age related macular degeneration at age 30

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   Posted 3/3/2010 5:52 PM (GMT -6)   
hi every one ..
my name is sam i'm 33 years old. well like a lot of people did not even know what is age related macular degeneration well for people don't know what is it it's eye disease cuses blined .. well i was diagnosed with it 3 years ago . well make the long stroy short so far it's only in one eye the left one.. i did 2 surgery it did not do much really and the hard part is they put some thing in the eye like air or some thing like that and you have to face down for 3 weeks .. yes face down all the time any way for who cares to know how i'm doing so far i saw many doc and i was geting more than one treatment at the same time well i start with an eye injunction call Avastin and i was on it for 6 mounth more or less .. at the same time i was on Prednisone i start with 60 mg a day and i was on
Cellcept 3000mg a day ..after some time my vision was going bad and i saw this new injuction call Lucentis iIT DID WORK for me the only thing is not nice about it it's very expensive drug so any one think about it should really have a good cover insurance  .. well thank god i'm off it now for the past 15 mounth .. oh by the way for who cars to know i have the WET forum  ..any way  the good news now for me my eye stop bleeding and that is what i meant the wet form is . and that becouse of Lucentis .. so if any one or loved one you know they was diagnose with age related macular degeneration they should aske them doc about it it may help them like it did to me . hmm let's talk about the great news now for me .. i'm planing to have a kid but i know with all this drug was very hard special i'm still on cellcept .. so i aske my doc what i can do .. he told me this is a very hard call to do cus if i get of my meds i could go blined ..the only thing so far help me to see is the drug but i did aske him many time if there is anther way he came up with this he start to cut the meds for me so i'm now on 1000mg a day (Cellcept) and that is the only thing i'm now on.. but with in a mounth i should change the Cellcept to Imuran he told me it's safe drug it's been in the market for the past 40 years .. my main worry is i'm willing to give up my own sight to have a baby but i have been reading about this drug .. some say its safe some say it's not all i'm asking did any one been on this drug and have a safe pregnancy ... dose that drug cus a birth defects i'm going crazy over that now .. my doc plan is to change from Cellcept to Imuran next mouth .. i'm very worry and i don't want to be selfish and think of my being a mother without looking hard and making sure what i'm taking to save my eye sight will harm my baby .. so pls any one can tell me more info about this drug ..
thank you all for taking time to read this and i hope my story can help any one with any thing in it
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p.s age related macular degeneration  is autoimmune disease just like lupus



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   Posted 3/3/2010 6:29 PM (GMT -6)   
hey all
it's me sam the one just posted the fourm about age related macular degeneration ..
in case you guys wonder why i have to wright more well i think a lot of people will be confused why i'm talking about my eyes here.. when this fourm is about lupus .. well here is my answer to you all ..
Lupus is autoimmune disease . it could attack any origin in our body . that is my info so far and that related becouse the person have it his immune system attack it's own body . well same thing happen with me i do have autoimmune disease and it did attack my own body wich is my own eye .. and most of Lupus patient they take the same drug i'm taking ..
the reason i'm puting this cus some one he wrought for me healing well don't have an eye fourm yet.. well i'm so not looking for an eye fourm group.. been there done that . honstly not to many with it in my age it's for people over 60 so why i'm here cus like i was saying before i'm looking for some answers and information about Imuran for the women out there she had gone thrught it with her pregnancy i would like to know if it's safe drug or not ..
thank you all for your time

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   Posted 3/3/2010 7:54 PM (GMT -6)   
Hi Sam. I wish that I had insight for you. I have just started taking Imuran myself 2 1/2 weeks ago not much time on the , and I haven't got to the point yet in my life that I have to look at it and relating to pregnancy. Down the road it will be me looking for the same answers you seek. Which is why I said hello. I will be very concerned when my husband and I decided to start trying for kids. I am taking a few heavy medicines and they do concern me too. I hope you find the answers that will help you the best. Good on you for reaching out to try.

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   Posted 3/3/2010 8:25 PM (GMT -6)   
hi Ellie
great to hear some one out there careing as well .. hope all going well in your side with what ever you going through....
i have been reading non stop about this drug like i was saying before i'm not worry about me with any kind of drug i have been them guinea pig for so long .. my main concerned so far i never got a good answer i even called the drug comp and they kind of told me it's type B what that mean the drug gos in type B and D and C and X and X is the very bad one for pregnancy and B is kind of ok not 100% not even 90% so you will alwyes think of those 10% what if ??? all i can tell you so far is do what i keep doing i do call the doc all the time and i aske 100 of question what if all the time to them . you know very well they kind of worry to in matter of worry about there
career as well . i'm going crazy cus i'm 33 soon i will be 34 and i keep looking and the time you know what i mean i don't want to stop worry about one thing and start to worry anout another thing (age ) ... all i'm doing now is i just join to this site i hope it will guyed me some how and i'm looking about people gone thrugh this and had a healthy baby .. wish you the best with the new treatment and i hope it go well for you .. if i hear any thing new i will keep you posted and every one look for answer like us ..

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   Posted 3/4/2010 12:53 AM (GMT -6)   
I took imuran during my last pregnancy and my son was fine. my rheumy told me women with kidney transplants have been taking imuran for 40yrs and having healthy babies. I hope that helps some. I have no idea about your other med. I would make sure the meds will work before you consider pregnancy. I really wish you luck.
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