Posted 1/8/2009 10:18 AM (GMT -6)
Gosh Hippi, if I wasn't lost in brain fog I might be able to count how many times I've screwed up my meds, but I doubt it. My BF says that considering how many meds I take and the adjustments docs make, he thinks that I do a great job. Still, it sure can make you feel like poo. I hope you feel better soon! Love, Butterflake

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Posted 1/8/2009 3:58 PM (GMT -6)
Hi Hippi and everyone,

As you can see I havn't been here for a long time. Sorry about that. I try. Man I have been messing up if I don't put my meds in the case. I messed up today I think as a matter of fact. My care taker wasn't sure if I had taken my meds last night because I had fallen asleep, no passed out by 830. When they checked on me to make sure I got to bed ok, it was midnight and I was lucky I could remember I had. I had not put my pills in the cases for them for the week to make sure. I am now back on my pain pills and I am starting vitamins again too. So I need to now keep track of how often I am taking my pain meds, which ones at which times so I do not overlap them too close together, ie the darvocet, tramadol, motrin, amitriptyline at bedtime to keep overdose down, and make sure I also take my supplements daily as well. What a night mare.

I know my rheumie even took me down off the baclofen due to worried I would not wake up and pass away with the amitriptyline and baclofen combo, as I told him I never took both and had backed off one of them myself due to that fear after deaths of actors had started occurring and I was scared of that before hand. I am thinking of having the pain meds in a pill case for the week of what I can take as an allowance and writing them down and if I need more than that I am kind of sol if that makes sense. That way it is written down, and I have to seek medical attention for it or suffer. LOL. It will also force me to pay more attention to how I have done for the week with my pain with activity levels so I can see how much I have taken for the week, etc.

Get better everyone,
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