Been In Hospital, Had A Rough Time

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   Posted 10/13/2007 7:10 PM (GMT -6)   
Hi Everyone,
How are you all doing? I'll read the posts and catch up this coming week. I noticed a lot of new members, welcome to you all.
Well, as I said, I;ve been in hospital. I was diagnosed with steroid induced diabetes and they gave me medication called glyclazide. I was told to take 4 tablets everyday to help keep my sugars down as the steroids are raising it too high. Anyway, I took these as told and after a couple of days started to feel very weird. I took my sugar level and it was very low. I kept eating, it would go up, then come straight back down again. Then I took really ill, was sweating, shaking, stumbling, heart was racing etc so I dialled for an ambulance. Luckily I did as when the ambulance arrived I was close to going unconscious. I was given an injection of I think glucose and took to hospital. It took 2 days to get the sugars under control. I now am in a catch 22 situation. They reduced the glyclazide saying it was too much. I am so afraid of taking the steroids incase my sugars go wild again and I'm in such pain with the lupus. My joints are really bad, my back is breaking and I am really really tired. I don't know which is worse, the pain because I'm not taking the steroids, or the diabetes problems if I take them. I have blood in my urine and I'm waiting for the msu results from the rheumy. I also have been told I may need to have a biopsy taken from my bowel, they are concerned it may be affected by the lupus. I have already tried plaq, and the steroids are prob going to be no good now either, which is a shame as they were the best thing yet. Any ideas???? I'm fed up!
P.S: My mums operation was a success and my Grandads radiotherapy is looking like it has worked well. x x
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   Posted 10/13/2007 7:48 PM (GMT -6)   
lion, I am so sorry to hear about how bad things have been going for you. How awful that you ended up so sick and in the hospital. It sounds like things still aren't going well and that you are still really miserable. I don't have much advice, I just want to let you know that you are in my thoughts and I wish you didn't have to go through any of this. Dealing with the diabetes, the blood in your urine and the bowel problems is just so much for anyone to deal with. Maybe you can talk to your doc about other options to treat your lupus like methotrexate or Cellcept, or Imuran. Also, since you are in so much pain, you might want to let your doc know that Tramadol isn't relieving your pain right now since you are going off of prednisone and maybe the doc will give you a stronger pain med until things get better under control.

Hang in there and please take care of yourself. Lots of ((((Hugs))))
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   Posted 10/13/2007 10:02 PM (GMT -6)   
Hi Lion . . . ouch . . . tough situation . . .

Did the doctor have you go off the pred? or did you remove yourself? If so, was it recently? did you taper slowly down from 30? If you went off of it yourself and didn't taper slowly enough it can actually induce a flare.

Are the doctors concerned enough to take you off the prednisone? . . . just wondering because if you do have some organ involvment, the pred may have been treating that as well as your pain and going off of it could have allowed these other issues to surface . . . just a thought and wanted to make sure your doc knows that you stopped taking it.

Big concerns for you sis . . . Hippi had a good thought too about some other med. Do you have an endo helping you with the diabetes??? Sounds like a good idea since your are having such a hard time controling it.

Sending you a nice hot cup of tea!!


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   Posted 10/14/2007 10:40 AM (GMT -6)   

Sorry you have so much to deal with. It's a real catch 22 for you and must be like living in a nightmare. I hope you have competent doctors who are able to get all of this under control for you. Thanks for the good news about your mom and granddad.

Hang in there and keep us updated.


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   Posted 10/14/2007 6:09 PM (GMT -6)   
Hi Lion,
I'm sorry too that you have gone through this ordeal.  It's scary.  I have blood sugar issues too.  Mine are the low sugar type.  So when I'm on more pred I actually feel better.  Weird eh.
It might take time to find that balance your body needs.  You need the prednisone and the diabetes management. Try to learn as much as you can about both.  I hope that balance comes quickly for you.
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   Posted 10/14/2007 6:22 PM (GMT -6)   
Hi Lion:

Oh I'm so sorry to hear that you've been so sick and in the hospital. I know how frustrating it can be taking the prednisone and it raising your blood sugars. Whenever I end up in the hospital, they end up checking my blood sugar and I usually need 2 to 4 units of insulin, I get mine in shot form prior to meals. Once I'm out of the hospital I don't check my blood sugars.

I think that the other made a good suggestion, talking to your consultant about cellcept, methotrexate, imuran, or something like that maybe the way to go. Also, I'd mention that your pain medication is working well for you and that you need something stronger.

Glad to hear that things are doing well for the rest of your family. Here's wish you the best and I hope you start to feel better really soon.

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   Posted 10/15/2007 11:02 AM (GMT -6)   
Hey!  I know blood sugar issues can be scarey.  I had steroid induced diabetes (severe).  I was up to 6 insulin shots per day.  It was no fun,  but I had to continue the steroids.  I have major organ involvement and it is, as we all know, the magic bullet.  I did the same thing on the pills...severe sugar drops.  The insulin was much better!  Don't give up.  It's just something (else) that has to be carefully managed.    God Bless You,   Judi

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   Posted 10/16/2007 1:23 AM (GMT -6)   
Hi lion--
sorry to hear about the steroid induced diabetes and your really tough time in the hospital and all. sure hope you are doing better. Sometimes it seems like they rush to fix something and then the sugar bounces around. What I like about the pills is that they seemed to stabilized my sugar (I go high and low and take glucophage ER). If your pancreas still works, its giong to try to adjust eventually by giving you more insulin, so if they give you too much it can send you bouncing off the charts. I haven't heard of glycazide, but the different pills work in very different ways so it's important they give you the right type. I'm so sorry you have been so sick and it must be scary. Perhpas you can see an endocrinologist or diabetes specialist about the problem and find a way to still take prednisone when you need it. I'm on glucophage, my pancreas still produces insulin and I get some pretty hefty shots of prednisone and lately pills and my glucophage has kept my levels dead at 100, I do watch my diet, but even on the pred. Maybe you could see if there is a different pill they could try or like the others said, maybe insulin shots might help, I don't know about them, but my dad takes them and says it is much easier to control your sugar right away and to adjust your doses with it. I hope you feel better and that you can work something out so you can take the drugs that work for you.
Love, Marji
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   Posted 10/16/2007 12:24 PM (GMT -6)   

Hi Lion.  I have steroid induced diabetes.  My sugars were in a flux and I was placed on 30mg Actos.  My rheumy placed me on methotrexate and within a few months, my sugars stabilized although I still have to take the Actos.  Later my pred was up to 30mg and my rheumy added Imuran.  Bottom line: methotrexate stabilized my glucose and my blood pressure.  I really am sorry you're so sick.  I'm sending you lots of positive energy and hugs!!

Love, Butterflake

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   Posted 10/21/2007 7:52 PM (GMT -6)   
Hi Lion, I'm playing catch-up again. I think we've spoken previously about steroid-induced diabetes. I'm SO sorry for what all you just went through! I'm sure that was scary! I know it is SO hard having health problems come at you from so many things at one time. I hope your doctor can very quickly get you back on a working med. regiment to stop all that crap. I would bet the steroids would still work, you'd just have to play the "eat practically nothing" game I'm playing to control your blood sugar. Maybe your doc can make something else work for you, but that's where I'm still at. Take care and I hope you can get something worked out and get to feeling better fast,
Always looking for the silver lining, Sharen

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   Posted 10/25/2007 7:06 PM (GMT -6)   

Hi Lion, I was just thinking about you and I know you have been having a horrible time of it. How are you doing now? Is there any word about what the doctors have planned? You're in my thoughts and prayers


God Bless
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