Bed Sweats/Wets?

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   Posted 10/30/2010 2:48 PM (GMT -6)   
Okay I was confused as to what forum to put this in so I hope I chose the right one?

heres the deal.

I was a chronic bed wetter as a kid, and very late into my teens too, I think I stopped around 16-17, but it has happened on occasion since then.
I'm now 23 and rarely suffer from this thing, maybe once or twice in a year long period?
I woke up this morning and was wet, which really agitated me and got me down, as a result I've been sat indoors all day even though my girlfriend wants me to visit her at work.

The bed was wet through to the bottom of the mattress (I have memory foam mattress) this is what makes me think its pee, but it just doesn't smell like it or really feel like it when you wake up from it.
I've read about night sweats and stuff but surely it couldn't be so bad as to pass all the way through the mattress?

I was however out last night at the bar and came home quickly, drunk and went straight to bed, I don't have any doubt that this was part of the reason why I did this again, but I don't know if its pee. it just really doesn't smell like it

help me I'm really depressed this has happened again, I've never spoken to anyone about it not even my parents or anything, I remember feeling so crap as a child when my dad would shout and scream at me for doing this, and I have to punish myself now I'm an adult for doing it, it feels that way anyway.

Why could this have happened someone talk to me, and if this is in the wrong forum I'm really sorry xx

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   Posted 10/31/2010 1:51 PM (GMT -6)   
I am not a doctor or any other kind of medical professional. With that said I doubt that you are experiencing night sweats. I have sweated quite profoundly during the night for a variety of reason and I have never truly soaked a pillow clear through. My bedding would be quite wet and my hair would look like I had just got out of the shower and lightly towel dried it.

In order to soak a mattress, even a foam one, through you would need to add a quart or quarts of liquid to it and I just really can't see anyone sweating that much in 8 hours or so.

Urine does not necessarily have an odor or much of one. There are many reasons why urine may smell strong or not have any smell at all. A number of conditions that can effect how much and/or how often a person urinates, and so forth. Some of these reasons are quite benign and others can be serious.

I strongly suggest you make an appointment with your doctor and be straight with him/her. I would suggest having a blood work up and a complete urinalysis to check for things like kidney problems, diabetes, etc. When disease is ruled out the doctor may be able to help with your problem and not being able to make it to the bathroom at night when you need to. Until you are checked out I suggest staying out of the bars, controlling your fluid intake the last half of your day, trying to force yourself to go and really emptying your bladder right before going to bed.

As an after thought a simple test to truly determine if this is urination or something else is to wear an adult diaper (Depends, etc) to bed at night and if you wake up and just the diaper is wet or the diaper and very little of the bed then you know the source of the liquid soaking you and the bed.....but even if you do this test you should still see your doctor.
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   Posted 11/8/2012 10:28 AM (GMT -6)   
I know this is a couple years old, but since you got only one response and might still have the problem (or be wondering about it) then perhaps I can help.

As the other person said, urine does not always smell, or smell as strong. If you ever ate asparagus, you will realize this gives it the strongest and most unique smell. Other foods do this also. Sometimes in the summer if you sweat a lot and urinate only once in several hours it may appear extra strong and yellow. But if have a fever and do nothing but drink water all day it will be like you are peeing water.

You said you were drinking at the bar and went to bed right away (without going to the bathroom first?), and also did not mention that you had a dream that you were using the toilet. All of this indicates a situation exactly as you describe. Alcohol, of course, allows you to retain water, creating a full bladder, while also relaxing the muscles a bit (relaxed muscles is why people like getting drunk, partly, and explains the stumbling). The muscle that holds your urine is also affected by this. It also makes you sleep more deeply so that you would be completely unaware that you were urinating, or even having a dream about it (dreams happen in a different part of sleep: REM).

So the scenario is, you were once a chronic bedwetter and so wetting the bed was not a new thing for your body to experience. The alcohol you drank (and subsequently, I assume, did not relieve yourself of before bed) built up as urine in your bladder, with a slightly weakened muscle, and you went straight into a very deep sleep, and proceeded to wet the bed with the sort of large amount of urine drunk people are famous for passing. The urine was also less yellow and odorous as normal concentrated urine after eating a meal. Because you were sleeping deeply you did not feel yourself wetting, OR (as usually happens in these cases) the cold dampness of the sheets and kept on sleeping. This allowed the extra quantity of urine extra time to sink down deeper and fully soak the mattress as you described, leaving less of a smell.

That probably sums it up! But definitely not sweat.
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