Sinus infection and possible pleursy

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   Posted 11/6/2007 4:46 PM (GMT -6)   
Well, I spent 5 hours plus in the ER last night, the doc wanted me to stay overnight and said he thought I had a blood clot- I am pretty sure the problem is pleursy and maybe allergies and the sinus infection I have. He saw me for less than  5 minutes total and the nurse checked my blood pressure 2 times during the visit. My OB today gave me a script for anti-biotics, orders to push fluids and rest a lot, and said up the prednisone for a couple days. He even checked the baby's heartbeat. He also said next week I will likely be started on BP meds if my BP isn't down. I have to buy a BP machine and take mine 2xs a day until I see the doc again. Fun. Really. I hate the ER doc. He is an idiot. I was having trouble breathing with activity and felt pain and tightness around the bottom of my chest. He pushed on my chest and ribs and I wanted to cry but he assumed blood clot because I have lupus despite the fact my clotting test was a little slow to clot thanks to the baby asprin. Idiot. I really wish he would have listened to me. I have asthma and have been exposed to cat hair (I am allergic) and I have a sinus infection. Maybe try a breathing treatment instead of leaving me in a room alone for hours without telling me anything then ask me to agree to stay all night and have a high radiation level test in the morning since I told you 6 times I am pregnant. darn I hate the ER. This was at the good hospital too which makes it worse.
I am worried the sinus infection may be causing the lupus to become active. Also I am rather angry about the sinus infection. Before evoxac I got them every few weeks then once I was on the evoxac a while they stopped completely. But when pregnant evoxac is a no-no it causes miscarriage from what I understand 100% of the time. Which is why there is no data about it in later pregnancy. Well, time to grocery shop unless I want to go hungry tonight.
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   Posted 11/6/2007 6:09 PM (GMT -6)   
redrose, I'm sorry that you aren't feeling well and that you are having several different problems now. I really hope that your sinus infection won't cause a lupus flare, but infections seem to like to jump start lupus activity. I know you are already resting, but just make sure to take extra good care of yourself.
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   Posted 11/6/2007 7:54 PM (GMT -6)   
Just a little advice ... When it's finally time to go for your dr's appointment regarding your blood pressure; take your bp machine with you.  After they take your blood pressure with their equipment, have them take it again with your equipment and compare the results.  That way, if your machine is off everyone involved will be able to make the necessary adjustments on your readings you've been taking yourself.  Good luck!
btw ... I was 24 years old, on birth control, smoked and went to the ER for chest pains.  I had been under a lot of stress (i.e. mom died, father driving me crazy, etc) and told the doctor I had been under A LOT of stress.  ER doctor decided I had a blood clot in my lung, saying this dr was an idiot was putting it mildly.  The Monday following my ER visit I went and saw my regular physician and told him what had happened.  He couldn't believe some ER doctor would even have the idea I had a blood clot, let alone tell me that is what he thought I had.  It turned out the ER doc was wrong, I didn't have a blood clot, it was a panic attack.
Hope you feel better!
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   Posted 11/6/2007 9:23 PM (GMT -6)   
Hi Redrose:

I'm sorry you had such a terrible experience with the ER. I hope that the sinus infection doesn't set the lupus into a full blown flare. Like the others have suggested, try to rest up as much as possible. I'm sorry you've got so much going on. Hope you feel better soon.

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   Posted 11/7/2007 7:26 AM (GMT -6)   
Hi redrose, I am sorry you had suc an idiot ER doc. I hope that once you get a little farther along that things will start to calm down for you and baby.
thoughts and prayers
God Bless
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   Posted 11/7/2007 10:33 AM (GMT -6)   
Thanks. I hate antibiotics but this time they are really necessary. I just wish the sinuses hadn't caused such a headache- I can't take anything that actually works on them.
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   Posted 11/11/2007 8:50 PM (GMT -6)   
((( Redrose))). Sorry you're having more problems. You can't seem to catch a break, can you? I hope you are feeling better from the antibiotics. Please do rest up and take care as best you can.
Always looking for the silver lining, Sharen

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   Posted 11/12/2007 10:44 PM (GMT -6)   
Hi redrose--
I hear ya on the ER. The one by me gives me two injections only for anything I go in there for. I could have a broken leg and they would give me a shot of benedryl and a shot of meclizine or something equally as debilitating, put me in a chemical straightjacket that sends me to sleep and probably kills my liver, and sends me home. No steroids ever, nothing helpful at all. I've complained and threatend to file suit and to report them, but it has done no good. The stupid agency won't send me a complaint form and and my complaints go no where. Now I just pray that if I'm ever in a wreck I never go there. The bad thing is that some of my docs practice there.

I know the evoxac worked great on my chronic sinusitis too and I can't imagine not taking it. You must be suffering. It helps in little ways all through your body I think. It improved my gi tract because of the added moisture too. I hope that you can get some appropriate treatment soon, esp. being pregnant. Well, I will pray for you and have been thinking of you and wishing you to get through your pregnancy without too much suffering. Maybe you can talk to your doc about getting one of those breathing tx machines at home, I sure wish I had one. I think they aren't that hard to get, or at least a nebulizer. Take care and lots of ((((hugs)))) for you and the baby. I wish my kids would have kids in a way. Its been so long since I've had a baby around!
Love, Marji
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