Posted 8/22/2007 6:07 PM (GMT -6)

What everyone has said here makes so much sense to me. I walked into a local craft store yesterday and they had their fall displays out and when I saw the pumpkins my heart surged. I didn't realize just how much I'm looking forward to fall this year. In fact more than ever before. I hope that with your children back in school you'll be able to get much more rest and do the things that you enjoy doing while they're in school. That combined with cooler weather ahead will hopefully help you start to feel better.

Rosie, I wondered if the fact that you're back and more active in the forum again meant that you're not feeling as well as before and I'm sorry to hear that's the case. As with Hippi, I hope the hot weather is what's getting you down and that we all have a break in our pain and fatigue once fall arrives. I think I could have bought a second home somewhere in the mountains with all the money I have spent on air conditioning this summer.

Hippi I hope all goes well tomorrow with your kids.


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Posted 8/22/2007 10:35 PM (GMT -6)
Hi Hippi, I don't think for me it's a matter of getting immuned to it but I have noticed that if I feel pretty good and energetic for two or three days in a row I would have to take more pred. to continue to get the same energy. I think it is more because I am wearing myself out though. I usually try to stick with my 5 mg but to be honest if I have a big day I will take 10 mg. I try not to do that for more than a day or two because I don't want it to stop my endocrine glad from working. So instead of going for day 3 I just don't take it and end up in bed watching t.v. all day and sleeping. I hope with the cooler weather coming it will help you.

Denise I'm going to be in your neighborhood around the 10th of next month. My folks live in tempe and my bro lives in apache junction so I be going right passed ya.

love ya guys
God Bless
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Posted 8/23/2007 10:05 AM (GMT -6)

Wow, you are practically going by my house. I live in Mesa!!!! I'll pray that it is nice and dry when you arrive!

Take Care,

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Posted 8/23/2007 4:59 PM (GMT -6)

Hi hippimom,

Summer time has proven to be the hardest season to get through. On the hot and humid days I am miserable! My pain increases and I am more days of fever. Oh and as the temperature raises so dose my fatigue. By afternoon I'm exhausted. I think the summer season causes Lupus to be more active and therefore we need more prednisone. I don't think we become immune to prednisone. At least I hope not.

Maybe its the kids home for all summer. LOL. Yea they are all back at school. yeah


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Posted 8/23/2007 9:07 PM (GMT -6)
Hi, Hippi. From what I've read, I don't believe prednisone is a drug that you gain a tolerance too. I think it may just have to be adjusted in reference to your bodies situation/needs. Sickness, surgery, too much stress, etc. may cause a need for more at different times. A lupus flare would certainly call for more, but I don't think you have to worry about addiction per say. Unfortunately, I think we have all dealt with some of the problems withdrawal from the drug can present though. I think it's more of a cycle of all of your bodies normal glands, hormones, etc. getting used to doing their jobs again. There is a woman in my local support group who has been on prednisone for like 13 years and her maintenance dose is still just 5mg. She does have problems at times when she has to take a little more though. Hope this helps some. Take care. Hope you're resting more and starting to feel better.
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Posted 8/24/2007 6:50 AM (GMT -6)
Thanks Patty . . . I'm just trying to prevent a huge downward spiral. Yes . . . I do like the cooler weather better. I think the heat beats heck out of a healthy person and its just too much when you're already teetering on the normal/sick see-saw. Thanks for your encouragement.

Hippi . . . . how did things go with the first day of school???
In His Grip,
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Posted 8/24/2007 8:52 AM (GMT -6)
Thanks for all the responses. Kitty, what you described is exactly what I have been going through. I've been a little upset because I've had so many fevers again lately. For a really long time the amount of prednisone I was on seemed to control my fevers pretty well, but I seem to be getting them daily again. But we are also having extremely wet, humid weather with lots of rain, storms, and flooding.

The kids had a great first day of school. I was a little worried about my daughter with Kindergarten because she gets pretty nervous about anything new, but she did great and came home bubbling with news about everything she did. My son has always loved school and was very excited to start again.
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