Posted 10/7/2007 9:38 AM (GMT -6)

Hi Sharen, Bab's, Emmie, Ginny.Hippi! Happy Sunday Morning! I hope you all had a good night sleep. Bab's my bro said the sae thing about Chantrix that it gave him horrible nightmares. As long as these dreams are from the pills and not some brain malfunction I can live with it. Emmie, I hadn't though about telling the rheumy about it. Thanks I would have not thought of it on my own. I still have about 6 pages to go through with questions that his office sent. fortunately most of them are yes and no. One Of them I didn't care for. Since this is an open forum all I say is the rheumy wants to know how many and what gender I spen my evenings with. How that pertains to anything is beyond me. It didn't  even say it was an optional question.

Anyway getting ready for church. My make up has already melted off it's so humid.

love ya all


God Bless
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Posted 10/7/2007 1:44 PM (GMT -6)
  Let us know what the docs says. I hope you slept better last night. I had some weird dreams again and woke up several times. I will be taking the Chantix one more month and hopefully, my dreams will stop. It has really help me cut down on smoking so, I'm giving it another month to make me stop compelety. I'm down to a pack about every 5 days now...YAY!!  Take care Carol!!
                                                Love ya, Babs
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Posted 10/7/2007 5:41 PM (GMT -6)
Hi Carol--
Effexor, which it turns out I'm allergic to, used to give me weird vivid dreams. Sometimes I get them on prednisone, and I find it helps to write them down. Sometimes there's a scary story there or sometimes they were scary but ended up being really dumb once I wrote them down. I hope you have some better dreams, I try to imagine something good while I"m going to sleep so that I get sent off in a good state of mind. Like reliving a good memory. Hope you sleep well.
Love, Marji
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Posted 10/7/2007 7:05 PM (GMT -6)
Hi Carol:

I just wanted to say I'm sorry you're having those strange dreams. I'm not much of a dreamer and actually I usually don't remember my dreams. I hope that things settle down for you and that your dreams improve and that you start to feel better soon.

Just wanted to send you a few (((hugs))) and wish you well.

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Posted 10/7/2007 10:23 PM (GMT -6)
I have the most vivid crazy dreams on prednisone EVERY NIGHT.  Sometimes they are funny,  sometimes they are just dumb,  most of the time they are scarey!  It's kind of become a family routine.  I get up and tell  my crazy dream for the night and my family tries to "analyze" me!  :)
This is just a little added note of thanx...tomorrow my three year old nephew will be "officially" ours!  My sister has had him since he was 7 months old and finally his adoption will be final!  We are so excited and thankful!  God has smiled on us.  Of course,  he's been 'ours' always;  but we will breathe a sigh of relief when it's official through the court!  My sister is unable to have children.
Posted 10/7/2007 10:28 PM (GMT -6)
Congrats MJLD!!!! I bet your sister is just ecstatic!!! I can tell you couldn't love him more!!!


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Posted 10/7/2007 11:32 PM (GMT -6)
At least you put make up on! LOL I usually wash my face, put on some lotion and sunscreen, then add my dark sunglasses. I feel like I am going out incognito! (uh-huh. who am I kidding?)

I am so proud of you with your quitting effort. You keep it up. You'll be there soon. I did it several years ago. I felt so free when I quit. I had no idea I had been such a slave to those stinky Butt sticks! You just keep at it. One deep breath at a time. One walk around the block or whatever at a time. You CAN and WILL do it.

xoxo emmie

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Posted 10/8/2007 11:47 AM (GMT -6)

Hi everyone, Thank you for responding and giving me some idea of what could be causing this. I actually didn't have a dream last night. At least not one I remember. MJLD that's wonderful news about your new addition. Congratulations. Emmie trust me if I wasn't going to church I probably wouldn't even have put my teeth in lol. Bab's let me add to your acheivement! that is awesome news. You go girl! Hey Marji, thanks for the info on the pred. I have actually been taking more of it lately since I got pnemonia. It could be the culprit. Barb, thank you for the hugs! I continue to keep you in my thoughts and prayers.

love ya all


God Bless
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