Good morning...
I have not been diagnosised so I am not sure if I belong here....but I was hoping if someone could answer a question for me. Did anyone have a long term fever as a symptom prior to be dx?

Here is my rollercoaster ride...started back in Dec. with a bronchitis which dragged on for 7 weeks (figured out it must have been viral after 3 antibotics didnt work) after congestion was gone I still continued with the fever and fatigue. My Dr did a ton of bloodwork and it showed overactive thryoid.Spent next 3 months focusing on that when a specialist called my thryoid problems viral starting from the bronchitis....said time will heal and thyroid levels are normal and the fevers are not related. So this whole time I have had fevers and varying levels of fatigue. The last few weeks, not only has the fevers and fatigue been constant but I have had joint pain also. Been to my primary doctor who is very concerned because he cant come up with an answer. I have had 2 negative Ana. Because the joint pain is relatively new( though last yr I thought I had carpal tunnel and different dr said no...just overuse), he is referring me to a Rheum Dr. He is also wondering, like I, if this is beginning stages of lupus or something close.

I dont want to be stretching for results but my face every morning is red across my nose and cheeks. My chin has had a rash all week after being in the sun last weekend. I have had alot of hairloss...and I know those things can be related to something else but we just cant get to the bottom of the fevers.

So really, I am just wondering if anyone has had an experience with extended fevers?

Thank you so much!!