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   Posted 12/16/2007 5:56 PM (GMT -7)   
I was diagnosed with IBS and Anxiety a while ago. I'm not new to this site.....but i'm having mor problems. Just a few weeks ago I thought I'd recovered and I was doing sooo good. I even ate fast food and elt completely fine afterwards. I wasn't gassy..no tightness in ab area..shortness of breath was on and off but mostly OFF.. I would ignore every anxiety symptom and I was great..now it's coming back and Im havinga ew symptom. Slow heartbeat..sometimes I have to feel my chest because it's so slow it feels like i'm going to faint...I've had two bladder infections and took Sulfa Anti-biotics..now I have bacterial vaginosis. I went t the RER because I was having pelvic heaviness and back/chest pain. I've been having this gel-like mucous discharage ever since I had my baby in August...and the doc says my cervix seemed opened and my discharge was coming from my cervix. As an anxiety patient I freaked. I'm on Metronidazole antibiotics for the infection....i'm having this tightness in my ab area...slow heartbeat..just getting over a cold. I'm wondering if Anxiety seems worse with cold? Feels like I got a cold/cough/congestion and my anxiety came back. but it's in my stomach area (all the discomfort) and chest as well. I haven't had so much chest pain in my life. I got IBS/anxiety after my daughter was born...which was hard to accept because I felt as if I were the happiest mother around. My daughter helps me feel better when I hold her...but now with all this chest pain and back pain it's hard... My ab area feels "stuffy" and my chest feels "light" Yesterday I thought I was going to pass out I felt so lightheaded. Please can anyone share similar stories? Anyone have this gel-like discharge/cervix open before? and turned out to be harmless? I have an appt. tomorrow morning but I can't stop thinking I need to go to the ER because the longer I wait, the more it gets worse.. Also, my last period was in October...preg test neg.  please reply if you have anything similar or know any info about this. I try not to google things, anxiety sufferers shouldn't google! lol that's one thing I learned.

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   Posted 12/17/2007 9:00 AM (GMT -7)   
I can't relate to most of your problems, but I do know that antibiotics will give you all sorts of gut problems, including gassiness (and related pains) and diarrhea.

Make sure you take a probiotic while on the antibiotics, and for about three weeks afterwards. While on antibiotics, I take Digestive Advantage or Culturelle, both of which can be found in the bowel products section of most chain pharmacies. After I get off antibiotics, I usually switch over to Activia yogurt once or twice a day for an additional three weeks.

Have you seen a therapist that deals just with anxiety? They can help you learn breathing and mental image techniques to help thwart the attacks. Also, some of the newer anti-depressants work on some people's IBS like a miracle cure (even if they themselves show no sign of depression). Seems the gut runs on the same type of serotonin the brain runs on, and the anti-depressants help calm an anxious, out-of-whack gut in some people.

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   Posted 12/21/2007 1:21 PM (GMT -7)   
Hello there - I would recommend you keep a food and medication journal. Write down every single thing you eat, each day and what specific meds you are on and when you take them. Keep a log of all of this and also sum up each day if you felt well, or gassy, etc. As time goes on you will be able to pinpoint good days and perhaps the foods you ate that day might be the way you should eat from now on. I do know this entire IBS cycle is trial and error. What works for one patient doesn't always work for another. Fiber helps some, fiber makes it worse for others. A low residue diet helps some (myself) but others find a high fiber, fresh produce diet helps the most. We all must find whatever it is that works for us and then, stick with it. You can't always rely upon doctors to have the magic formula here. Take control of your life, doctors can try but they're not the ones feeding us each day or controlling our stress. We are. These are all the valuable lessons I've learned along the way, 8+ years now. You must become your own advocate, never apologize for how you are feeling. Most people want to hear that my stomach is bothering me. I let them think that - LOL! It's not my stomach, it's my heaving, rolling, having a mind of its own colon, is what the heck is going on with me! But they do not want to hear all of that. So the polite question I get a lot is - your stomach is upset? I said yes it is. And leave it at that. You just have to find what works for you. Did I know all of this 8 years ago, when I had rectal cancer, 15 inches removed, my sigmoid taken out and my gall bladder too? Oh no! I was a real mess. I joked I'd be taking my meals on the pot from now on - I had 3 bm's during every single meal. The second I chewed, I had to go. I thought my life was over. Well fast forward to now, 8+ years and my life is not over - I'm working part time, I go out into this world and if people have a problem with my gut or my farting, sorry to be so blunt, it's just THEIR problem!

Sorry, got off on a tangent there. Just wanted to tell you how helpful it was when I began a food journal. I kept it faithfully for almost 2 years. If I had M & M's I wrote down how many. I figured out I could have 5 but not a bag. Just for one random example.

I also learned how to say no, to many requests (my children's PTA, invites, etc.). After a while, I didn't even feel bad saying no.

You will find what works for you, trust me. It's just a lot of trial and error, someone to listen to you and a heating pad helps greatly too!

I wish you my very best. I hope I didn't come off as all preachy, I certainly didn't intend to sound that way. I just get annoyed with doctors sometimes. They think giving us 5 minutes of their time and advice, is the cure all and really, when you come down to it, you just have find what works best for you. I have taken 50% of what my surgeon said to heart and the other 50% is comprised of what I read on colon message boards and truthfully, my gut instinct - no pun intended.


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   Posted 12/22/2007 2:19 AM (GMT -7)   
Marsky is a very wise woman!

Newmother, how are you doing?
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