More post-colonoscopy questions

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   Posted 5/29/2007 6:26 AM (GMT -7)   
Hi everyone,
   I'm sorry if I sound like a broken record.  I guess I have alot of angst/confusion about some of my symptoms and also going to the docs, so I try to figure alot of things out before I even go to the docs.  Its just what I do......right or wrong......and I'm too old to change.  hahaha
   Have any of you who had colonoscopies had any residual GI problems for awhile afterwards?  What I mean is, did it change your bowel habits for awhile?
   I realize that my fibromyalgia causes me alot of funky reactions to things, and my responses might be different than most.  As you may have read in my other post, I developed nausea and dizziness a couple weeks ago.  Actually, it really started up the day after my colonoscopy.  I had had a little in the month before that, but it really picked up after the colonoscopy.   Now I'm wondering if my nausea might be from a sluggish GI tract.    I've had more diarrhea than normal, but I've been taking pepto for the nausea, which actually mostly constipates me.
   Just curious if any of you noticed a period of time after a colonoscopy, when your GI tract wasn't as "normal" as usual?  Thanks!
(And thanks for listening to me be really anal about all of this!)    What a pun!

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   Posted 5/29/2007 2:28 PM (GMT -7)   
I had very bad intestinal problems after my colonoscopy for many months. I believe it was because I flushed out all the good and bad bacteria. i had terrible nausea. Mine started about 2 days after my first colonoscopy and it was terrible. I couldn't take my Nexium at all so just went back to Tagamet and then started on the Acidopholous finally when my Dr. just kept telling me to increase my Nexium. I was not having reflux as much as terrible discomfort. Not problem's with going to bathroom. Last coloscopy I started on Acidophalous that night and I had not problem. Maybe just a coicidence. I actually changed Doctors because that one that did the first just would not listen. worth a try to try the Probiotics and get that stomach back in balance.

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   Posted 5/29/2007 2:43 PM (GMT -7)   
Wow Canyonbabe.......that's very interesting. My nausea started the day after the colonoscopy. I've been thinking it had something to do with my using a CPAP machine........but now I'm really wondering about the colonoscopy. I just didn't put it together for awhile........but I did wonder if the Miralax, in that dosage would somehow affect the functioning of my gut. Hmmmm.........this is good information to know. I'm sorry you had that problem, but it does shed some light on the possible cause of my nausea. I kept thinking it was reflux, since I used to get nausea with that......but this is different. I have absolutely no heartburn at all. My upper GI symptoms aren't even there.......just this horrible nausea with some dizziness.
Its so frustrating when docs (especially GI docs) don't know much about a healthy gut.
I do have to say, though, that the doc who did my colonoscopy told me to try probiotics for IBS! That's encouraging!
about the probiotics......I know they all have different combos of good bacteria in them. Do you think "Activia" would be good, or should I do some other kind? Thanks

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   Posted 5/29/2007 3:29 PM (GMT -7)   
Cathy, have you tried probiotics? Colon flushing (in any form, for whatever reason) is known to flush out good bacteria and cause bowel function problems (as Canyon has experienced firsthand). If you can tolerate milk products, just starting out on acidophillus milk and an Activa yogurt once or twice a day will probably get you righted in a few days to a week or so (keep at it for three weeks though; that's how long it took me to recover from antibiotics). Unless I'm mistaken, a bacterial imbalance can also cause upper GI distress because bad bacteria can back up into the stomach, or a lack of bacteria can cause food to not go down as fast as it should, or something to that effect. If you can't tolerate the milk products, then try a probiotic. Acidophillus pills seem to be the least jolting on my system (Culturelle is a big jolt), but even so, I prefer to take them at night so I can sleep through the gas. I can't remember, though, if it's Des or Lil who is the exact opposite--Culturelle is easier on her than the acidophillus pills. Like anything with the guts, you will have to experiment to see what works best on you. But the acidophillus milk and yogurt are the most mild and the least likely to start you off with gas pains.

Whenever I get bowel problems now that aren't helped very much by the medicine I'm already on, I start in on the probiotics. That tends to fix me up (although it doesn't seem to be working very well on me right now; I either need more probiotics or examine my diet; I'm beginning to wonder about Sweet N' Low; I've been drinking Kool-Aid with it in it by the pitchers-full; normally I don't have a problem with it, but I may be in it too much).

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   Posted 5/29/2007 5:16 PM (GMT -7)   
Thanks Keriamon,

I just didn't know that about flushing everything out. I wished I had known about it 2 weeks ago! What's weird is I started eating Activia again about 4 days ago, and today was actually tolerable for me. Of course......I just made a doctor's appointment for tomorrow! Isn't that the way it goes. All I needed to feel better was make that doctor's appointment! hahaha
I will be so happy if the nausea ends up being from the clean-out, and not my CPAP machine!
I usually take probiotics, but they had been giving me some GI upsets, so I figured I'd stop them for awhile. Now I know I should have started them up right after the scope. Live and learn! Thanks so much everyone for helping me figure this out!

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   Posted 5/30/2007 9:43 AM (GMT -7)   
Hi Cathy,
I hate to say it but I doubt the probiotics were causing you GI upsets. They help. Unless, of course, you started taking a new probiotic. Sometimes your body just needs time to adjust to a new kind. If you were taking the same one, however, it should not cause upset.
I hope starting back up on the probiotics/Activia will help you. Good luck!!!
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   Posted 2/8/2016 1:46 PM (GMT -7)   
This is funny (not!). My memory is not great these days and I was searching for people who have had GI problems after a colonoscopy........and I found myself here, talking about the problems after my first colonoscopy 9 years ago.

I had diverticulitis in October, was treated with Cipro and Flagyl ad then 3 weeks of Fluconazole to treat the yeast from it. I also had 4 small polyps removed, which were benign. I felt great afterwards, which was a big surprise to me, since I usually feel horrible with antibiotics. My bowels were actually more normal than they'd been in years.
They wanted me to have a follow-up colonoscopy to make sure it was healed and wasn't some cancer brewing. But bowels haven't been the same since. I've had IBS-D for a long time (although recently have discovered it might have been made worse by taking magnesium citrate supplements), but's like I just can't poop at all. I work hard just to a little soft stuff out. I feel like I have gastroparesis some of the time. I've been searching online for problems like this, and there seems to be a fair number of people who really can mess up their GI tracts with colonoscopies......especially older people (of which I am one. 66). I've been eating yogurt with active cultures every day for months and I recently bought Align. I'm putting off seeing the doctor. I don't know him that well. I hadn't seen him until he did my colonoscopy.....but he was recommended by the surgeon who took out my appendix. I just couldn't bare him saying "Hmmm.....I've never heard of that," or "I don't think probiotics would help." So I'm muddling through this myself.

I'm not sure I'll have another scope...ever. What irritates me is that they NEVER mention the problems you might have afterwards and what you could do to help lessen them.

Here's a question I have: Align only has one type of bacteria in it. Should I be looking around for others that I could also take, in hopes of replacing the ones that were washed away? Would there be a prescription one that would work better than the otc ones?

This is such a drag. Sometimes it seems like some of these "preventative" tests can cause their own set of problems.

I eat lots of veggies, but sometimes they cause me problems, so I have to take it all one day at a time.
Our GI tracts are so important to our overall well-being. It's a bummer to have IBS, then have a test done that seems to make it all worse. I'm going to also look into fermented veggies.

Any suggestions?

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   Posted 2/8/2016 5:55 PM (GMT -7)   
What medications are you currently taking? It looks like 9 years ago, you were going to take probiotics but thought it was causing stomach problems. I have no doubt the antibiotics you took have messed up the good bacteria balance in your system- if you are not already, I would highly recommend you ask your doctor about starting a broad spectrum probiotic such as Nextibiotic that have 10 or more strains to offer. Are you sensitive to any foods such as gluten, soy, etc? I take NOW Probiotics, the capsules are free of wheat, dairy, soy, gluten as I have a sensitive stomach.

When did you have your appendectomy? I read awhile back that doctors once thought the appendix was quite useless, but at least Mercola wrote that studies suggest now the appendix may be the backup storage of good bacteria in the gut, and that suffers when it is removed.

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   Posted 2/13/2016 3:59 PM (GMT -7)   
Thanks rufous. I've been taking several different kinds of probiotics........but who knows if they are the ones I need. I will find out about that brand you mentioned.
I had an appendectomy in July of 2014. Yeah, I was sad to let it go because we all have things for good reasons......but with the concern of rupture, I didn't want to take any chances.
I don't want to see the doc too soon, in case things eventually smooth out. He will probably want a ct scan, and I've had way too many of them in my life. In fact.......sometimes I wonder if they've messed my GI tract up!
Thanks for your input rufous.

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   Posted 2/26/2016 2:09 PM (GMT -7)   
Well, I've decided it's not a problem with my good/bad bacteria. I had some pelvic organ prolapse before my colonoscopy, but it's VERY bad now. It happened right after the colonoscopy. Anyone know what the heck the doc could have done that would worsen pelvic organ prolapse? Nothing is falling out.......but it's causing internal it's really hard to have a B.M..........even when it's diarrhea! I just can't imagine what the procedure could have done to make this all worse.
Any ideas?
I've been taking probiotics and eating yogurt ever since the colonoscopy........and nothing has changed. I really think it's all my squished intestines. Bummer.
No, I haven't been back to the doctor yet. I just know he'll look at me like he doesn't haven't a clue what is wrong. :(

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   Posted 2/27/2016 5:18 PM (GMT -7)   
If you have had diarrhea for years, it is entirely possible that you have a partial prolapse putting pressure on your rectum. I developed a grade III prolapse of my bladder, intestines and rectum during a severe, prolonged diarrhea episode caused by C.diff. To urinate I had to manually move my rectum. And to have a bowel movement I had to manually push my intestines up inside my vagina. Perhaps seeing a uro-gyncologist who could assess if you have a prolapse would be helpful.
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   Posted 2/27/2016 9:15 PM (GMT -7)   
I'm so sorry you are in such pain! Is your doctor a Gastro or GP? Are you 100% sure your diverticulitis is healed?

I myself have an internal rectal prolapse (or intusseception)as well as a rectocele. It was a gynocologist who diagnosed them but he was acting like what is your problem-there's nothing I can do about this!!! My problem was from chronic constipation and likely the straining; I found a good Colon and Rectal Specialist who told me get enough fiber and to take Citrucel-no surgery or invasive procedure needed.

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   Posted 5/23/2017 7:03 AM (GMT -7)   
Since the colonoscopy my IBS and bowels have changed in that I'm constipated. It's pretty uncomfortable, and I've started taking probiotics to balance my digestion.

If I don't get much better I'll have to return to the GI and discuss my options. After going through this, I would not suggest it to anyone over 50. I'm 62, and I developed some sort of flu, and or upper respiratory issue, and have now had fever over a week.

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   Posted 5/23/2017 7:30 AM (GMT -7)   
Byrdi, if you are having constipation issues you need to use a stool softner & increase your water intake if you do not drink much. Try something like Miralax or Colace. These are not laxatives.

I have scopes done regularly because I have crohns disease & UC. I have never had upper respiratory problems or flu like symptoms afterwards & I am almost 64. I can't comment if it is related to the scope. Maybe you can see your primary dr to see what is going on.

Take care.
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