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   Posted 2/23/2010 8:44 AM (GMT -6)   
Ok well many of us especially  me  are fine fantastic wonderful generous to a fault and completely brain dead.
   I am becoming OCD about getting my bills paid. I can't seem to remember if I have paid them or if I have even gotten them in the mail yet. I do pay a lot of my bills on line  but I am still getting myself confused. I care deeply about my credit especially since my husband died and I have had to scrape myself out of gutters back to sucking air again. It isn't just the bills there are other things that I forget. The thing is I really (nor you), need all the added stress.  My famous quote (what did I screw up today)?
  I think I would have a lot less brain confusion if I could figure out simple ways to get things done and know that they are done. So I entitled this post as "living with LUPUS" I don't want to embarrass anyone but I would appreciate if you would share somethings that you  have been able to over come by some simple thing that has helped you. I thought after a couple of months in this apartment I would get the hang of when the bills came due but for some reason I can't get it to click. I'm not blowing my own horn but with a 141 i.q. and a 4.0 GPA in college booking/accounting you would think I could at least tell you if I got my bill in the mail yetconfused  I get so embarrassed when I am involved in a conversation and out of no where I turn completely blank. It chips away at my self esteem. Which I know can't be good for my physical health.
Other then the above  info I have managed to get a new infection. Apperantly 100 is not bad for a none lupie and my doctor freaked out and its's back to the 750 levequin. Please say a prayer for me. The past 4 or 5 months has been infection,hospital, cleared up, get to go home , two days later an-b's are done ,fever comes back, next day infection, hospital. Folks I love ya dearly but I just don't want to do this anymore. Not again, Not ever. I lost count something like 5 hospitals in 5 months. I wouldn't have even taken my temp had it not been for my in home nursing care came in yesterday and took it for me. At this point they would have to take me kickin and screamin. I know so many people have suffered so much more then I have but with all the things going on right now I just can't take on another hospital visit.
Ok anyway what I really want to know is if you have come up with any kinds of tricks to help you live with your disease better. It may not be the same problem i have but it will help someone and possibly get my brain moving.
thanks folks
to all my hero's

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   Posted 2/23/2010 9:38 AM (GMT -6)   
Carol, from my poking around on these threads lately, I've noticed you've really not been having the best luck staying out of the hospital. I don't know you well but my heart goes out to you... and I'll be praying that this time you can get through this infection as quickly as possible and with as little fuss (and doctors/hospitals) as can be. You're obviously a very strong woman to have made it to here, this day..

As far as your question goes: It helps me most to just suck it up and do things as soon as I remember them (my nature is to be a procrastinator). I'll have the "oh, I need to do taxes this month" thought. If I can, I do it right then and there Then I don't get a chance to forget.... but I understand that things like bills don't necessarily apply, or you might not have the time..

As far as remembering things goes, my mom forced me in to the habit of writing everything down in the same little planner/journal after I went through a period of time of forgetting my appointments. She'd be like "how could you forget this doctors appointment, they have your blood tests back. it's a big deal...don't you care?" and I did care, I just.. . forgot.

So I am pretty much in the habit of having that stinking planner kept up to date, and checking it frequently. It has appointments and meetings(that I now try and cross out when I actually go to them-- so many times I've sat and thought "....did I go to my meeting with my advisor yesterday????"). I put bill payments and extremely important stuff on a post it note as soon as I know when they are due or as soon as something comes up...and I have it stick out of the top of the planner... and then I can just take that out and write myself a note that I paid something on this date.
I don't know if it will help you, but that's what I do. People make fun sometimes because of my "OCD" planner keeping... but seriously my whole life is in there. I don't *usually* have problems losing it because I am always looking at it, but I would be lying if I told you I haven't ever lost it. There have definitely been a couple frantic days in my life where I had to search like mad to find that stinking book (usually in plain sight or not hard to find).

Good luck in these upcoming days fighting off this infection... I'll be praying for you!

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   Posted 2/23/2010 11:44 AM (GMT -6)   

I understand your problem with bookkeeping and bill paying because I experience the same thing. I find that if I set up a system, I'm much more effective. I'll figure out a way to share my "system" with you and will share it with you.

And boy oh boy do I get what you mean when you say you'll never go back to the hospital again. Especially since once you get home you're right back in the same mess you were before you went. I know you like and can talk to your doctor and I hope you'll tell her what you told me. Maybe she'll have some ideas.

Don't give up, friend. You still have so much to give and you have so many friends who love you. We'll all work together to help you find a way to have some joy again.

Love ya,

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   Posted 2/23/2010 4:10 PM (GMT -6)   

I absolutely understand your issues with bills, etc. What works for me is a simple list of bills, the ones that I pay every month, the amounts and when they're due. I have to check off, or highlight, when I pay and put the date of payment. At the end of each month I have to make a new list for the next month. I keep this list in an Excel spreadsheet on my computer, but it would work on paper too....whatever is easier for you.

If I didn't do this I wouldn't be able to keep up with things at all. I make myself look at it every day and figure out what day it is and where I am for the month, otherwise I lose track completely.

I've been losing track of the NON-monthly bills, like the ones due yearly or quarterly, or even the ones that are one-time-only bills. So I'm in the process of making a new list just for those....I have to or they won't get paid. :(

I'm still praying for you...that your health will improve and that you won't have to go back to the hospital!

Love ya,
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   Posted 2/23/2010 5:12 PM (GMT -6)   
Hey Joann, Pat, and Mel, I just wanted to thank you all for jumping in and sharing your story with me. Sometimes it's hard to put it all out there and admit that you do have things that you struggle with.
I also an thankful for your willingness to share ideas. This disease just tries to chip away at everything we have and everything we are. I used to be very quick witted now If I wrote little  notes on my hands I would more then likely forget I did it and wash them offblush .
It's also nice to know you aren't alone. As much as I hate the thought of others going through it It still helps to have a connection.
Any other thoughts you have I will be glad to check out. I won't go down without a fight. Not that I would win but I would at least show up for the battle.
thanks again guys
Lupus lung, maybe, scleraderma maybe, another A/I maybe, Hang nail maybe. COPD
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   Posted 2/23/2010 5:56 PM (GMT -6)   
(((( Carol ))))) I agree with the others of making a list on paper or excel spreadsheet that's what I do with my medical stuff for taxes. For monthly bills I had to make myself a list of what bill is due and when. I am sure others will be along soon with their suggestions.

You hang in there my friend, I know you are tired but you can't give up, lean on us and God and he will see you through this difficult time. Love ya!
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   Posted 2/23/2010 6:23 PM (GMT -6)   
Well thank you Stacie my lady! I spoke to an elderly woman I know she is about 20 years my senior. She has had lung problems for years. She said this is her worst year every with breathing problems. Of course with her age and health it concerns me but it does help to confirm that this is an especially tough year with either allergies or moisture or somthing.
as for the  lists my extint on a computer would amount to copy paste and note pads. and as for the EXCEL SPREADSHEET  I know how to spell it lol. I mean I learned to use a jeyboard when they were still typewriters. rolleyes If I had a couple 100.00 dollars a month I could hire someone to do my accounting. I have a dream...............ok a fantasy that I will get everything paid off so I can get my PT room finished. I just ordered a threadmill last night. The one without the motor. but I have 3 different machines and I want to get the one the hangs from th ceiling to pull with my arms and put a few bars up for weights. It will be a nice little room and somthing I need very much to build my muscle and energy and lung capacity. Of course if anyone has some nice pics of some "shale we say interesting works of art for the walls. I will bemore then happy to send you my home address. Hey I'm single and I may be sick but I ain't dead. I realize this is a family sight so I will say dark tones and water droplets have always appealed to me. smilewinkgrin
love ya
Lupus lung, maybe, scleraderma maybe, another A/I maybe, Hang nail maybe. COPD
meds to many to fit in my 10 lines. but last count was 28.

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   Posted 2/24/2010 5:42 PM (GMT -6)   
I pay all my bills the day I get paid every month so I don't forget. Though sometimes I forget I got paid and the bills sit a few days. But I have to pay rent by the 5th every month or else and so I always just pay the other bills at the same time. It just seems easier that way.
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   Posted 2/24/2010 8:01 PM (GMT -6)   
I don't know how comfortable you are with it but I use automatic bill pay through my bank (which is free) or I will set up the payments to automatically take out of my bank account through the certain bill website. Like At&t and my student loans have my debit card info and take it out automatically each month. I don't have one bill I have to worry about. It is a life savor for me.

Do you have outlook on your computer? If so maybe you could set up reminders in your calender on outlook and it will automatically pop up when you check your email when it gets time to pay which bill. You can hit snooze on it and when you do pay it, hit dismiss and it will not remind you again until the next month!!

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   Posted 2/27/2010 10:56 AM (GMT -6)   
Hi Carol. I use a combination of all the above. For my bills I typed up a master list:
DATE PAID                             
EACH MONTH      COMPANY             AMOUNT              PAID
5TH                    carmax                $273.25
7th                     Georgia power    $ estimate
22nd                  Allstate                $ 203.33
I have many of my bills on automatic bank withdrawl, but I still have them on my master list and mark the date each is paid.
I've made copies of the master list, using a new one each month. I keep all the completed monthly lists in a colored folder marked "taxes." I also keep all receipts from the pharmacy there to keep track of anything I can deduct (tylenol, etc). As for those pesky medical bills, I place each bill in my "bills to pay" box on my desk in plain sight as soon as I get them.
For appointments I use overkill: 2 calendars. A spiral 4x6 desk calendar (which stays on my desk), and a wall calendar. I keep my desk calendar ALWAYS current. As soon as I get home from a doc, or phone for an appt, it goes in the desk calendar. I found that I would forget to look at the desk calendar, so I placed the wall calendar above it and list the same appts there too. I always cross out canceled appts on both calendars and write "see this date" to tell me if it was rescheduled.  I carry a pocket calendar to the docs that I list symptoms/events (falls) to tell them. I used to be an anal retentive perfectionist, but lupus cured me of this smilewinkgrin
I love you Sweetie! Donna
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   Posted 2/27/2010 11:46 AM (GMT -6)   
Thanks Redrose, Donna, Ames, I apreciate you taking the time. My mom offered to help me pay my bills because I'm really getting scared I won't get them all. I know that sounds stupid but I can't help it. I want to know within 100.00 dollars a month how much money I should have instead of having somthing pop up I for got about. But she lives in arizona and I can't seem to explain to her how they have it set up and t won't like us set it up at the same time. I get so confused. Sometimes this just doesn't seem worth  it:(. I used to do this stuff all the time but now I'm lucky I can spell my name right. I don't recall signing up for this class! If I could afford it I would have some one come in and take care of it.
Yes Donna I freak if I don't know where i am with my bills.What's even worse is having my 77 year old mom have to take care of my bills for me. When I used to be a book keeper. Somtimes I feel so worthless.shakehead What's even worse is if I call the company 2 das earlier and ask them if I have paid my bills because it hasn't shown up yet. They say Yes carol you paid for it we discussed it. I'm want to climb under a chair, I never knew it could get so bad.
well I guess I better go before I forget what I was talking about.
love ya
Lupus lung, maybe, scleraderma maybe, another A/I maybe, Hang nail maybe. COPD
meds to many to fit in my 10 lines. but last count was 28.

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