Dr said my daughter has a positve ana??????????????

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looking 4 answers
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   Posted 9/9/2008 10:07 AM (GMT -6)   
Hi to all.  I'm new at this so be patient.  My daughter has always been weaker than my other 2, tires easily, gets sick easier, looses weight here and there has had a few episodes of Raynauds...  the dr tested her and said everything was normal...a few days later I got a call from the nurse saying that the ana had come back at a different time and that it was positive for us to go to a rheumotolist.  The ana was 3.0.  I can't get her in until October! Now all I can do is worry.  Any suggestions?????????????

looking 4 answers
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   Posted 9/9/2008 10:08 AM (GMT -6)   
By the way, my daughter is 17 very active in school but does have a very hard time in school. It doesn't come easily to her, it's always been that way???

Barbara Lee
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   Posted 9/9/2008 11:18 AM (GMT -6)   

First welcome to our forum and I'm sorry that your daughter is having problems. My first suggestion would be take a deep breath and try to relax. The fact that your daughter has a positive ANA may not mean anything. I've had lupus for 20 years and my 15 yr old daughter has had a positive ANA since she was 8 yrs old and she does not have lupus or any AI disease. Healthy people can have positive ANA.

With that said, I see your daughter was Raynauds. This could be why they are sending her to a Rheumy. I would suggest you look at www.lupus.org is will give lots of information. It will list the 11 symptoms of lupus and you must have 4 out of the 11 to get DX'd with lupus. Lupus is a very hard disease to diagnose. Like I said I've had it for 20 yrs but it took 13 yrs to finally get my doctor to say yes that's what I have and to begin treatment. I'm not saying this will happen to your daughter, but I thought I should let you know that lupus is the disease of 1,000 faces. That why it's so hard to figure out.

I would suggest you make a journal of your daughters symptoms, what she was doing when they happen, how bad if she has pain, list how bad on a scale of 1-10. If she has rashes I'd suggest you take a photo of them to take to the Rheumy appointment. I'm sure others will be along to welcome you and make suggestions.

I know it's hard not to be worried and scared about our kids. However, it all may be nothing except she's got a positive ANA. I hope she feels better soon and good luck to you.

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   Posted 9/10/2008 8:05 AM (GMT -6)   


My daughter is 11, and tested with a positive ANA when she was 9. (Her ANA was just barely positive.) She feels sick often, has achy joints often, and for a while was getting chronic sore throats. I took her to see my rheumy, and he assured me that her positive ANA was just a remnant of my lupus from when I was pregnant with her; not actual lupus.

I agree with Barbara Lee, make a journal of her symptoms and take them with you to her appointment. It may turn out that it's a false positive. If not, we are all here to help you and your daughter through this.

I won't tell you not to worry. That's just silly. I cried when the doctor told me my daughter tested positive. Our kids are our lives, and worrying comes with the territory. Try to stay positive, and you can always ask the doctors office to put you on a list for cancelations so you can get in sooner.

Good luck to you and your daughter. (((hugs)))

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   Posted 9/10/2008 9:31 AM (GMT -6)   
Hi looking, and welcome to the forum,

Barb gave you some great advice when she suggested that you take a deep breath and try to relax. I also agree with the suggestions about keeping a journal, but let me share my story with you.

My beautiful and healthy daughter is 21. She has never been sick other than the typical childhood illnesses...strep throat, tonsilitis, colds, all mild. She has a positive ANA and very pronounced reynauds. She also has learning disabilities. She was tested in the first grade and the results were so dismal that she had to change schools and spent most of her grade school years in the learning lab. She was so determined to get out of the lab that with hard work and determination, she was mainstreamed in the 6th grade and by the 8th grade was taking honors courses. She's a junior in college and is on the President's honor roll.

She feels great, never sits down, does not have lupus, and the only complaints I ever hear is that her hands and feet are cold. It's possible to have a positive ANA and/or Renaud's by themselves. So don't despair.

My daughter has seen what I have gone through and how little energy I have and she's determined that she's not going to go down that road. We never talk about health.

That's not to say that there might not be something wrong with your daughter, and that's why you should take her to a rheumy and keep a written history of her symptoms. But I'd urge you not to let her know of your concerns.

My prayers are with you and your daughter and I hope that all turns out well for her.


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   Posted 9/10/2008 10:15 PM (GMT -6)   
Welcome to the forum Looking4Answers!!

The others gave you some great advice. I just want to welcome you. There are some link at the end of my signature that might help.

Most of the time even with a Lupus dx, the doctors treat our symptoms. So, that might help you keep a good perspective here. Having a rheumy involved is a great idea. He'll get a base-line reading on LOTS of blood work. I'll be your daughter will have a ton of blood tests . . . but that shouldn't worry you. It should help to ease your mind because you'll know they are looking at everything. He'll also likely have her do a urinalysis so they can make sure there is no issue with the kidneys.

Oh . . . it is really common to wait months for a first appointment with a rheumy. The appointment will probably take at least an hour, so its hard for them to work in a newbie. Then you have more waiting to do while blood work is done and then you'll go for a second appointment. Even then, it is not common to be sure of what is going on. This is a real game of patience.

I hope you'll keep us posted!!


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   Posted 9/11/2008 9:24 PM (GMT -6)   
I do not technically have lupus, but have a high ANA due to other issues. I just wanted to post to add to the consensus that many people get an elevated ANA for many reasons and some for none (or at least nothing) so the tests afterward will help more.

I was always sick as a child and some of my problems are due to just poorly treated infections that never resolved (I have throat infections from infections as a child that were assumed to be strep that were actually a staph infection). After about four years off and on bad throat problems they finally cultured and gave me the right medicine and I got well for a long time. As I got older, my throat started causing me problems again, mostly due to the old chronic infections, the docs say.

You are a good mom and this is good she is getting this sorted out as a child because it will prevent problems that many older people have because health issues were not taken care of properly when they were younger.

I wish you both the best. BTW, my oldest son was the weak one, always having a cold, having problems, weak and not doing well in school and my youngest was the strong and healthy and doing the best in school. My oldest child, the most unlikely, is actually the healthiest as a young adult and my youngest is turning out to have more health issues. So you can't really tell. My doc always used to say, when you get sick with colds its a sign that your body is doing what its supposed to, more a sign your immune system can still muster a response and that it does rest occasionally. I'm not sure if they said that to make me feel better, but when I did have a serious chronic illness, I never got a cold because my immune system was very active. I thought I was really healthy, but really I wasn't. So you never know.

Well, I wish I could say something to make you not worry but being a mom, we do. I hope everything turns out just fine.
Love, Marji
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