anyone get pain near pancreas during flares?

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panther fern
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   Posted 4/8/2011 10:49 PM (GMT -6)   
Ive been in a flare for a month or so, this one is worse than the ones i have had before, is that normal? idk, i feel almost outside my own body at times.pins and needle pain on top of the normal joint pain,more neurological symptoms, more nausea, pain by my pancreas, rhuemy said i should go see a neurologist but i wonder if its just because i am in a flare. I have more anxiety about life than after life. i am not planning on going anywhere i am just at peace with being sick for so long.

I don't really need responses, i am just kinda at a loss i guess brain fog, venting a bit, fatigue is bad.

thanks guys.. for listening... hope you all are feeling well, or as well as you can. : ) maybe tomorrow this flare will be done. : ) fern

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   Posted 4/9/2011 5:15 AM (GMT -6)   
Want a response or not, your getting one. Did your doctor evaluate you for a pancreatis issue. If it is your pancreas, that could be life threatening. Could be something more simple like a stomach issue. That can make you hurt above your belly button and over into your upper left side. You should go see a gastroenterologist if it persists.

Have you tried Lyrica or Neurontin for the neuro symptoms? It might help calm some of your pain down. For me, it does nothing for the sensations but it does help with the nerve pain.

Need to find something to help that anxiety too, that just adds more unnecessary stress to your life, makes you flare easier.

My flares last about 2 weeks to a month. But that's without treatment. Sorry your feeling so run down. Maybe a stimulant would help when your in a flare.

Medicine, medicine, that's always how it works. I forget, but are you on immunosuppressive medication, plaquenil, or prednisone? Maybe something your taking there isn't doing it's job. When your body gets used to the stuff, it doesn't work like it should, it's time for an increase in the dosage or a switch to something different. If your in that bad of a flare for that long, your medication can't be doing it's job right.

Barbara Lee
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   Posted 4/9/2011 7:51 PM (GMT -6)   
I would suggest having your doctor to make sure you do not have enlarged spleen that is also on the upper left side of the belly. Sometimes a enlarged spleen can cause pain like you're describing.

If you have been a flare for a month you should discuss changing your medications with your Rheumy. Are you on the standard meds that we use to treat our lupus? If not then you should see if your Rheumy would prescribe something for you. If they say no, I'd seek another opinion.

I hope that your anxiety issues lessen and that your stress levels can go down. I'm not sure what to suggest for your pain. I personally take pain meds to help me stay comfortable. You might want to consider this too.

Hope you feel better soon, and it was nice to chat with you in the lupus room. Take care and keep us posted.


panther fern
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   Posted 4/10/2011 2:23 PM (GMT -6)   
my meds are Methotrexate, orencia infusion once a month, glucophage, klonapin for sleep restless leg and i can take it for anxiety. omaperozole for gerd, the pain is right where the pancreas is or spleen but feeling not nearly as bad today. but i am in baby step mode totally.. do something for 5 minutes rest for 30. i also take Oxy cotin 20mg ext release, i have Vicodin as rescue med but try not to take it, i have prendisone, but try to steer clear because of the diabetes, i take topomax at night for migraine prevention.. my migraines lately are bazingers! i take imitrex injections, also a med to help lose weight phentermine and the dr. just put me on a trial sample of a weight loss drug where you take a shot every day, it is to help lose weight but used mostly in cases like with compromised immune to help get weight down so diabetes doesn't also affect body... i have been on it three days little nausea but no side affects to my knowledge .. hard to tell in a flare. I think that covers most of my meds. I have been having some neuro problems, and pancreas thing so.. my daughter leaves for Michigan on Wednesday and i will make yes.... MORE APPTS hip hip hooray! I am grateful beyond words to live in America where i have these options.. i just wish i did not need them... My last note was kind of a downer...I haven't had treatment for my flare either, honestly there isn't much they can do i have medrol pks here and prendisone, and pain meds. I just don't want to make decisions when i feel bad. so when i went to the family dr. He said how would you like me to help you today?

I said.. I just want someone to tell me what to do. we came up with two options and though the loosing weight med doesnt' take care of the flare it is better than a bandaid fix it may take weight off my joints, give me more energy, I am on a thirty day trial... if i have any problems i am to call him asap.

I am super blessed to have great doctors. I just get frustrated that you know... pulmonary, rheumy, regular, cardio (rare for me), gastro intestinal not so uncommon for me i just had an upper and lower scope. and now to think of neuro and possibly an endocrinologist as well. I need a secretary...

I am a bit nervous about my vision, but i am hopeful that as the flare goes it will get better, i have had las-ix so i will make an appt with them to see their opthamologist and when i go to the VA hospital I am re: an appt with audiology and opthamology, oh and i forgot i also go to a physical therapist and massage therapist.

What started the flare was my liver was not happy so i had to go off Methotrexate for 3 weeks and i think that is when the downward spiral began. I have been on plaquinel and did not notice a difference at the time..

Goals: That orencia will be affective enough that we can ween down on the Methotrexate as that is the hardest on my liver
Keep losing weight for obvious benefits, keep sugar down to help kidneys and the less pressure on joints.

I was 272 jan 1 I was in shock.. my lung dr suggested doing a modified south beach diet and my husband did it with me or is doing it with me. I lost 20lbs, then i started the phentermine, and 3 days ago the other.. cant think of name really new. i am down according to my scale 240.

I should not be so hard headed about taking pain meds. esp during a flare... i think i will take your advice and ...Thank you very very much. David (husband works out a lot in the am before work and after he runs or swims. the rec center is less than 1/2 mile from our house) we just renewed our passes. I am thinking about a treadmill for basement so i don't have to be in heat or sun and get up with him and just do 15 min. something we can enjoy together other than TV or Cribbage. lol
He stays in shape for a few reasons, he is a good self motivator, i think it relieves stress for him and also it is a self requirement for his job. police officer and still in National guard, though he switched to a more non deployable unit because of me. i think he has three years left for his 20. who knows with this country he may end up having to go active again... Where do you hail from young lady? I know don is a Colorado man... sorry for all the typos and misspelled words my eyes are not so good and i don't want to strain them.

Barbara, I really appreciate your friendship and kind words....I haven't kicked off yet...but seriously 3 days ago i was in a wicked health place not mentally as much but physically it was unreal. if you know anyone that may have suggestions for meds other than steroids please let me know.

Nothing is impossible with God, nothing.
Thanks for the attitude adjustment. I need those sometimes. feeling in pain today but not that scary out of control pain, the pain and fatigue and symptoms that make you really know that some things you just hand over to God, because you definitely are not in control.
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