My dog Toto died this week of Lyme..:>(

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Martha's Vineyard
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   Posted 11/5/2008 11:37 AM (GMT -6)   
smhair  My dog toto got lyme in 2004 when he was 6 mos old.
My daughter lilly who was 11 mos and my daughter charlotte who was six, and I was 40.
Lilly got on amoxy, me doxy, and Charlotte never got treated becuase she never got a rash, but now has full blown cronic lyme.
Toto came back positive for lyme only when he was almost two.
He was put on 400 mg of doxy, oddly my same dosage..he is 15 pounds and I am 145.
Anyways...he got teeth of an old dog..he could not jump, he would star at the ground. Everyone would ask me what was wrong with him.
But I understood ho0w he felt.
At his last dr.s app he tested negative for lyme.
I took him with me to Arizona to be with me during my new treatment. I am so sad that he did not make it long enough for me to figure out to be ablle to give him...since my meds now work for me..
He had such a hard time being in the heat and eating and wanted to sleep by my bed all day and night. We were perfect for each other. He and I in my freezing dark room lying in bed. That is the only way that we fet good.
Anyone else or stress or light or heat was too much.
I miss him so much and am still crying over him. Now I have to get my kids better. This lyme turns you or your animals into old men and women over night..really 95 mad
I got Lymes in 2004. So did my 11 mos old daughter and my favorite dog Toto.

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   Posted 11/5/2008 4:33 PM (GMT -6)   
I'm so sorry about your dog! I lost my dog a few weeks ago also (but not from LD). They become a part of the family and you feel the same loss when they're gone.

You and your girls are in my prayers!
Hugs - Lisa

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   Posted 11/5/2008 5:39 PM (GMT -6)   
Was Toto ever given antibiotics? I believe it helped my dog some, but he had chronic lyme before we realized it. What had you tried with Toto? Sorry for your loss, its hurts I know... D

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   Posted 11/5/2008 5:49 PM (GMT -6)   
Oh Martha,
I'm so sorry for the loss of Toto, I know he was very special to you.  I lost my doggie Felix last April and I still miss him (he had a blood disorder, not lyme). 
Have you read the Rainbow Bridge? 
I feel for you, I really do.   I know that no other animal can replace the ones we love.
It's all about the Immune System mixed with a large dose of Positive Thinking...
This song is about my years with chronic lyme and being in remission for over 2 years:

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   Posted 11/5/2008 6:50 PM (GMT -6)   

Martha's Vineyard I am so sorry about Toto.  Pets are members of the family.

Maybe you and your children could plant a tree or bush in Toto's honor.  This has helped me when I lost a pet.  You could decide together what would be best to plant and you could plant it together.


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   Posted 11/5/2008 7:40 PM (GMT -6)   
I am really sorry to hear this. That is really sad. Dogs have an amazing way to just be there for you, no matter what, right by your side. my dog is sitting next to me right now as i type this. you will also remember toto being right next to you. i am sure he will surely be missed, but never forgotten.

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   Posted 11/6/2008 1:09 AM (GMT -6)   
I am so sorry for your loss. My sympathy to you and your family.

Robin O
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   Posted 11/6/2008 8:54 AM (GMT -6)   

Hi Martha's Vineyard.

I read everything you wrote here and what struck me so hard was when you said "we were perfect for each other".  I know EXACTLY what you meant.

I am so sorry for your loss. This disease is such a heartbreak. 


Robin O.

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   Posted 11/7/2008 3:15 PM (GMT -6)   
Hi Martha ~

I'm so sorry to hear that you lost Toto! I know how heartbreaking it is to lose your companion pet. When I lost my cat in '03, who was also my companion of 14 years, I was so devastated with the loss that we rescued a kitten from a shelter nine days later. He's now five, and has a sister, Ruby, who we also rescued from a shelter. My cats are very special and important to me because they are also my company when I'm home, horizontal and feeling sick. They always seem to know how I'm feeling. But five years later, I still often think of and miss my little Millie cat.

The pain of your loss will lessen as time passes. Take good care of yourself and your precious children.

*Abx combo tx since Jan/08*
Lyme disease - clinical dx ’08; Babesiosis (Positive IgM/IgG) '08;
GERD '04; Essential Tremor ’03; Fibromyalgia ’01; Osteoarthritis; Depression; IBS; Interstitial Cystitis

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   Posted 11/7/2008 8:44 PM (GMT -6)   
Ohh, So sorry to hear about your dog. That's a tough one.
I have animals and they're my kids. I lost 4 cats in a 5 yr period and was totally devasted.

Sending you happy vibes
The world breaks every one and afterward many are strong in the broken places

J. Clark Nicholson
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   Posted 11/8/2008 5:28 PM (GMT -6)   
So very sorry to hear about your Toto. Losing a pet is really losing a family member. I'm so sorry about that. I am very glad to hear that you are feeling better, though. That is encouraging for all of us.

wacko woman
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   Posted 11/9/2008 7:57 PM (GMT -6)   
Our pets are such comforts because sometimes they are the only ones in our lives that accept us just the way we are.

I am truly sorry for your loss.


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   Posted 11/10/2008 10:02 AM (GMT -6)   
Maybe he's in a better place. there's a heaven for dogs too. just ask st. francis of assici.

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   Posted 12/2/2008 11:43 PM (GMT -6)   
Hello Wacko Woman,
Just a quick note to let you know my pug Stuey was tested for Lyme and came back negative but I really don't know what symptoms to look for?  I posted you about my little girl on the Lyme Autism Connection Link back 10/30 after you responded about your family.  I would love to hear from you.  You wrote 10/12, but I had a bad herx and didn't get back for two weeks.  Take care!  Stuey06

Martha's Vineyard
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   Posted 12/3/2008 12:21 AM (GMT -6)   
Thank yoiu all for the support. I am trying to get over it. I just can't stop thinking about him. He wass by my side for almost 7 years

And he knew me better than anyone. And stayed with me on the bad days and On his bad days I let him hide under mybed all day with
out all of the othre dogs.

Stuey06, symptoms of a dog with lyme are tiredness, wont jump, for back and leg pain, not into eating too much. don't like the
heat ourdoors. hanging their head low and like staring at the floor. sleeping long long hours. short temper. not wanting to be messed with
but kids. might bite. lame....but then threy have thier good days and you see your happy puppy coming back and running around the
house and making yippie...but it goes off and on. but their teeth turn really old and their hips are bad. so an dso forth...

alot like us really.
2004 in Martha's Vineyard me and my two daughters then 11 mos and 6 all got Lyme Disease. This was only known to us because we found the tiny ticks on us and we got very ill. My dog also got lyme and he went lame.
We have fought it for 4 years to no avail.
We all got it again this summer is Texas.
I am now in treatment in Scottsdale Arizona at Envita.

"The eyes cannot see for for what the mind does not know."

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   Posted 12/3/2008 12:14 PM (GMT -6)   
I am so sorry that you lost toto. I imagine a cute little cairn terrier and remember my westie that we lost last summer but she was very old - not the same when a young one leaves you. He is in a better place, maybe chasing butterflies through rainbows with my Briar. I hope you are comforted in your loss and that you and your children recover from all of this very soon.

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   Posted 12/3/2008 2:42 PM (GMT -6)   
Martha, so sorry about the loss of your dog. We lost our dog just over a year ago to cancer, she was 7. It's like losing a member of the family.

Martha's Vineyard
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   Posted 1/16/2009 1:35 AM (GMT -6)   
Thank you pooelllaa,
I am relived that the other 4 dogs to not seem to be effected. And now I don't let them sleep in my bed anymore.
But he was the only one who knew how I felt everyday. He was my best dog ever. I wish I had here out here with me while I have 3 more weeks of treatment. I am so lonely out here doing this all my myself. And no support from anyone.
2004 in Martha's Vineyard me and my two daughters then 11 mos and 6 all got Lyme Disease. This was only known to us because we found the tiny ticks on us and we got very ill. My dog also got lyme and he went lame.
We have fought it for 4 years to no avail.
We all got it again this summer is Texas.
I am now in treatment in Scottsdale Arizona at Envita.

"The eyes cannot see for for what the mind does not know."

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   Posted 1/16/2009 8:31 AM (GMT -6)   
Aww hun im sooo sorry to hear about Toto!! My dog Rex died of Lyme a few years back and then I too got sick shortly after he died. He was a chocolate Chihuahua mix. Did you know that you can get Lyme from your pets? This is Rex shortly before he died taken with my ex girlfriend. When he got sick he got critical pretty fast. We took him to the vet and they did everything they could including a blood transfusion but the poor tyke did not pull thru. For awhile I too thought I was going to die but I found new hope with antibiotics.


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   Posted 1/16/2009 11:47 AM (GMT -6)   
Hi Marie,

Hang in there ok? I enjoy hearing from you and want you to get through this and then go home. You can do it - do it for you, your children, and all your animals who love you.

A while back I told you I had two beautiful black and tan Norwich terriers. The girl was completely tested for Lyme and is fine. I was worried about her. The boy will get tested next week. They have both had lyme vaccines but they play around in 4 acres so they are at risk.

I love them so and they give me so much love. I do not sleep with them in the bed. However, I do let them on my bed from time to time but ONLY with a WHITE blanket under them that is then washed. I am probably fooling myself, but I figure I have a better chance of seeing a tick or anything remotely black - which freaks me out.

Take care Marie,

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   Posted 1/17/2009 3:27 AM (GMT -6)   


I am glad to hear an update but concerned at how you are expressing such lonliness.  I am sorry.  We are used to your bubbly strength.

You need to know that we miss you and care about you.

Got my number with you?  If not, float the note and I'll send it your way.  Then, let the venting begin!

Remember your ultimate decision for going and the goal that you are aiming for so that you can be well, strong and Mommy!  I will be praying for you.  Please stay in touch! 

From the softer side of life!  Blessings,  ~diana

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