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   Posted 11/5/2007 5:40 AM (GMT -7)   
Hello fellow sufferers of abdominal pain.

I'm totally new to this forum, and my English is not very good, so please bear any mistakes.

Please I need your advice on my case.

Here my history:

Everything started on November 2006 with a low pelvic pain ( I had my first child 10 months before), so I ignore the problem thinking maybe was normal. But in January 2007 the pain got worse. Went to see GP. Several checks physical checks were done and everything thing seem alright, but pain continue -- always on the left side of my ovaries and in my lower back.

On Feb 2007 GP decided to send me to a Sexual Infection Disease Clinic for a check. I went - test were done - not found anything suspicious, but never the less they decided to put me on antibiotics in case of PID. For two weeks went for treatment - the pain was gone for several months, just to come back when I was on holiday in Spain.

The pain was so bad (on the same location but worse) that I had to go to emergency in Spain. They did an X Ray, an ovarian scam, blood test -- all results were fine, totally normal. They just put me on pain killers.

Came back to the UK and the pain continue. I went back to my GP, by now he decided a endoscopy is the next thing (I'm having my first endoscopy next Friday 9 of Nov (totally petrified with the idea).

Here my concern.

As mentioned above the pain started on my left lower side of my pelvic (with back pain) but the pain has now move all lower my bowel (quite severe). I have not mention that I have suffered most of my life with constipation due to an underthyriod problem, diarrhea is almost unknown to me - very rare I had had it.

My husband swear I have IBS (he has suffer from it for many years), but I;m not convinced it is just IBS.

I now know I have most IBS symptoms such as pain (not necessarily when my bowel is moving and that's worry me -- I can have pain most of the pain without apparent reason. It can get worse after eating though)

I do also have swelling abdomen and nauseas.

But I would like to know if other people experience constant pain, more severe in the morning - gets better in the afternoon, but again very bad before bed time. At one occasion I was awaken by pain in the middle of the night and this worries me a lot as I have read that IBS have nothing to do with awaken you up.

When the pain is severe my entire abdomen get hot, like burning, very irritable. But on other occasion I feel it cold!!!!!!!!! very cold.

I have never seen blood on my stools and I'm on a very strict diet at the moment (mainly vegetables and lots of juicing).

I'm so worry. Many times I have search on the net for colon cancer symptoms thinking maybe I have that....

Please advice, please share your thought with me.

Many thanks


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   Posted 11/5/2007 5:53 AM (GMT -7)   
hi ya

jsut wanted to say yuor english is very good. i am hvaeing a lot of pian in my left side whcih was so bad last yaer thta i ended up in a and e four times. i had a colocscopy done thsi yaer thta was normal and now waiting for small bowel xrays. i hvae been told thta it is probably jsut ibs. i suffer wiht d and seem to go loads some days.

try not to worrie abuot the endoscope thye are not as bad as yuo thnik thye are giong to be honset. i had a endoscope done last yaer althuogh there not pleasent it will be over before yuo know . good luck wiht it and take care. let us know how yuo get on.

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   Posted 11/5/2007 9:04 AM (GMT -7)   
Continual pain (even when you're not having a bowel movement) is not abnormal for IBS. Oneday there can tell you all about continual, excruitating pain and bad bowel movements.

Some people do wake up in the middle of the night with bowel problems, even though that's not supposed to be a symptom. Seems to me that you're probably like those people, in that your guts are not settling down for the night like they should, and that's why you are waking up with the pain; they're still very much (too much) active at night.

A couple of things for you to explore. One, hormones can play a big role in IBS. You're not the first woman to start having problems somewhere around getting pregnant or after having a baby. Did you go back on birth control after you had your baby? That may be part of the problem. Even if you went on the same BC you were on a long time before, your body changes when you have a baby, and that BC may now be causing you problems. You can always switch to a non-hormonal BC (condoms, sponge) for a few weeks and see what happens. Several women on this board have gotten better for going off their BC pills.

That you went on antibiotics and got better, then got worse when you got off, can be a big indicators that you have a problem with bad bacteria, or else something infectious. The problem is, both can be so hard to get rid of, that one week of antibiotics isn't going to do it. Have your doctor do a stool culture on you to check for the nasty sorts of bugs you can pick up in bad water. Also, get a breathalyzer test; that anazlyes the gases you are exhaling and that can indicate if you have too much bad bacteria in your system. In either case, several weeks of antibiotics are prescribed. Some doctors will try a big round of antibiotics like that even if they can't find any evidence because these things can be in there, but escape detection.

Also, your diet is actually quite bad for you. I know that sounds utterly bizarre, but people with IBS generally CANNOT tolerate raw vegetables and fruits very well. One, raw veggies are harder to digest. Do you really want your highly sensitive guts to be working harder? Secondly, acids from fruits and vegetables are harder on the lining of your intestines. Third, they all produce more gas than other foods and that can lead to swelling, nausea and cramps.

Beans are right out: too much gas production. Tomatoes are out because they are full of acid. Apples are way, way out because of acid and the fact that their juice is a natural gas-producing laxative. They're terrible on people with D, but also are bad for people with C because of the gas they produce. In fact, raw apples and apple juice are almost universally not tolerated by people with IBS in any form. Some people can tolerate apples cooked, though. Cauliflower, broccoli, carrots, etc. need to be cooked until very soft. No al dente. No juicing. All other fruits should be avoided as well, as they all have some level of acid in them that's hard to digest. You can try cooking them until soft, but no juicing--that just concentrates the acid.  Bananas are pretty much the only thing I can think of that don't have acid in them (although, maybe dates as well?), but they cause constipation.  Okay to eat in most cases of D, but not okay if you are C. 

You're probably wondering, okay, what can I eat? Fish and chicken, so long as it's not fried, seem to be pretty well tolerated by everyone. Pork and beef are harder to digest and should probably not be eaten more than once a week, and in small, 4-6oz servings. Potatoes are safe, as is rice (with the exception of Chinese fried rice, which is too greasy). In fact, starches and carbohydrates are generally safe, so long as you don't have a gluten intolerance. So corn and corn products (tortilla chips, for example), and flour, bread, tortillas, etc. are okay. People with IBS eat a lot of sandwiches. I can tolerate turkey bacon when cooked in the microwave; it's lean and without grease, so I make bacon sandwiches with it, or crumble it up on salads. Salads can be a bit iffy; some people can do them, some cannot. I only eat iceburg lettuce from a head; don't eat any pre-cut bagged salad, as it has chemicals on it (at least the stuff they make in the US), which causes D in a lot of people. Broth-based soups are generally okay as well. Also, some people can do dairy and some cannot. If you can tolerate milk, then you can eat cereal as well.

One thing that will be helpful for you and your doctor is to start making a food diary. Write down everything you eat, and when, and write down when you feel bad and give yourself a scale of 1 to 10 on how much you hurt, and any other words to describe your problem. Some foods that cause problems, which you might try eliminating for a week or two to see if you get any better:

Dairy (this can be divided into being okay with lactose-free products to not being able to tolerate any product with even a hint of dairy in it)
Gluten (from corn and wheat and a few other things)
Artifical Sugars (two types: sugar alcohols, found in diabetic candy--these should ALWAYS be avoided because they're very bad for you!; and saccarin, aspartame, etc.--Sweet N' Low, Equal, Splenda, Twin)
Sugar (table sugar, honey)
Alcohol (hard liquor actually seems tolerated the best, followed by wine, with beer being the least tolerated)
Carbonated drinks (these cause extra gas)

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