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   Posted 10/8/2008 1:52 PM (GMT -6)   
It has been a while since I have posted so you will have to excuse me if this topic has been recently discussed.  I have been reading thru some of the postings, looking at the topics, reading the signatures and noticing all the "new" members.   Many of us have "suffered" a multitude of similar "diagnosis", to eventually have them re-classified under the main diagnosis of Lupus.  The following are some of my alternative therapies that I have discovered work very well, especially when all else fails, hope it helps:
1)  Vitamin D levels - This is NUMBER ONE important!!  I had my levels checked about 2 months ago and now take a high daily supplement.  My quality of life has improved dramatically!!  It was my idea, not my doctors, to have it checked.  My muscles and bones don't ache near as much, energy is back up, everything feels "refreshed"! I am super light sensitive, allergic to dairy, and dark skinned so I get no Vit D from nature or diet. 
2) Vicks Vapor Rub - When I am a little achey from hiking or overcast skies I put a little bit of Vick's vapor rub (or similar)on my joints/muscles.  A little dab on my temples and back of the neck also work when I have a killer migraine.  It is instant relief without the side effects of pain killers or OTC pills.  My massage therapist is the one who turned me onto the joint relief.  I new about the headache cure when I was pregnant and couldn't take anything. I have a jar at my coffee shop, in my purse, all over the house!!
3) Neosporin (or anything similar)- I have tubes all over the place!!  This stuff is great for "owies" and lupus-type sores.  Works 10x's better than those steroid creams that all they do is burn!!  Clean and disinfected is my mantra for staying healthy!! 
4)  Hot bath once a week with a little bit of Eucalyptus essenstial oil and Tea Tree Oil -  I soak about once a week in this concoction (add a little baby oil, veggie oil, etc as a "carrier" for the essential oil), it clears my sinuses and the Tea Tree oil disinfects all my "parts", like my feet, nail beds, privates, scalp,  etc.  and keeps me free from infection which is super important because that keeps "flares" down.
5) Probiotics (Pearls brand) - These used to work really well for me and I still take them, but I think my guts are a little inflammed so nothing is working really well except lots of licorice tea (which can be dangerous). 
I hope these suggestions help some of you find a little relief from your discomfort.  Sometimes modern medicine doesn't work, but that doesn't mean you are left without options and alternatives. 
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   Posted 10/8/2008 7:46 PM (GMT -6)   
Hey Shelly, great thread. I made one similiar to this a few days ago.
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   Posted 10/8/2008 10:49 PM (GMT -6)   

Hi Shelley, Thanks for posting what works for you.  I use Tiger Balm on my forehead for sinus pain and Icy Hot on the muscles....never thought about that jar of Vick's for the same applications - but I'll sure try it.

I have to say one thing about the Vitamin D supplements.  It's a pretty hot topic right now.  My rheumie checked my levels which were extremely low.  She put me on 50,000 units once a week for 8 wks.  I managed to take 3 of those 50,000 units before going into a big flare.  I actually had more muscle spasms while taking it.  Rheumie took me off of the megadose and said to try 1000 units a day.  (By the way, my pcp was not thrilled about the 50k dose to begin with).  I decided to wait a bit before starting the lower dose, but we moved, and my daughter got married.....and I never started back on it.  about a year later, rheumie tests levels again -they are even lower- puts me on the 1000/day and I was very faithful to the regimen.  I was to get re-tested in two months. 

This is the important part.  After two months - one of the test levels was very high (there are two tests - one measures what your body makes and one measures the level affected by supplementation.)  They tried to call me to tell me to stop the supplement, but Dh and I had flown off to Ariz. to visit my mother and I never got the call.  I spent as much time in the sun as I could while there, thinking I was doing my body all these great favors by soaking up natural Vit D.  shakehead I went into another huge flare. It was bad.  Wasn't sure I could make the flight home.   I realize now that it's possible that the sun exposure alone could have brought on the flare....( I did develop a minor rash - just wasn't clued in about that yet) but I tend to think it was at least a combination with the high Vit D levels - especially because if the flare that occurred the year before on the 50K weekly dose.  I was to have my levels tested again in two months after being off the Vit D altogether.  At that time...they had returned to normal levels....and I now get my Vit D in my multiple vitamin - I think it's 400 units.

I tend to have problems taking just about everything - but do want to caution those who are big on the Vit D supps right now.  It's important to get your levels checked from time to time.  It's a fat soluble vitamin and does build up in your body and can become toxic at a certain level.  The 50K dose was pharmaceutical grade - and the insurance company would only approve 4 at a time. 

Sorry this is so long - but while it's important to get enough Vit D - and I'm very glad it is making you feel better - taking large doses can carry some risk - and we are all different in the way our bodies metabolize be sure to re-test!

Peace - Lucy


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meds:  occasional low dose xanax for sleep, artificial tears w/ ointment at night, ibuprophin (none of which manages the problems very well!)
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