy whcih pi**es me off. i know thta some of the pain is due to my bowels as mum get the same pain. but i think thta some of it could be due to my cysts busting. as i get days where i can move for the pain and then days where i am in pain but it's not to bad. i have reseached pcos alot since i was diagnosed so i know a lot about it. i have some of the horrible long term side effcets. i still havent come to terms with having it and not sure thta i will.

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   Posted 3/10/2007 6:41 AM (GMT -7)   
Oneday,  Hello,  Your story seem very similar to mine..  If you want to email me please do.. WOuld love to help you if I can..   I have had issues for the last 20 years and just got back from Cleveland CLinic..  Take Care.. :-)


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   Posted 3/10/2007 8:03 AM (GMT -7)   
oneday - Have you ever consulted an endocrinologist (gland/hormone doctor)? The pcos, acne, and extra hair growth all sound like some kind of hormone imbalance is going on here. A family doc will not be able to do the specialized testing necessary to nail down a hormone problem.

Also - have you ever had the pcos diagnosed surgically? I'm wondering if you may not have endometriosis causing the cysts - also known as "chocolate" cysts. If endo implants on bowels, it can cause the symptoms you describe. It won't show up on any tests either - has to be diagnosed surgically. Just a thought. :-)
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   Posted 3/10/2007 12:52 PM (GMT -7)   
i was diagnosed wiht pcos about eight years ago. i saw a gyne thne but my pcos was only my hurtistm thne and no other prolbems. i hvae has a ultra sound scan. i have had a few to confirm it two internal scans. i want to see an endocrinologist as thye may be able to help me more wioth the insulin resistance thta i have. i do wonder if i have endometriosis as well. i was asked by my deition if i was having a lapcoscopy done to what was causeing the pain and when i said no she was really surprised. the pain seems to be geting beter at mo. i still am taking all my pain meds but thye seem to be controlling my pain beter. i am hoping thta this attack has at last started to go. i seem to get attacks of serve pain alot. thye can last for ages and i have missed months of work from them.
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