Preventing Lyme/bart rage: Meds? Herbs? Suppls?

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   Posted 8/24/2009 8:11 AM (GMT -7)   

I have Lyme and Bart, and occasional sudden rage/anger out of proportion when herxing from the bart. It's kinda like intermittent explosive disorder (IED) except it only happens when I start new bart abx.

Has anyone found anything that works to prevent this?

I looked at the psych drugs and didn't find anything appealing. Many of them cause weight gain, mood flattening, or are dependence-forming. I will not take Xanax (many people become dependent) or SSRIs (I had a hell of a time getting off them, I used to take them years ago). But if there are relatively benign psych drugs, let me know!

I was also thinking about:

-Welchol or cholestyramine to try to reduce my brain inflammation by carrying out inflammatory stuff from my body

-Eating a lot of anti-inflammatory foods, herbs, and spices (this sort of helps)

-Reducing my testosterone? I seem to have high testosterone concurrent with low thyroid, maybe they are related. I am female and have hirsutism, and I had ovarian cysts a few years ago. But testosterone can make IED worse, so I figure lowering it might help. Also avoiding zinc, since zinc keeps testosterone around.

I am doing the Rheims labs hormone profile soon, I have to wait for the right day of my cycle.

-Lithium aspartate or orotate? It's said that Lithium carbonate is good for IED, but I don't want to take that (I already have thyroid problems), but maybe low-dose lithium aspartate or orotate would give some benefits with lower risk? I used to take lithium aspartate and noticed that I remembered my dreams a lot better. I think it also cut down on the outbursts.

Anything else? Maybe GABA-promoting amino acids?

The problem is not a relaxation problem, and there's not much I can do between when it starts happening and when I have an outburst (about 1 second later). I am looking for solutions along the line of altering my brain chemistry on a regular basis, but with something more gentle than psych drugs. (so please don't suggest deep breaths or doing something when I notice I'm starting to get upset--often this happens very suddenly and unexpectedly.)

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   Posted 8/24/2009 8:58 AM (GMT -7)   
RainBaby said...

I have Lyme and Bart, and occasional sudden rage/anger out of proportion when herxing from the bart. It's kinda like intermittent explosive disorder (IED) except it only happens when I start new bart abx.

Has anyone found anything that works to prevent this?

   I've found two things that help quite a bit though I suspect via entirely different mechanisms. 
1)Oxygen bath.
Buy some food grade 35% hydrogen peroxide (Guardian of Eden has the best prices).  Buy some declorinization tablets (they're cheap) off any number of internet sites if you don't have a shower water softener. After declorinating the water, in a standard sized bathtub add exactly 8oz of the hydrogen peroxide.  Soak in a tepid bath for 30 minutes. I do not advise using the pharma grade 3% stuff from the supermarket. That stuff has a lot of additives and stabilizers you don't want to be absorbing into your body. Buying the food grade product is actually just as cheap provided you buy two gallons or more at a time. Two gallons will run you about $90 with shipping, but will last you a while.
The bath will raise the O2 levels in your brain substantially. This has never failed to completely (though temporarily) eradicate the lyme rages for me. Effect seems to last about 8-10 hours. Beware that it can also trigger a herx as borrelia cannot tolerate that much oxygen, hence you really want to limit your bath to 30 minutes the first time. The herx effect shouldn't occur until after that 10 hour window though, so you'll still the pleasant benefit of the bath.
2) Plain old, dirt cheap activated charcoal. Take it on a completely empty stomach for the quickest and greatest effect. Will work with food though if you decide you need some and you've just eaten. The effect is quite rapid and can be profound.  Just this past Saturday I had pretty bad Lyme sadness, poor energy level, and absolutely no movitavation to do anything. I took some charcoal and after about 2 hours I felt hugely improved. Mood, energy level....even realized I was interested in sex.
Activated charcoal is very well documented as being a powerful absorbant of ammonia. I think the standard dose per capsule is 200mg and I've found that 15 caps on an empty stomach work very well.

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   Posted 8/27/2009 9:04 AM (GMT -7)   
bump for rainbaby

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   Posted 8/27/2009 1:17 PM (GMT -7)   

Well if you are just looking to calm down and be less rageful. I'd recommend an herbal mix called "happy camper". It is more of a stress reducing herbal mix.

If you are up and down constantly and somewhat depressed. I'd maybe try st johns wort. It would be a good alternative route. But it doesn't always work for everyone.

If you are generally depressed. Then you might want to try 5-HTP to increase seratonin levels. 5-htp is odd so read up on it if you want to boost your seratonin. If you want to increase dopamine. Then L-tyroxine is something to consider.

Sam-e is another one but i dont' know much about it.
Just some alternative ideas with less side effects than modern medicine.
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