Posted 5/1/2007 9:03 AM (GMT -7)


That is terrible what your boss did!!! I went through something very similar.  I tried to go back part-time after being off for the first few months and I was rewarded for my efforts by the following:  I was moved to a different part of the building away from everyone (My original office was "Grand Central Station", my hours were reduced to practically nil and all of my benefits were taken away.  It was at that moment I realized that work is not about "who" you are but "what" you do.  I always looked at my job as being "who" I was.  Without it, I was no one, my identity was gone. i mean who was going to pat me on the back and give the "aata-girl".  For some reason I was sold a bad bag of goods that says that if you are not always at the top of your game and stressing yourself out to get it all done you are somehow less than a good, responsible person.  This is so not true.  I am not trying to be dramatic but you are taking time off to fight for your life! You are showing signs of a flare and if you don't take care of yourself this could do some serious damage to organs. If you continue to show up sick and push through you could end up in a real mess like I have.    At this point, I can never return to work.  I have too much damage in my liver, kidneys and joints. The amount of meds that I would have to take in order to function in the workplace would be a tremendous strain on my already compromised system.  And guess what?  That job I was so worried about...............I have not seen or spoken to any of them in almost a year.  I am a wife and mother of 2 wonderful children (18 and  12) and I cannot tell you how many days I would come home from work so tired all I could do was collapse into bed.  There was literally nothing left of me for them.  It all went to that "important" job and my bosses. 

I know I am ranting now but I want you to get the picture that YOU are important! YOU need to take care of yourself!  YOU deserve a chance at life without organ damage!  YOU deserve time to adjust to medication!  People have no idea about this disease and how crummy it can make you feel. Please don't feel guilty, it only adds more stress. 


Seronegative SLE '06 - IBD '06 - Kidney Involvement '07
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Posted 5/4/2007 9:17 PM (GMT -7)


How are you doing?  Are you resting like you should? How is it going with the new meds? I hope you are feeling better.  Just letting you know you are in my thoughts and prayers.


Seronegative SLE '06 - IBD '06 - Kidney Involvement '07
Sulfasalazine, CellCept, Topamax, Elavil

Posted 5/6/2007 8:17 AM (GMT -7)
HI I resting? The million $ question. I am trying! I have no clue how to relax. I seem to pushing myself to get lots of spring stuff done (yard, pool etc) and I'm trying so hard to keep getting to the gym.
I made a promise to myself that this coming week I will REST! Just watch movies, sleep, eat well and maybe take walks.
My first week on Plaq has been rough. I eat then in 20 mins I run to the bathroom. Lots of runs and sore stomach.
I started taking All Natural Gravol.
So the first week was rough.
I PRAY that the side effects from this plaq go away soon.
And yes my work called 2 more times.

How is life with you?

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