Foods that trigger lupus

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   Posted 10/15/2007 3:10 PM (GMT -6)   
Yes,i get that too.When i first get up i feel slightly gimpy.Not always but this happens from time to time and this weekend was the WORST.I try to hide it too.I dont want people feeling sorry for me or looking at me like ''what's with her''.
Ok,now i dont want to get excited BUT i did a little experiment with my diet and think i noticed some of my triggers.On Friday i purposly eat like crap.I ate grilled shrimp and had potato with dinner.Salad with tomatoes too.I didnt skimp and had bread with dinner and even cake for dessert.Potato,tomato and eggplants cause inflammation.On Friday,the stiffness and pain began about 30 minutes after eating.I had a limited range of motion and it was difficult to open the car door.It lasted through the night but was almost 100% gone by the afternoon.Saturday i was a total Gluton for punishment.I ate a Buffulo shrimp wrap and it was SPICEY.It came with French fries and again i had bread with dinner.That set me over the top.I was in AGONY!!! pain in my hips,shoulders,hands,feet and fingers.My hands were totally swollen in the morning.I felt really bad until the late afternoon.I fasted until about 4pm.With an empty belly i felt much better.Yesterday,i was very careful what i ate.I had a fresh berry fruit shake(no sugar) with soy milk and flaxseed meal for a late lunch.Then for dinner i had a whole grain organic pasta with broccoli, olive oil and garlic.I also made Brussel sprouts.I skipped the bread and had a pear for dessert.After dinner i felt good.No pain no stiffness.I woke up with a slight headache but no swelling,no joint pain and my range of motion is back to normal.Go figure!! Just have some minor stiffness in my fingers but that is not uncommon for me.
I'm kinda afraid to eat though.I was careful today too.I ate baked salmon with escarole and broccoli for lunch.It was prepared with lots of garlic and olive oil.I skipped the bread again.I ate fresh berries earlier and so far i feel OK.I can run up and down my stairs without see what tonight and tomorrow brings.I have my M.D appointment tomorrow.Got my fingers crossed that this Rhuematologist is knowelegable.

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   Posted 10/15/2007 6:19 PM (GMT -6)   
Hey Fran!
What a great and very brave experiement, LOL!  I forgot that tomatoes were bad for inflammation.  I love tomatoes.... EEK.  I need to be more careful with my food too.
I find that anything with MSG in it will give me a wicked headache and make me feel just plain bad.  So I read the labels for that stuff. Also anything with yeast is bad for me too.  So I eat, sparingly, yeast free bread, and only fresh deli meats.  None of the packaged stuff.  They're full of MSG and other nasty preservatives.
Thanks for letting us know what you did!  I think if we all ate better, more whole foods, we'd be much happier, healthier and pain free!
Keep up the good work!
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   Posted 10/15/2007 7:07 PM (GMT -6)   
Hi Fran-

Please keep us posted. I am so interested in how food affects our pain and how much we tend to swell. I too have played around or experimented with my diet and have found that it does affect me much the same as it did you. My problem is that I am also lactose & soy intolerant. I think I may also be gluten intolerant just from experimenting with food. If I never ate all of the things that bother me or that I am intolerant of - I may blow away. I love the flavors of food. I need to be more diligent with this. I am encouraged by your post. I look forward to reading what others have to say about this topic as well.

My best to you,
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   Posted 10/17/2007 8:06 AM (GMT -6)   

Hi Ginny and Laurie,

I dont know what i did but i see there is no title to my thread.Oh well....First i want to share how i feel.I think it's important.I have been VERY VERY careful what i ate after this past weekends experimental diet thing.Monday morning,i was SHOCKED but i had no swelling and only slight stiffness in my hands.I'm not joking.Yesterday,was better.I had complete range of motion and no swelling of my hands no stiffness.I got out of bed and prayed before i went downstairs that i would not look and feel like an old lady.Im so happy that i actually have fluid movement now.I can rotate my hands,feet and i'm typing now and dont feel stiff.Again,yesterday i was so cautious with my diet.I had a veggie salmon burger with only half of the roll.The salad minus the tomato.Had my berrie flaxseed shake.I was afraid to eat dinner but knew i had to eat so i had only half peice of grilled salmon and some of my son's salad.I feel no pain.What is up with this???? I happy but wonder how long this will last.

I went to another Rhuematologist yesterday.I REALLY liked her.She took a COMPLETE history and asked lots of questions about the pain i was experiencing.Onset of pain ect ect..Of course when i made my appointment i felt like crap but the day of the appointment i felt almost 100% better.She did several range of motions tests.She tapped and poked me everywhere.Even took my socks off and rotated my feet and tapped on several areas and asked about pain.She made me walk on my tippy toes and heels.She said i was''excellant'' She ordered xrays of my hands and knees and took more blood.She's looking for some more specific virues,Lupus and RA.She said my previous Sjogrens test was not positive for Sjogrens.She said i have a 'high titer for sjogrens''.The other two tests for the sjogrens were negative.She said that something may be cooking but until i have symptoms she cannot treat it and wouldnt say i have sjogrens right now.Oh and she thinks i may have carpul tunnel in my hands.She did this test with my hands and i felt a tingly sensation.My blood pressure was pretty high(160/100) OUCH.She gave me a Benecar at the office and would not let me leave until i took the pill.She gave me a prescription for Benecar.She was most concerened with my blood pressure than anything else.Last week my pressure was 140/80.That is my typical pressure when i;m in the M.D office.I get really nervous but yesterday was exceptionally high.Scary thing is that i didnt feel like i had a headache

So now,i have to wait for these other blood tests and get the xrays done and treat my blood pressure.I feel almost 100% better but for how long?? I can actually MOVE and not grunt.I can get up without holding on. I;m so afraid to eat anything i have here at home.I need to go shopping at Fairway's Market.They have whole organic foods.I'm also thinking of buying that Jack Lalane Juicer.I hear juicing helps a lot with overall health and when you juice the right foods you can decrease inflammation.

Thanks for reading this long email.

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   Posted 10/17/2007 10:53 AM (GMT -6)   
Hi Fran,

WAY good that the food has helped SO fast. I have found that there are certain foods that hurt quite quickly, but the ones that help take quite a while on the diet to really help. . . so it is really encouraging to learn that you had such fast results.

My daughter has a couple books by Dr. Perricone. . . which talk in great detail about the inflammation or anti-inflammation factor in foods. If anyone is interested, the books are quite popular and are available in most libraries. She used the library books first and then decided she wanted to own the books and has treated her asthma with whole foods.

Oh Fran, that was a high blood pressure. Its good that the rheumy treated you. Do you have a home monitor? I do find it interesting how much my blood pressure can fluctuate. But I thought that high blood pressure was a silent issue . . . meaning that it usually doesn't cause any symptoms until its does damage . . . do you normally get a headache when yours is up?

Carpal Tunnel. I had that REALLY bad and the doc kept telling me I needed surgery in both wrists because my muscles was wasting in the hand. The doctor had done an EMG (electrical stimulation test) on my wrists to see how bad things were in the wrists. I asked him to try giving me steroid injections in my wrists to see if we could avoid the surgeries and he finally agreed. That was last November and I haven't had any trouble since. I get a occasional reminders that there could be issues brewing now and then, but then it goes away!! I feel so blessed that the shot worked. Normally it only gives you up to 6 months of relief . . . but whatever was causing my inflammation everywhere else is minimal now too . . . praise God!!

Its interesting that you felt well at your first visit. I'm going to be in the same boat, I think. I have a first visit with a new rheumy on Nov 15 and I've been able to pace myself and medicate myself well enough to stay pretty much under the radar. I keep waiting, though, for an ugly flare skull and praying that they will stay away for good!!

I hope your doc figures things out with you!! Keep us posted. and keep updating about the diet and the juicing. I'm really interested in your results.


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   Posted 10/17/2007 11:28 AM (GMT -6)   

Hi Always Rosie,

I dont think the diet is supposed to work this fast.I have NO IDEA why i feel better so fast.I made another berry and flaxseed drink for breakfast.I add two tablespoon of ground organic flaxseed to the drink and that equals 2,400 mg of Omega 3 fatty acids.Omegas have potent anti-inflammatory properties.I'm trying to figure out what to have for lunch and dinner.

As for headaches....yes,i get headachces from time to time.Mostly on the top of my head.It's kinda like a migrane type headachce.Yesterday with the B/P of 160/100 i had NO headache.Go figure.I had a slight headache the day before though.

I heard about Dr.Perricone's book and watched his seminar on TV.He is very big on anti-inflammatory foods.He says to eat Wild Salmon everyday if possible.I have several book from Dr.Weil and bought the controversial book from Kevin Trudeau 'Natural Cure ''They'' Dont Want You To Know about'.

Oh and when i had the severe pain over the weekend my allergies and asthma were bad too.I take Advair and albuterol but i still had some wheezing and tightness.I'm usually pretty controlled and it was odd to have all of this going on at once.The new Rhuematologist thinks i may have a shellfish allergy.She said too that certain foods affect the synovial fluids around the joints.Especially if you have an allergy.Kinda makes sense now that i think about how everything happened all together after eating shrimp two days in a row.I will NEVER EVER eat shrimp again.She also said some higher protein foods effect the synovial fluids.I believe i read in Dr.Weil's book that people with Lupus should have less protien and higher carbs.Dont remeber the ratio but he did mention a specifc ratio of protein to carbs that people with autoimmune inflammatory issues should have.

I will keep you posted and good luck with your new Rhuemy AlwaysRosie :-)


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