Colchicine: have you taken it as an anti-inflammatory?

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   Posted 3/30/2013 12:14 AM (GMT -6)   
Hi, All -
Tomorrow I'm supposed to pick up a new RX for colchicine.
My rheumy described it to me as an anti-inflammatory, to be used to combat my persistent costochondritis, which has not responded to Celebrex, Arthrotec, or Naprosyn.
From what I've read, on reputible sites like the Mayo clinic, colchicine is primarily used for the treatment of gout and FMF, and some sites claim it won't be effective if used for any other purpose.
So my question is: Have you taken colchicine as an anti-inflammatory? And, if so, did it work?
Thanks so much! I am so discouraged these days. I've had costochondritis for a full year now, and it just won't go away.  sad
Best regards,

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   Posted 3/30/2013 1:58 AM (GMT -6)   
I've never tried it but here is the link for it at
It sounds like it's a rough drug.
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Barbara Lee
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   Posted 3/30/2013 11:31 PM (GMT -6)   
Hi Nina,

Sorry that you're having to deal with costochondritis, I like you suffer from the stuff big time. Can't tell you how many years I've dealt with this stupid problem.

I take colchicine twice a day at .6mgs. I know it's a great medication for gout, I actually take it for my recurring pericarditis that I live with. I've been on the medication since June 2011.

At one point I was taking it three times a day. I didn't do that to long though, as this drug causes diaherra. More than two tabs a day I found I could not make it the 50 feet to the toilet I had to go. After three accidents I went back to twice a day.

If I can answer any questions, please ask away. It helps my pericarditis but I still have pain along my sternum, for that I use heat and massage long the sternum outward over my ribs on my chest. My bones break easily so I must be very gentle.

I hope the medication helps you and you start feeling better real soon.


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   Posted 4/18/2013 10:54 PM (GMT -6)   
Hi, Barbara -
I've been meaning to write to you for some time to thank you for such a supportive response to my post. Thank you for taking the time to reply and for offering to let me contact you with questions. I am so grateful to have come accross this forum last year!
I have been absent from the forum for a spell as I recently returned to work -- after having been on medical leave for 6 months -- and the re-entry into the office place, deadlines, the train commute, short evenings, not enough sleep, etc. has been grueling.
In any case, I want to thank you for sharing your experience with costochondritis, pericarditis, and colchisine with me. I really appreciate it.
Last year I had the trifecta of chest pain: pericarditis, pluerisy, and costochondritis. Felt like I could barely breathe. Fun times. :-)
I feel like I should be grateful that things have calmed down and the inflammation now seems to only reside in my breast bone and rib cage, but the pain prevents me from participating in activities I enjoy, and everyday activities trigger it, like tidying up my apartment, doing the laundry, going grocery shopping, carrying a purse, walking briskly, etc. It is sooo frustrating!
Stretching over a foam roller and using a heating bad often provides enough pain relief for me to sleep, but when I'm upright and active, it is always present.
I'm embarassed to tell you this, but sometimes I freak out and wonder things like, "Can costochondritis really hang on for over a year? Are we sure someone didn't miss a tumor pressing up against my rib cage? Are we sure I don't have infectious costochondritis from some virus or bacteria?" Of course, I am also too embarassed to ask my rheumy these quesitons!
I eat an anti-inflammatory diet, and I see an accupuncturist twice a month, but tihs doesn't seem to have made much of a difference the past year. I'm sure it all helps, it's just discouraging that no matter how much I try to take good care of myself, and deny myself physical activies that I would really enjoy, it's still there. All - the - time.
I don't have a lot of energy these days, but I've been meaning to look into something called cold laser therapy. Not sure how I would afford it, but I am desperate. I've also been wondering if it might be worthwhile to see an orthopedist.
Do you have any thoughts on all this? Your opion would be greatly appreciated. Barbara!
Thanks again,

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Barbara Lee
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   Posted 4/21/2013 1:50 AM (GMT -6)   

Sorry it's taken me a couple of days to respond. I've not been feeling to good the past few days.

To answer your ?'s I have constant chest pain like you. I know that even though I've been on high dose steroids for almost 12 years and immuno suppressant drugs my inflammation markers are thru the roof. My Drs are wondering if all the inflammation in my chest area has attached the tissue to my ribs and breast bone. That would cause extreme pain, it would also be a major operation to try to scrape those areas off.

I don't think they've missed a tumor in your chest. I think you are like me and just have a lot of inflammation. I've been doing accupuncture by a Dr trained in China, so he knows this art well. Last week he told me that he feels that my lupus is just so bad, that my inflammation is so much in my body that he can't overcome it. So he wants to quit the treatment.

Usually, with my pericarditis I normally have fluid around my heart, that's why I will be remaing on colchicine for who knows how long. As long as my Drs plan to reduce my steroids my cardiologist feels I must stay on the drug.

Nina don't be afraid or ashamed to ask your Dr to do a CT or MRI of your chest. If it will put your mind to rest about a tumor, then ask them for it. Explain how very worried you are, the worst they could say is no. I've been suffering with pleurisy, pericarditis and costochondritis since 2008, I truly believe that there isn't a tumor. Try to keep yor spirits up. Alot of what's going on with you is "normal" lupus stuff. Hope this helps some.

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