hands and feet swelling

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   Posted 1/4/2009 8:45 PM (GMT -6)   
I've had lupus for 13+ years now, but it seems like I'm either getting different symptoms or I'm just getting old. Does anyone have problems with swelling of hands and feet in just the morning and at night. My hands hurt to pick anything up and my feet feel like they are porcelain and will crack if I step on them wrong. Anyone else have this problem and any helpful hints for it?

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   Posted 1/4/2009 10:27 PM (GMT -6)   
Hi Piffle,
Welcome to the forum!  My grandfather always used the term "piffle" if he was frustrated.  "Oh piffle!"  he would say. LOL.  Is that why you used it for your name?!  It's an old British expression.
I have a lot of morning and evening pain in my hands and feet, but no swelling. My pain is from my Fibromyalgia. When there's swelling, that is a pretty good sign it's a lupus thing.  This disease can morph and change often. 
What meds are you taking?  Maybe something needs to be adjusted?  Whenever I had swelling and pain from my lupus, I would have to adjust my prednisone. Once I did that, it all cleared up. That's the only remedy I can tell you.  I know there will be others with more suggestions.  Weekends can be a bit slow here, so don't give up!
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   Posted 1/5/2009 12:13 PM (GMT -6)   
I do have fingers and feet swelling... not hand.... my fingers will bend down to the palm of the hand...and very painful...

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   Posted 1/5/2009 12:21 PM (GMT -6)   

Hey Piffle,

I do have swollen hands and feel sometimes.  but not just in my joints.   So I assumed it was not Lupus, but maybe circulatioin might not be good, or some such thing.

I too wish to welcome you to the forum, and looking forward to your future posts.

It helps me when I read other peoples posts.  It gives me the things I need to say to my rheumy.


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   Posted 1/5/2009 2:20 PM (GMT -6)   

Hi Piffle, I'm sorry you are having problems but I do want to say welcome to the group! I understand the comment it's not always easy to tell if it's this disease or just age. I'm 51 and I know I have regular aches and pains that come with age. However I do know the swelling thing you mentioned. That is not a normal "age" problem. It could be circulation it could be fluid retention. Sometimes my feet swell so bad I can't fit in my shoes. The last time my pcp said it was lupus inflamation. Have  you had any breathing problems or heaviness in your chest? I'm just thinking it's not unusual for us folks to get inflamation and fluid build up in the sack around our lungs and heart. I think you need to persue this with your dr.

anyway nice to meet you looking forward to getting to know ya



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   Posted 1/5/2009 7:36 PM (GMT -6)   
Thank you for all of your responses. I wasn't sure if it was lupus, old age or just the weather. I guess it comes down to something I need to address with my Rheumy and go from there. It's hard when your hands and feet don't function well.
BTW I use the name Piffle because my grandfather use to call me "Little Miss Piffler" when I was young. I think I talked habitually about nothing. Some things never change.
Thanks again

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   Posted 1/5/2009 8:29 PM (GMT -6)   
Hi Piffle, welcome! You are right it's hard to function when your hands and feet are hurting. I have a lot of joint pain in my hands and feet but recently I have been experiencing hand swelling at night, while I am asleep. Several times I have woke up unable to make a fist because my fingers were so swollen. I am not sure what is causing this but I have it on my list for my rheumy next month. Please let us know what the rheumy says and keep us updated on how you are doing.
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   Posted 1/5/2009 10:18 PM (GMT -6)   
Swelling in hands and feet could be a symptom of kidney problems.  I would ask your doctor to check out your kidneys just in case.  This is usually easily treatable.  A rapid increase or decrease in swelling is usually due to water retention and release and that is controlled by your kidneys.

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   Posted 1/6/2014 11:48 AM (GMT -6)   
Hi! I stumbled onto this forum while looking for information on Lupus. I got diagnosed with Lupus as well as antiphospholipid syndrome two months ago, and to be honest, I'm scared. I don't know what to expect. I don't know how to tell when the lupus is acting up and when it's something else...any words of wisdom or encouragement would be GREATLY appreciated!!! :)

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   Posted 1/6/2014 2:33 PM (GMT -6)   
Welcome, Sunshine.
Make sure to post an introduction thread since you're new.
What medicines are you on?
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   Posted 1/6/2014 6:17 PM (GMT -6)   
Boy o boy do my feet hurt. They are okay as long as I am not on them. Seriously, the tops and bottoms of my feet hurt like the devil. I see my rheumy Friday and sure hope he can help me. I am so so so tired of hurting.

I know there are a lot more people out there with really serious pain and I should not complain, but I can't help it, it hurts.

Hope you feel better.


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   Posted 1/6/2014 9:56 PM (GMT -6)   
The great thing about Healing Well is that on this forum we just tell it like it is. And the truth is never complaining, and should never be compared, good or bad, to someone else's situation.

So tell it like it is! Your feet hurt!

Hope the rheumy can help.
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   Posted 1/10/2014 11:50 PM (GMT -6)   
I too just joined the site because of some of the great forums and discussion I am seeing to be very helpful! I am 20 yrs old and for the past year or so have been told I have Lupus off and on by different doctors as well as arthritis. I have loads of the symptoms/problems, as well as the blood work, and am trying to finish up college and finding it to be difficult to juggle. I am dealing with the hand and foot swelling a lot recently but no doctors seem to understand the issue.
Responding to Twinks post, I am having the same issue with the feet as you are, did you find out anything helpful from your doctors appointment?


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   Posted 1/11/2014 1:59 AM (GMT -6)   
My hands and feet swell too. My doctor put me on lasix twice a day for it.
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When life throws you lemons....
Pick them up and throw them right back at them! :))

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   Posted 1/12/2014 8:35 PM (GMT -6)   
Hi! I am new here too. We never wanted this illness but sure are delighted to find this place of support and understanding.

I wake about 3 times a week with swelling. Just recently, on the web I read at a site (sorry don't remember) Waking with swollen hands was listed as a Lupus symptom. No further information provided.

Thanks for posting this I will be watching this unfold.

Sending Luv
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