My treatment protical at Envita in AZ.

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   Posted 2/9/2010 7:46 AM (GMT -7)   
Okay guys, here it is. Since I was told that my old post were lost in a crash. I am going to try to make this easy and somewhat brief. And funny if I can. I had to check into a hotel in AZ. Then had a three hour consultaion with the Dr.  Then I got a port surgically implanted in my chest. Made treatment easy as pie. I had made my reservations before and I had showed up with pages of blood test results from
The first day they gave me about 14 bottles of vit. and supp. to be taken twice a day. I was pissed. Then I was to show up every morning at 8 am - 12. Tuesday through Friday. We get Sat - Mon off.
Everymorning they check your blood pressure, and temp. Then they tap the port and I got Ozone therapy. Where they take a  lot of blood out and in about 3 minutes return with it and pump it back in. This is a slower process. Then they would follow that with perioxide. How much? Don't know. It would take an hour. I could taste it and it smelled funny. It made me smell funny. Like punch.
All of this is done with a tree next to my lazy chair. I would bring a pillow and my lap top and chat and make friends.
They would have like 3-5 huge tubes that they would deposit into my port at the end. Like collidal silver.
Now the CDS is worth talking about more. This is the oldest abx in the history. And it seems that because of its molecule shape that it kills lyme easily. And that lyme does not recognize this abx as a threat. So it does not wrap itself up in a shell. It has to be very clear and the best made. When they found out that I had bart, later, I also got zithromax. I had never been put on it before. But not daily.
I didn't take any pills. Other than vit's. I was put on a very strick diet. Nothing but water and very plain food. Some weeks I would get a 6 hour chelation. But not alot. I felt much better in about 3 weeks. My fevers were gone along with my vertigo and my migrains stopped. And so did the night mares. It was hard for me to get there every day. I was by myself in AZ. I was very ill and very depressed and lonely. But I did it.
I went for the treatment above from Oct 7th through Nov. I kept leaving to go home. So I was in and out of treatment. They were not pleased with this but they understood why.
Dec. I took the month off. I had to. I felt pretty darn good too. And it was the holidays. So I left. I returned Jan 3rd- Feb 8th to do the same Ozone with the added edta. This treatment took almost 6 hours a day. I hated it. It made me feel awful and weak. But it got rid of everything else in my body that is bad. Mercury, pesticide, and whatever.
I was not able to leave the state during this treatment. I had to stay. I was really upset and felt like poop. But I did it. then I left Az and came home. I came home weak from the treatment. But fine mentally and physically. And I have been fine every since.
Since I got home anything that could have gone wrong in my life did. I came home to a huge mess. Very sick children. Hospitals stays,  surgeries, and emergency rooms, court rooms, and on and on. But, thank god, I was in top shape to handle it all. Life is so much easier to handle when you can walk, talk and move without pain.
Our family all got lyme in 2004. It has been a long battle. But all is well now with my children. Feb 8 TH of 2009 is when I left Envita. And I am celebrating a year of perfect health.

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   Posted 2/9/2010 9:59 AM (GMT -7)   
It is great to hear that you were able to get this kind of help and now are 100% better. I have been battling with very strange symptoms for over a year now. Many doctors have told me I'm complicated. I have been to several because I believe we are our greatest advocate when it comes to our health and it's very discouraging when no one will help you or they give you medicine and tell you take it before tests have back confirming a diagnosis, in my case they have all come back good except for a few vitamin deficiencies. How do you get a blood test through Igenex? Does that clinic in Arizona take insurance and if not how expensive are they? Have you heard of any other clinics doing that same procedure? Arizona is a long ways away from me.

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   Posted 2/9/2010 12:32 PM (GMT -7)   
Go to and they have a phone # and call them for the test kit. You have the blood drawn and fed x back to them.
You are not going to know what you have with quest or lab corp. Their test are not sensitive enough and are primitive and have Dr.s it is confusing because they all say something different. I have been lucky to have some of the best Dr.s out there, and some told me that I had epstien
I asked...does that cause vertigo, fever, chest pains, nausea, migrians, and on and on...he
So, I aslo went and tried the whole LLMD thing. One in FLL a women who I would like to sue. But she gets you to sign so many papers to protect that she can get away with the horrific amounts of abx that she put me on. 1,200 a day and others. about a roller coaster. She was trying to get me to commit to being in bed with a pic line and much heavy doses of more abx...and that it would take a year and a half.
Well...that did not make any sense to me, since I was already loosing my mind with the oral abx she had me on. I literally was having to get MRI's for azthimers becuase I was losing my memory and my heath was getting much worse. So.....why would I continue on with her?
I also went to a Dr. in Germany. And his protical was the same as treating maleria. It was a 3 mos. treatment. When I stopped it, everything came back. He then told me to do it again. So I started it again...
Then.....I just was so sick from all of the abx that I had to try something else..and fast.
I have learned the hard way that drugging with heavy abx is not the way to go. I use to sit on the tolit and have blood pouring out of me for what the abx did to my colon. Enough already.
The single most important thing is to build up your body and not drug it and tear it up anymore than it has already. The nuerological effects of heavy drugging with abx is very dangerou to say the least.
I would call envita and ask them how much it would cost to treat you.
I have heard that they have opened up another clinic as well. I would call them about it.
Our family all got lyme in 2004. It has been a long battle. But all is well now with my children. Feb 8 TH of 2009 is when I left Envita. And I am celebrating a year of perfect health.

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   Posted 2/9/2010 12:38 PM (GMT -7)   
If I had to do it all over again and not be able to go to a clinic. If I did not have money. I would look for the nearest place to me to see where I could get Ozone therapy. Some states do not allow it. I would get off of all the drugs....and get on a ton of supp. and vitamins...hit a whole foods store and load up.
I would drink only water and eat heathy, and do yoga and try to re build my immune system. I would only focus on that. No drugs. Now of course if you are so sick that you cannot walk because you are in so much pain for now. I would go on cymbalta for that. So that way you can function. And once your body heals itself all of the symptoms will go away.
The amount of supp. and vit. that they had put me on was staggering.
But the cure is Ozone. Our blood cleansed with UV rays and then pumped with oxygen does the trick. If they can give you pure collidal silver..all the better.
If not...get it on line.
Our family all got lyme in 2004. It has been a long battle. But all is well now with my children. Feb 8 TH of 2009 is when I left Envita. And I am celebrating a year of perfect health.

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