First appt with Gastro today...Crohn's?

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   Posted 12/1/2010 5:27 PM (GMT -6)   
So I saw a GI specialist today for the first time. I described my symptoms and at first he said that it sounded like IBS. Then when I mentioned the mouth ulcers I was getting before the pregnancy he realized my rheumatologist must have wanted to order the scope testing to test for Crohn's. So, I get to go friday for both the Endoscopy & Colonoscopy...get to start my gallon drink & liquid diet, I wanted to tell you all my symptoms and see what you think it may sound like:
-Mouth Ulcers(in multiples, 3-5 at a time that can occur anywhere in the mouth and throat, it would seem like 1 group would be going away and then Id get a new group starting in my mouth in a different spot(s))
-Nausea(Currently have GERD & I cant drink milk without wanting to get sick)
-Abdominal Pain/Discomfort(cramping & sharp stabbing like pains sometimes at night that aren't relieved by eating etc. & accompanied with nausea)
-Bloating(pain occurs with this symptom; mostly sharp pains and again more nausea)
-Urgency(sometimes when the urge to go to the bathroom comes on its not long after that that I go and then sometimes ill have the abdominal pain/bloating for hours before I go..or ill have it and then it goes away and ill go to the bathroom later.)
-Change in Stools(most of the time I have problems with constipation & change in diet does not help this. Then at times the stools are looser but not necessarily diarrhea, although ive had 1 or 2 bouts of it since the symptoms started.)
-Bleeding(Ive not seen any mucus or blood in any stools but have seen it on the paper after a bowel movement)
-Relief/Non-Relief after Defecation(sometimes if I have the urgency and I use the bathroom I feel relieved as far as the stomach cramping, etc but the nausea and the urgency stay for a little while & eventually calm down)
My other AI symptoms that could be related to Crohns that I know of from reading are as follows(this doesn't include all of my AI symptoms however which is why they suspect lupus im guessing):
-Lower backache(occurs with the stomach cramping at times)
-Arthritis in multiple joints
-trouble keeping a steady weight when flaring(I lost a good 8/9lbs before i started any meds for my AI disease back in 08 & at that time being 5'2 I only weighed 110 so I dropped to 101, also cannot gain weight..even during both pregnancies i only gained 13lbs the first time even being on bedrest for 6 weeks & having a preemie at 34 weeks & 18lbs the 2nd time with a fullterm baby at 39 weeks)
-general malaise, aching & clamminess w/abdominal pain etc.
Anyone have these symptoms and have Crohn's?
The GI also said that I have staining on the insides of my teeth which is usually caused by frequent vomiting, well I dont throw up at all really so Im not sure why I would have that unless it could be from the GERD??...not sure what to think of that symptom.
Any info or stories are welcome! Thanks. Hope you are all well. -Lupie Britt

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   Posted 12/3/2010 12:33 PM (GMT -6)   
Hi Britt,

I don't know how I missed your post, so I am sorry for my delay.

Have you ever been checked for Celiac Disease? Your GI issues sound all too familiar to me. Starting in July 2002 I was so sick,I lost 40lbs in 2 months. I was put through every test known to man all to come out normal. I finally was dx with Celiac in Sept 2003 and started the gluten free diet right away. I noticed a difference within just a couple of days, mainly the abdominal pain was gone. However I still suffered with some of the symptoms (diarrhea, nausea, etc). Lupus reared it's ugly head in Jan 2004. It took 3 rheumy's and over a year to be dx but she is the one that figured it all out after I lost another 20lbs (down to 118 and I'm 5' 6"). Then she told me lupus was attacking my GI tract in May 2005, she started me on Imuran, it has made a huge difference!

I hope you get some answers soon! Feel free to ask me more questions! Take care
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