Posted 8/28/2007 7:40 AM (GMT -7)

Hi Des, did you call your rheumy yesterday? How's your ankle doing? please let us know when you can.

love ya


God Bless
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Posted 8/28/2007 11:05 AM (GMT -7)
Des, I've also been wondering if you have gotten in to see your rheumy. I hope you swelling goes down. I'll check in with you next week when I return from vacation. What I'm trying to do is drink lots of water and keep my feet elevated. I'll be thinking of you and hope it turns out that it's just plain ol' water retention!
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Posted 8/28/2007 6:40 PM (GMT -7)
Thank you Carol and Pat for checking on me... I went to see the rheumy today and he says that its definitely inflamed. He mentioned prednisone but he said he wanted to try one more thing before going that route. He took me off of the Naproxen and started me on Lodine XL which I guess is an extended release NSAID. I'm supposed to take two a day and we will check my ESR on my next appointment. It may be that the Naproxen just decided to stop working. Who knows. The swelling is still there and its still tender when I press on it but I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

Love ya
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Posted 8/28/2007 8:02 PM (GMT -7)
Hi Des,
Glad you got to the doctor on that. Did they do any xrays? Maybe you have some osteophytes growing (osteoarthritis) in your ankle causing more irritation in that one? I think I remember something that Patty was saying to be true because my grandma had congestive heart disease and I think I remember her talking about that, too. Hope the swelling goes down and the new drug works.
Love, Marji
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Posted 9/1/2007 7:52 AM (GMT -7)
Hi, I have had chronic swelling on my inside right ankle for years. I had just a few bouts where my left ankle swelled, but no where near as much or for as long as my right. My right one is just about always swollen. I get a lot of pain in there as well. Now recently it's been more difficult to move and feels very stiff inside. I complained to my current rheumy several times about this ankle and he never wanted to look at it. Well, then the swelling went down, and he finally looked at it. THough the swelling went down, I was still having pain in there. So he sent me for an x-ray. Xray showed absolutely nothing. Several weeks later it started swelling again and my PT urged me to see a Podiatrist again because I also have a collapsed ankle. He gave me a referral; the Podiatrist sent me for an MRI..and lo and behold I have severe arthritis and the damage in there makes it appear as if I jumped off a building. My ankle caved in, no more arch, my tendons are extensively torn and abnormally thickened; there was edema and tenosynovitis; and osteochondral lesions on my talar bone. THANK GOD the foot doctor looked into it for me and got me an AFO brace at least, which helps the mechanical pain. BUt now since early July my ankles flared up again and now I have swelling on the ouside ankle and some heel pain. I saw my rheumy again this week, he looked at my hands and said he doesnt see any inflammation; I wanted to show him my ankle and he only checked out my brace, and didnt want me to bother taking it and my sock off. I just cannot believe my rheumy as it is beginning to seem he doesnt believe me or something. I am so glad I took my PT's advice and found a Podiatrist, at least I know what is going on in my ankle now. Mind you, this all started about 20 yrs ago.

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