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   Posted 11/9/2008 8:33 PM (GMT -6)   
Hello to all,
I have not been posting here for close to a year. I will tell my story again for everyone to know.
I was diagnosed with Lyme a little more than a year ago. My first symptoms began 3 years ago with numbness to my legs then burning pain to both legs. Then I began to develop blurred vision and severe headaches. In September of last year I began to have severe muscle pain, weakness and difficulty walking. There are times when I would sleep downstairs at home since I could not climb the stairs. In november a year ago I began to have muscle twitches and weakness. I began to get really scared. Here
I was at 34 with a young family, recently graduated from medical school and we were expecting to add to the stress.
Since chronic Lyme was never taught in school or maybe it's the 5 mins lecture I missed, I had no way of knowing that I was dealing with this problem.
This was the first website I read about chronic lyme. I then went on to test myself and through Igenex found out I was positive. I tried a short course of oral but I kept going downward and needed more intensive treatments. I saw some of the best neurologists in this country they all had a different diagnosis from MS to ALS and form Migraines to fibromyalgia. They all thought that lyme was bogus but did not want to tell me that straight in my face.
In the late winter when I could not walk anymore I began Rocephin, Mepron, Plaquenil and zithromax. I had some herx from hell. There was one time I told my wife I was dying and to let me die in peace. I was laying in bed shaking. I had some scary times.
The summer well sucked as I continued with my treatments. Our little one was born and I had such muscle, joint pain and weakness I could not even enjoy him.
Fast forward a few months to the past 5 weeks now. I can say that I am near normal healthe again. I just went on a 3 miles walk. No more drop foot like I had before. I carried my kids in my arms for part of the walk. I am able once again to care for my house. I am back to all my normal activities and I am living a normal life again. It has been a tough course but I believe I am near normal again.
I am still taking my medications and will continue until I am symptoms free. I want to thank everyone who has prayed for me and my family during those tough times. It really helped our faith.
As a physician I have learned compassion. I try to treat my patient with respect and tenderness.
Thank you,

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   Posted 11/9/2008 8:56 PM (GMT -6)   


Thank you for getting back with the site to update.  I'm relatively new to this forum but from what I have seen there are so many requests from people who want to hear from a "well" Lymie.   I know that when you are herxing, depressed and have lost your feelings of hope, it's hard to think that bright days are ahead and there is even a hope to be the person you once were before this awful illness took over.

Congrats on your wellness and may each day you continue to experience the joys of love, life and your family.


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   Posted 11/9/2008 8:58 PM (GMT -6)   
Frank: Your story will give everyone here hope. And, a compassionate physician, you are "one of a kind" my friend. Take care and stay well... D

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   Posted 11/9/2008 9:17 PM (GMT -6)   
Doctor Frank...At first when I read it and found out your a physician and the word compassion in the same sentence, I wondered is this real.

I'm sorry but after having been denied care with NUMEROUS referrals to therapists etc., I didn't think it possible.

I even went to a woman doc and she was nicer but goodness. she scribbled out Lexapro and handed it to me.

I'm relieved and gratified to know you are on the mend. Please keep it up.

You're a reminder to me that doctors are mortals too. We put you up on a pedestal. And maybe we need to know that you guys are humans like the rest of us.

God bless you and your young family.

all the best,

we need a cure (yesterday)

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   Posted 11/9/2008 11:46 PM (GMT -6)   
Hi Charcotman/Frank, Congratulations! Thank you for coming back here to give us all the good news. Your blessing is a blessing to us too! We love to hear success stories. There is more hope because now there is one more physician in the world to help educate the rest that don't believe or care about lyme. Best wishes to you and your family. Thanks, again, for coming back here. Your knowledge will be appreciated by all of us if you choose to continue to post here, and to encourage others. It's also nice to know when prayers have been answered! Best wishes to you and your family. bablymers mom

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   Posted 11/10/2008 8:37 AM (GMT -6)   
Thanks for posting, Frank! I wish more doctors could hear your story and gain your compassion. If you practiced near me, I'd totally ask you to be my doctor! (I'm in Philly; where are you? And what kind of doctor are you?) And it's great to hear that you are feeling so much better. I too am almost entirely better, but I do believe in chronic lyme -- I think I am always going to have to watch out for symptoms and maybe take antibiotics to get myself back to normal. But I went from dysfunctional to entirely functional, with just a little bit of joint pain/fatigue/headaches.
There was a "good stories" thread somewhere on here that I think Hezzer started. Can I repost your story in that thread?
Lyme and co-infections since approximately 2002. Diagnosed in 2005. Treated for two years solid. Diagnosed with Lymphomatoid Papulosis in October 2007. Currently back on abx.

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   Posted 11/10/2008 2:52 PM (GMT -6)   
There was a movie years ago, The Good Doctor, with William Hurt. It was a true story about a young doctor that lacked compassion toward his patients until he became seriously ill and saw a whole new perspective from the "other" side.  Made him a better doctor because he had Been There. Great movie. Thats why we are all here for eachother, we know exactrly how it feels. D

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   Posted 11/11/2008 7:10 AM (GMT -6)   
This is very touching. Thanks frank and all of you lyme people. I'm glad i found this site. i know about Doctors i've seen so many to. I just had my physical and the Nurse practioner said to me that the doctor still didnt belive i had lyme . unreal, I was a very health person then bang i was sick. He wanted me to go see another rhem and i refuse to see another one. I have lyme and i'm starting to get better. I'm about 70 percent better. i still have thigh, quad, and spine pine and acky neck. at least i can move. well, i stop here. Thanks all, -:)

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   Posted 11/13/2008 12:32 AM (GMT -6)   
Hi Frank, thank you for sharing your wellness story! I look forward to the same. And yes, I too know how Lyme can really mess with your faith. But now I see how it's a faith builder and I remember that God's plan is much bigger than mine and to rely on that no matter what!

I'm also curious what area of medicine you're going into, or in? Have you thought of writting any papers/journals (medical) about Lyme? What a great advocate you are now! We'd love to hear more.

Many more answered prayers to you and your family,

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   Posted 11/13/2008 7:07 AM (GMT -6)   
Frank - Thank you for posting your update. Congratulations on finishing medical school and having a new baby and finally getting better from LD. I really needed to hear something positive about all of this LD mess and it means a little more coming from a doctor.

We'll get through today - Jennifer
06/00- The beginning, 08/01-LD positive, 10/01- Igenex and CDC LD positive, 10/02-LD positive, 11/03-LD positive, 10/07-Bartonella positive, CD57=3, 08/25/08-WE'LL SEE - NEW!!! AND UPDATED!!! - turned out to be 10 weeks of IV Rocephin, my first visit to a Pain Management doctor - oops, but she was cool, non-judgemental and will not prescribe me any "opiates" which in the end, is probably a good thing.  And, my abx's have changed again, just see below. 
NEW!!! AND UPDATED!!! - Current Rx's 08/25/08  11/12/08: Wellbutrin 300mg, Paxil 60mg, Xanax 5mg, Restoril 30mg Rozerem 8mg, Prevacid, Darvocet, Acidophilus, Flagyl 1500mg Rifampin 600mg, Levaquin 500mg, Lyrica 150 to 300mg, Urso 250mg, IV Rocephin 4 grams, Magnesium Chloride and/or Magnesium Oil - I need to order off the internet  I never did order that off the internet,
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   Posted 11/15/2008 7:30 PM (GMT -6)   
This is so good to hear!

J. Clark Nicholson
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   Posted 11/15/2008 8:09 PM (GMT -6)   
Good stories are more important than oxygen. Please, everyone who gets better, come back and tell us. And may we all come back and tell the others coming behind us.
Thanks Dr. Frank and congrats on so many things.
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