Recieved 2nd denial re: SSD

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   Posted 5/30/2007 1:50 PM (GMT -6)   
Hi everyone, I rec'd denial again, due to they stated my DR-(I'm guessing my Rhuemy), stated I have full range of motion, also states on ltr even though I have depression I can still make decisions.  I'm so pisssed because last time I seen rheumy he was only there for like 2-3 min if that. I didn't get a chance to talk to him about my symptoms' list, I had w/me, he had me raise my arms up and I told him they both hurt when I did that, I had drk circles under eyes frm not being able to sleep through the night.
I was thinking dropping off my symptom list, letting him know he didn't give me a chance to talk to him about it.  I'm going to tell to please write ltr for me stating howpian affects me daily, so I can turn it in w/ssd paper wrk due by 6/6/07.  Its terrible because this DR does not accept walkins, I wish he could see me when I flare up.
Another thing, when I rec'd my med. rcds frm him, last 2 appts he dx me w/fibromyalgia, he didn't even tell me. On the 1st appt he did give me Bacoflen for the pain, this nothing for me.
Do y'all think I should turn in my list and tell him about my last appt w/him?
Also, I called a Lawyer office and they said the only they would take my case is if the DR wrote a Ltr stating I could not wrk anymore and include my disabilities.

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   Posted 5/30/2007 2:23 PM (GMT -6)   
Don't worry, what is happening to you is what happens to most people, even those that are really really sick. Social Security in 90% of the cases makes you get a lawyer and go through all that. I went through the same thing. They denied me when I was possibly terminally ill with acute hep. It's awful. They will always contend you could work some, and that's ok. Even if you were a quadriplegic or totally blind they will contend you could possibly work, because some blind people and quadriplegics do work. The judge will have an occupational therapist at the hearing that will look at all the different ways you are disabled, for example if you can't lift, if you have trouble communicating, working with people, can't be outside in the sun, too sick to adhere to a schedule, everything possible. Then they look at the available jobs in your area where someone with all your limitations could work. I spent two stays in a mental hospital, pretty nice one, and it helped me mentally and physically, though the meds they gave me didn't. I had severe hashis and probably some encephalopathy because of all the mental meds they gave me. I was undx for AI disease, fibro, just my back, which is bad, but I had some obvious problems like hypo/hyperpigmentation and odd weight gain and very stiff hard to move, and probably really nuts from the pain and all the psych stuff. It was a hard three years, but eventually I got what I needed, got some medical insurance so I could get dx and treated. My psychiatric evaluation really clinched it and he was very right because it turns out I have some atrophy to my brain. If I had gotten medicaid or had some insurance and could have gotten a bunch of testing done beforehand, it really wouldn't have helped because once they decide they are going to make you go to trial, that's it. It sounds like you need some better doctors and more testing. For my fibro, I take ultram, but there are many other meds that are helpful. I could still make decisions too, but my memory and stuff was really bad and I was crying all the time from pain and hashis untreated and all. You need bloodwork, often docs tell you you have fibro just to avoid doing any testing and treating you for what is really wrong. Also, MRIS and catscans are only as good as the equipment they are done on and the people who read them. For my spinal problems, nothing showed up abnormal except for mild herniation of disks in a couple spots until I finally demanded they do a myelogram, which is the gold standard for nerve compression. Once it was done, it revealed that I had serious spinal compression problems right where I said the pain affected me, which was ruining my sleep and wake time. Anyway, miraculously after the myelogram, my MRIs done at the same facility started showing that I had compression in these areas they had previously ruled out. The surgeon said, "you must have been in excruciating pain." and my family said "yes, she's been trying to tell the doctors that for years." I really am sorry about how things worked out this time but at least you're done with this part of the ssd fight. You should see as many doctors as you can and make them do bloodwork, etc. Fibro and chronic fatigue and the like are supposed to be diagnosed only after every other type of problem is ruled out, not as a first diagnosis. I hope things go for you and make sure you get a good, well known lawyer, preferrably a large firm that only does disability. Then you need more tests and to change doctors if need be.

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   Posted 5/30/2007 8:30 PM (GMT -6)   
I would get a new doctor personally. This one sounds like a jerk and if he isn't listening then he cannot help you. Especially if he spends less than 5 minutes with you. You need someone who will take the time you need. Sorry but the only way to get the disability is to get a doctor to stand behind you. File the appeal forms then get new doctors. Then get a lawyer. That is how I did it. I am having my hearing June 4th.
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   Posted 5/30/2007 10:53 PM (GMT -6)   
Get a new doctor and then a new lawyer.  Maybe your case does not qualify but it does not sound like you are getting good support from either your doctor or lawyer.  My doctors were always fully supportive but when I retained a lawyer for the 3rd try he pointed out why I had been denied.  My case was approved within 2 weeks without ever appearing before a a judge.
 70% of all SSD cases are denied on first application.  Only 10-15% are approved on the second application called a reconsideration.
However, 2/3s get approved on the third try when your case is submitted to an administrative law judge.  Most applicants have a lawyer by then who take the case on contingency.  If they take the case it is because they feel it is winable.
It took 3 tries and a lawyer for my approval even though I was a quadriplegic who could not swallow when I first applied.  The system is geared to deny the first 2 claims and gets more serious on the third.  Even though SSD is a federal program the adjudicators and ALDs are all administered by your state so there are differences.  A good lawyer can contact your doctor and ask the right questions so that your case is more likely to be approved.
Terrible system that should be changed but like so many entitlement programs it is unfair and penalizes those who deserve it.
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